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Just received an email from CCP.

July 4-10Triple SP Event: All battles boost your SP gain by 3X
July 11-18Mordu's Challenge: Achieve combat goals to earn awesome in-game rewards
July 16-24Summer Sale: Take 50% off some of our most popular dropsuits and weapons
July 25-31DUST 514 Prime League: Signups begin for a world-changing tournament...
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I am just going to roll with militia gear for a while until I stop dying lol, but the problem with that is militia gear has lower meta level therefore you get less sp per match :(

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I've recently upgraded to advanced weapons and a better dropsuit and I've noticed I wasn't making any significant isk per match. When I checked my wallet it showed I was loosing isk per match. Currently it cost me 30k to fully restock my dropsuit, so if I die 5-6 per match i being to start loosing isk.

So how should I manage my isk? Should I drop to basic weapons and dropsuits to make more isk per match? Doing this, how can I be competitive during battle with basic gear? Is there some sort of optimum combination of modules/weapons/equipment/dropsuit/ that can maximise my isk gained during battle.

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Didn't make it. I think is going to be quite hard to kill these Templars seeing as there are usually 3000-7000 people playing whenever i'm online.

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Kalex7, weekday after 10pm GMT, weekends after 5pm GMT

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Just signed up, but its only available for 200 people and right not more than 1700 people have signed up so chances are slim.

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Just a heads up CCP is offering a Skill Respec to anyone, for free, if you not happy with your current fitting. Go Here for more details. Offer ends 31st May.

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Any advice on what to put my SP into; armour or shields? I read somewhere shields are better but not sure if true or the reason.

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Requested to Join.