GOTY 2012

Yes ladies and gentlemen, it's that time of that time of the year once again. Welcome to MjHealy's incredible 4th Annual Game of the Year Top 10 (accept no substitutes). In many ways, 2012 was both a crummy year and an incredible year. On the big scale, blockbuster games failed one after another and, overall, there was just a low amount of heavy-hitters this year. However, on the indie/downloadable front, this year was an absolute barn-burner. Hot damn, did I enjoy and play a helluva lot of games this year. Its refreshing to see such a wide variety of great games being released in the last 12 months and I had a fine time playing through them. I have struggled to fill these Top 10s (especially in the year of writing, as I usually fill in the gaps the following year or two) but this year is just filled to the brim with fun and unique experiences.

We're coming to the end of this generation, folks, and we're in the shit here. Let's get down to business and pick ourselves the ten best games of the year. Fuck, this is going to be difficult but, video games y'all.


Spec Ops The Line - Uh-huh, this game is completely bonkers on a level which I never would have guessed. For as cool as the story can be at times, it is ultimately let down by the pretty mediocre gameplay. Plus, the last, like, hour of the game completely sucks (bar the story sequences I mean).

Borderlands 2 - At the end of the day, I had to hand my co-op shooter slot to Syndicate. I really like Borderlands 2, more than the original oddly enough, but I just don't think it can crack the Top 10 in the end. I'll blame on the game's attempt on "humour" which, needless to say, I seriously dislike.

Rock Band Blitz - Finally, an excuse to spend more money on Rock Band DLC. Super fun game.

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