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Welcome Austin. Have Fun.

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I was convinced I needed a new HItman and a new SSX. I got both and I did not like either of them. I am happy for new games to come out. That said I would like a new Red Dead Redemption - hypocrite I know.

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it would take one of my very favourite game series to be exclusive for me to get mad. But I would then look at how much it would cost me to get the console it was on and if I thought it was worth it. For instance I have a PS4 and if Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain was only on Xbox One I would really have to think hard about buying one. I would be pissed it wasn't on PS4 but I am not entitled to every game ever made so it would be up to me to decide if it was worth it to buy the other console for just one game.

I understand why you might get mad about Tomb Raider or Street Fighter V if they are your very favourite game but again - no one is entitled to every game. It would be good if we were but we aren't. Want is not the same as being entitled.

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well looks like I am buying it again and playing the whole thing in first person then. I wasn't planning on buying it again for PS4 but dammit I am easily swayed it seems :D

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Far Cry 3 - they took out the first person map orienteering which made me very very sad - you had to pause the game to look at the map. Far Cry 2 is one of my fav games of all time.

Hitman Absolution - I hid a sleeping guard in a container and points were deducted? No thanks IO. You ended a level without actually killing anyone and it went to a story cutscene? No thank you again IO.

SSX - Not sure I can blame them for me not liking it much I would have been happy with an SSX 1-3 HD Collection really.

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its fine really. Snark away at anything but then I go and play whatever I like to play. What someone I don't actually know in real life thinks about what I might or might not enjoy is irrelevant to me. What someone I actually know in real life thinks about what I might or might not like is also irrelevant. Enjoy what you enjoy. Snark gonna snark.

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Gears, Forza, Fable, Halo, Crackdown - if I was into memes I would post that Jumanji one of Robin Williams shouting 'What Year Is It?' but this is a curse that applies to Nintendo and Sony too. Mustn't grumble I suppose but its the unannounced new games that I am excited for. Here is hoping they come thick and fast, ooo err Matron, starting with the MS presser.

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Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom

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Far Cry 2 is my favourite FPS game. People hate it because of some AI issues and navigation issues - I think its the greatest FPS Style game ever. Why? Because I don't think its a FPS game at all. Its a First Person Orienteering Survival Game. I F'ing love that game. I loved planning out how to get to where I was going, which mode of transport I would use, which weapons, what time of day or night I would set. Sure it made no sense that the enemy outposts would respawn as soon as you were 50 metres away but I just took the stance they were hyper organised and added it to the puzzle of survival. The total immersion of never ever leaving first person, not even to look at your map, was incredible. I did everything there was to do in that game, twice, and Far Cry 3 was a bit of a let down to me. You had to pause to see the map......need I say more.

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