My Non-Officially-Sanctioned 2011 Game of the Year List

Since I'm guessing the site space that would have been dedicated to user GOTY posting was instead diverted to make room for Patrick's list (hard drive space is precious, y'all), and my not being a forum guy means I missed the community list compilation, I'm saying "Screw it!" and making my own personal list. What was stopping me from doing this anyway? Eh, nothing, really. I just like the usual feeling that my picks are being tallied into something more impactful. But whatever. If you've made it this far, I'll reward your diligence with (a list of) some damn games.

CAVEAT: Something that happens every year is that I don't go buying every single big new game that gets released alongside high review scores. Quite a few, and enough to be happy, but not all. This year was no exception. What I played was a mix of games from this year and those previous. However, when I think back on what I played in 2011, these are the games that I'll think of; to me, that's the entire point of this list.

List items

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