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I have four other dudes so there's a team for you.

I could cast, if you don't mind someone just talking absolute nonsense for the entire game.

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@apparatus_unearth: He had a great match with Cena, putting him in a better place than the last two months. Of course he lost, he's up against JOHN F'N CENA and it would be unreasonable to see him get the win. It made Cesaro look great, which is the important thing.


I loved the first half hour of Raw.

I hated the last twenty minutes of Raw.

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@banicabolnica: Say whatever about the final product, but Ubisoft never "lied" to us. At E3 2012, they showed this crazy trailer and the media and audience alike went mad. While the final product is a graphical step-down from the original showing, the game is what it was always going to be. It is a very Ubisoft-like game filled in with some light hacking. We (the press and the consumer) thought it was going to be amazing but it turned out to be less so. All Ubisoft did during this time was release trailers and hype up their marketing which of course they are going to do; this game has been coming for years and cost millions and millions of dollars.

Great article, Patrick. While I was super sour on Watch Dogs during the opening act or so, I found it to be a decent little open-world game later on. The story/characters/setting/side-missions are all forgettable but I enjoyed the basic gun/stealth gameplay. It is certainly not a game worthy of two years of hype.

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I may not been a Sting fan by any means but when I saw "two generations of Sting" I exploded into HELL YEAH SURFER STING


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There is no way KENTA will be doing the GTS or any other moves that WWE talent has borrowed from him. Maybe his finisher could just be stiff kicks until his opponent bleeds to death.

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I missed the LOC for Wrestlemania and lost my title thereafter. Like The Miz, I may never climb that mountain again.

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@yesiamaduck: I caught about 40 minutes of the 1991 GAB. I was pretty delighted with it, mostly because of my poor familiarity with that era of WCW (and a lot of WCW, in general). Seeing Kevin Nash barely wrestle as Oz was pretty delightful.

I also own 2006 on DVD for ironic reasons. It's garbage.

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Robocop giving Sting the "rub" is still the best thing in the of history of wrestling. Captures all the insanity of wrestling in one dumb moment.

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I was pretty cyncial during this week's Raw. mostly from just built-up fatigue, but it was a decent show. I marked out for Jericho despite the fact his returns are getting more and more frequent (plus the The Miz rope-a-dope was fun). As far as the title picture goes, Cena is pretty much coasting 'til Summerslam.

They did correct a complaint of mine from Money In The Bank and that was the lack of feuds. Now with the two ladder matches out of the way, they have finally pulled the trigger on some fresh stuff. Jericho/Wyatt and Swagger/Rusev peaked my interest.

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Everyone who didn't have Cena down as winner: y'all are crazy.

It was certainly coming, and my body braced as such. I was pretty positive on the show for a while. The opening match was fun (the crowd was hot), Paige's match was her best yet and the MITB match was a bunch o' fun. Then the filler started. The PPV really died in pace after MITB as there was eff all to care about. Big E looked competitive but it was a rematch and the match had a stench of Raw from it. Of course, Cena won. The title match wasn't as enjoyable as the other ladder match, and the winner always seemed inevitable.

Other thing: can we just eliminate Battleground and just concentrate on getting things rolling for Summerslam?