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Hold on, I need to smoke this salvia before I...read(?) this again.

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@artofwar420: you know some hoes. And I think Don Jon portrays said superficial women.That shit about "the man providing" is some outdated horseshit. In the future, it's "we provide." And anybody who gives someone shit for not having a traditional 9-5 can fuck off.

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@jesushammer: I'm a college student living alone in San Francisco. All you need to know.

I will buy THE FUCK out of at least one of these consoles next year, though. At least, that's my plan.

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This last episode was pretty enjoyable. Interesting to see Glen in a different role for once. Daryl and Merle make for some good interactions as well. I'm looking forward to seeing how Merle handles himself at the prison from here.

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People that's gotten ample firearm experience and sharpshooting zombies in the head over and over dumping bullets at each other and noone gets hit..... that was just stupid.

Agreed. That part really bugged me. Found myself wishing that scene would've ended faster. The start of it was fine because it came at an unexpected moment and someone actually got hit, but then it just went downhill til the vehicle showed up. The rest of the shooting just seemed like filler to make a gunfight where no one significant is going to die last longer.

That's a realistic gunfight, though. The odds of hitting a target, when under duress from opposing fire, are low.

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All this shit about the Mass Effect 3 ending, but NOBODY complained about the Jak 3 ending! You want some half-assed, out-of-left-field horseshit, there you go...

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Damn, you guys are helpful. :) Australia's the one whose panic reduction will rise to 3 if I don't help, and they'll offer 200. I think I'll take that. I'm damn near broke. Personnel isn't a problem; funds are.

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The game doesn't make it clear. I'm at a position where I could either get extra scientists, money, or a new Captain depending on which abduction mission I take. Help, y'all?

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I really think people are misinterpreting this as failure on Bioware. I think it's really great; it establishes the Reapers and the deus ex machina as fallible. It doesn't contradict anything. And the point about the Leviathans creating an AI to protect themselves before it rebels is an example of a species not learning from history and seeking an easy way out...

Kind of sounds familiar if you read about US foreign policy...

Mass Effect lore hasn't gotten too crazy yet. And I think there are strong storytelling points in this DLC.

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Patrick holding the two beers, giving them to Brad, with two captions: GIVE ME BOTH YOUR HANDS! And the other, in smaller font, is #TeamBrad