GOTY 2013

I played a lot of games, but they weren't all 2013 titles. I've included some of those, in order to make my list a true representation of my year in gaming.

Edit: I deleted Etrian Odyssey and Theatrhythm in favor of BitRunner 2 and Papers, Please. I finally got my new PC, and remembered how great the latter was!

List items

Posted by ThatFrood

Damn, I think this may be the most Japan goty list I've seen so far. You've beat out even some of the more vocal japanophiles in the community.

Posted by Miyuki

Ha! I do play non Japanese games, but I guess my list doesn't look like it! I wouldn't consider myself a Japanophile though... just someone who primarily plays rpgs and platformers, and someone who went on a 3ds/Vita binge this year!