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I don't watch Lucha Underground. Not out of spite or anything, its just I don't live in the US and I am not too fussed on torrenting it every week, and I can only watch some much wrestling in a week (i.e. fast-forwarding through Raw, and NXT).

Will there be a season finale at some point? With the way the show seems to be storyline-focused than WWE, is it planned for it to go all year round or while there be a break after like 24/25 episodes or what have you.

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Even after the negativity, I highly recommend watching the Reigns/Lesnar interview, which is one of the best segments they've done in a very long time, so shortage of credit goes to the masterful Paul Heyman. It's always been a love of mine when they go for non-live segments, Raw would be significantly improved with them more often.

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@marino: During the early part of the Rumble I thought to myself, "huh, maybe it would have made more sense to pick the Big Show for #29 considering how he is being pushed as the formidable one of the two. Oh well, doesn't matter now."

How right I was.

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I would write a big post but there is far too much internet ink spilled on the Rumble.

I thought the Triple Threat match was great. Some folks are calling it "best in years!" which is hyperbole but I was very much delighted with what the three men put on. Will be on the shortlist for PPV match of the year in 11 months.

The rest of the show was entirely forgettable but that didn't matter, there was bigger fish to fry. That said, even if it has been done to death, I still got a kick out of Usos/Miz's's's.

Then the Rumble itself. The first 15 entrants of the match was probably the most I've enjoyed the Rumble in last few years. Bubba Ray was a delightful surprise and it was great to see Wyatt get that bit o' love. Of course, it all was destroyed when Daniel Bryan left all too early. After that, it was SANDBAG CITY as it didn't matter what happened next. I groaned when the Rock appeared; in that weird attempt to get some love for Reigns. I don't mind Roman Reigns: he was great in The Shield as, how Brandon Stroud puts it, their "exclamation point" but he is super inexperienced as a singles wrestler. It is all coming too fast at the WORST possible time for Reigns, with how fans treat their power with the product and how there is so much love for guys like Bryan.

I have been pretty negative on the idea of WM 31 for months, mainly due to early rumours as well as the state of the product in 2014. I will keep watching up to Wrestlemania, as my hour of DVRing through Raw every Tuesday isn't that big of a commitment.

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The New Day vs. Cesaro, Tyson Kidd & Adam Rose - Kickoff 6-Man Tag Team Match

Winners (2 pts): New Day! (NEW DAY!) New Day!...

Method of victory (2 pts): Pinfall

Person who wins the fall (2 pts): Big E

Person who loses the fall (2 pts): Adam Rose

The New Age Outlaws vs. The Ascension - Tag Team Match

Winners (2 pts): The New Age Outlaws

Method of victory (2 pts): Some bullshit Pinfall

Person who wins the fall (2 pts): Road Dogg

Person who loses the fall (2 pts): Rick Viktor

Paige and Natalya vs. The Bella Twins - Tag Team Match (Wait, really?)

Winners (2 pts): The Bella Twins

Method of victory (2 pts): Pinfall

Person who wins the fall (2 pts): Nikki Bella

Person who loses the fall (2 pts): Natalya

WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos vs. The Miz & Damien Mizdow - Tag Team Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship

Winners (2 pts): The Usos

Method of victory (2 pts): Pinfall

Person who wins the fall (2 pts): Jey Uso

Person who loses the fall (2 pts): Damien Mizdow

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena vs. Seth Rollins - Triple Threat Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Winner (2 pts): Brock Lesnar

Method of victory (2 pts): Pinfall

Person who wins the fall (2 pts): Lesnar

Person who loses the fall (2 pts): Rollins

The 2015 Royal Rumble Match

Winner (10 pts): Roman Reigns

Bonus Questions!

Name 3 surprise entrants (Cannot be on the main roster, but can be on NXT) (5 pts/correct prediction): Adrian Neville, Sgt. Slaughter, JBL

Name the person with the longest time in the match (5 pts): Dolph Ziggler

Name the person with the most eliminations (5 pts): Daniel Bryan

Name #1, #2 and #30 (5 pts/correct prediction): Dolph Ziggler, Luke Harper, Randy Orton

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@papercut #29? My, that is a large number. I choose Kane.

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If I lived in the US, I would probably be done with Raw. I gave it up just after Survivor Series to just after Xmas, only really 4 or 5 weeks. Since I can't exactly watch the show live every week (even though it is on right now as I post this) so it can be easy to watch Raw since I have it DVR'd and can flick through it at my leisure. Even though Raw is a three hour show, I get through it in like one hour and change. Makes it less effort to watch the crap every week.

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On behalf of my client MjHealy:

The BEAST CON CARNE himself looks to become the man, the king of all men, and become your reigning, defending LOC Wrestling Wizard Champion as he enters the Wizard Rumble. For he is no ordinary man. One year ago, on the grandest stage of them all, he stood tall as this very thread's wrestling champion. The BEAST was DENIED his opportunity to defend when he mistakenly forgot to put in his prediction. Ladies and gentlemen, that transgression will be avenged as my client looks to become the first ever dual Wrestling Wizard and Wrestling Thread champion. And that's not a prediction...

that's a spoiler.

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Greatly enjoyed Wrestle Kingdom, especially those two main events. My first experience of Kenny Omega was also very positive.

FUCK Flipps, however. It was a delayed start, and while I got to watch ~90 minutes of the show uninterrupted, everything went to shit. Had to swap over to my NJPW World account and watch the rest in Japanese (which is fun in its own way). Missed most of the Styles match. Very poor service and it seems I'm unlikely to get a refund.

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Finally signed up for NJPW World, seems the servers are a bit creaky. Anyone watched anything live on it yet? Think I know where to go when I'm watching tomorrow, but I'm not certain.