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Audiosurf. Jeff kept bringing it up (with good reason) in the site's early days, so I had to see what it and this "Steam" thing were all about.

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This doesn't even seem real. I mean, what the hell?

Requiescat in pace, duder. You are already missed.

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Great work and thanks a bunch, duder. This will be my wallpaper in no time.

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Anything that increases the likelihood of a new Battlefront or Republic Commando is fine by me. Only time will tell how all this shakes out, but I'll allow myself some mild excitement over this. I'll also be curious to see what direction the company moves in once a new full-time CEO steps up, and how that might affect whatever they do here.

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Likewise, I'm mostly doing this for THQ (84% for THQ, to be precise). Only other big reason was that I wanted the Saints Row: The Third soundtrack.

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After hearing Will speak so highly of it, I got Ready Player One. I love it. The weird thing is that my girlfriend started reading it when I wasn't, and now she's further in than I am; she doesn't even like games!

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I was excited until I saw Angry Birds, though I could go for listening to the MGS2 theme again.

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Remember when Jeff said they would be selective about the site's adds, only having ones that "pertained to our interests"?. Well that surely went down the drain. I turned ad block back on months ago because of this shit.

He also said when the site launched that your GB account wouldn't automatically turn into a Comic Vine account as well, even though the sites are related. I don't remember the exact quote, but it was something close to "We aren't building some dumb network here." The unified accounts aren't quite that, but I did get wary when they were first introduced. So far, Whiskey still feels much more like a family of sites rather than the strictly business thing CNET has going on (which is what I'm sure they wanted to avoid).

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I had one like that at a state fair this year. It wasn't too bad, but not that good, either. The lack of bacon is probably why I'm still alive.

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Portal 2, but Tren-, I mean, "Iron Brigade" comes in a close second