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Yeah, I forgot to put in my WrestleMania predictions...


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Jeff Green should have broken the streak.

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I'm in the "I don't like Brock Lesnar" camp. While, looking back on it, him breaking The Streak was a really fun twist, I generally do not like the guy. He represents that span of '02-'05 when I stopped watching wrestling but beyond that, despite him being an incredible athlete and a great shoot fighter, I can't help but notice he looks like a big, bald gorilla. And his voice is dumb. And that fucking tattoo. And those three sloppy matches with Triple H that I can barely remember.

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I feel like NXT is on a bit of a sliding scale of getting worse. Haven't been impressed with it over last few weeks, mainly due to the constant Mojo Rawley, not being a big fan of Adrian Neville and WHERE IS ENZO PLEASE BE HEALED SOON

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Beyond THE ULTIMATE CHALLENGE at WrestleMania VI (a very fun match with all the build-up and hype) a great Warrior match to look back on is the one he had with Rick Rude for the Intercontinental Title back at Summerslam 1989. Rick Rude carries him through a great match, certainly by WWF '80s standards.

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After recently beginning to watch the OSW Review guys on YouTube, I gathered an appreciation for the Warrior. Dude was electric in the late '80s/early '90s. Regardless of his personal politics through the years, thI.e man's death could not come at a worse time and it is another tragic entry in the canon of dead wrestlers.

R.I.P. Ultimate Warrior

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Yeah, not a Smash Bros. fan but I do find it really odd that they haven't tacked on a subtitle for this one.

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Confirmed for Extreme Rules:

CM Punk vs Sting in a SHEETZ Rumours on a Pole Match.

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Thank GOD for no Sting, mainly due to the fact I have zero resonance for Sting (except Surfer Sting!) and that he is as old as fuck.

But MAN, what a show! That was just three hours of everything I love! When Cesaro became the new Paul Heyman guy... my nerdy little heart exploded. Daniel Bryan is God of All Things Wrestling. Paul Heyman is SHOOTIN' like a cowboy once again. Paige wins. DAT BOLIEVE. Shield are kings. The trophy was smashed.

Wrestling is a silly ol' thing but when it's good... it can be the best thing on television.