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Rusev's promo on Big Show is amazing and dumb and I love it.

"And Big Show you will be the stinking anus

Big Show next time I meet you I'm going to turn your inside out

That's how you going to talk through your anus

and speak through your anus"

Pure poetry

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I haven't seen any mention of it here but did no one see Enzo Amore and Big Cass' promo from last week's NXT? Absolutely incredible; just the greatest stream-of-conscious nonsense I've ever heard. A Hey Arnold reference gets the biggest pop on NXT in months, what a glorious show.

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(even if my PS3 is currently gone and the PS4 doesn't play PS1 classics)

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@ericsmith said:

@hunterzolomon: I like it. Problem is, Sami Zayn and Kevin Steen haven't done much, if any, work together.


I suggest you check out the Kevin Steen El Generico ROH feud this instance. The blow off match is absolutely incredible.

I think you may have missed the point of the original joke.

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I haven't seen praise for what I felt was the ultimate moment at Night of Champions (outside of the Ambrose Taxi Co.)

Holy shit, Mark Henry! Convicingly crying during the US anthem. That was super impressive and sucked me in, despite not being a fan of the match/not being American.

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Divas Champion Paige vs. Nikki Bella vs. AJ Lee - Triple Threat Match for the Divas Championship

Winner (2 pts): Paige

Method of victory (2 pts): Pinfall

Person who takes the fall (2 pts): Nikki Bella

Does Brie Bella interfere in the match? (2 pts): Yes

United States Champion Sheamus vs. Cesaro - United States Championship Match

Winner (2 pts): Sheamus

Method of victory (2 pts): Pinfall

Mark Henry vs. Rusev

Winner (2 pts): Rusev (crush)

Method of victory (2 pts): Submission

Does Henry get a special USA entrance (video screen graphics don't count)? (2 pts): Sure!

WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos vs. Gold and Stardust - Tag Team Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship

Winner (2 pts): The Usos

Method of victory (2 pts): Pinfall

Person who gets the fall (1 pt): Goldust

Person who takes the fall (1 pt): Jey Uso

Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler vs. The Miz - Intercontinental Championship Match

Winner (2 pts): Dolph Ziggler

Method of victory (2 pts): Pinfall

Does Damien Mizdow get involved in the match? (2 pts): Yup!

Chris Jericho vs. Randy Orton

Winner (2 pts): Chris Jericho (he's gotta win sometime)

Method of victory (2 pts): Pinfall

Does Orton punt Jericho's head off? (2 pts): Nope

Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins (ISN'T THIS OFF?)

Does Dean Ambrose return? (2 pts): No

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena - WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match

Winner (2 pts): Cena. Wins. Lol.

Method of victory (2 pts): John Cena (Pinfall)

Does Seth Rollins cash-in? (2 pts): No

Is a stipulation added? (2 pts): No

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NXT Takeover Version 2 was everything I want to love about wrestling turned into a 2-hour special. That main event was spectacular. Their placement of the women's match (and the quality of the story they told) was a complete delight. The rest of the show was a very entertaining undercard for someone who has great affection of most of the NXT roster (well, enough to delight in CJ Parker getting completely mauled).

There were moments during the show that reminded of watching wrestling as a child and there are few compliments better than that.

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Regardless of quality or my mood each week, I've always been straight into watching Raw (it helps I live in Ireland and can skip through most of the fat) since I started watching wrestling again in 2011.

But man I am struggling to find a reason to watch this week's Raw. Last week was nearly the bottom of the valley, and this Jerry Springer stuff has me feeling that it could actually get a lot worse.

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Gods Will Be Watching X Firewatch.

Coming to Steam in 2015.

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Seems like Alex had the same opinion I had about the direction of this episode. That was a big issue with this season: there was no ultimate goal. The major plot point they built to was the stuff with Carver but that was dealt with in the third episode (making that episode the most entertaining, by proxy). There are just too many characters in the second season of The Walking Dead and most of them are either undeveloped or are dispatched with too early.

That being said, I got some good (and by good I mean mildly heart-breaking) emotional moments in the final episode. The entire fight between Kenny and Jane was brutal and that decision was legitimately hard to make. I went with letting Jane die, which on one level had to do with her actions regarding the baby which of course is revealed to be in the back of that car. I also then left Kenny as punishment for, well, brutally killing a person. Kenny is the character by far in this season that I grew attached to, even with his overly-emotional tendencies. It was a bittersweet moment to let him go. As Alex said, though, the flashback with Lee was a sobering reminder of the lack of memorable characters this season, and reminded how fucking cool Lee is.

Overall, it was a solid and mildly inconsistent season for The Walking Dead. I do hope they can do better with the third season and try to build memorable relationships that made the first season so engaging. I feel that as a whole it was better than The Wolf Among Us mainly do to, even when TWD was inconsistent, I felt it was still more engaging than the slow/forgettable episodes of TWAU.