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I just bought it as well for 15 dollars, I'm hoping it's as hilarious as I hear it is.

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Well Best Buy is closer to my school so that's why I went there, but when I did buy it I had the same issue with the cashier asking me if I wanted the protection plan. I kindly replied with "no" but in side I was thinking why would I ever need to do that?! I'm not 3 years old, I know how to take care of my games.

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That game was awesome. The best part was beating the game and running around collecting all the orbs, it becomes addictive, so be careful.

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Tonight I was just listening to the GTA 4 Podcast from last year and it brought back so many fond memories of that day/night for me. I loved how they recored before buying it and after buying it. Loved it.

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Trico looks totally awesome I would love to see that as well.

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Oh well lets hope no one buys it, so we can stop seeing this crap getting released. Though with the free 1000 points that comes with every DSi I can picture some stupid soccer mom buying a cheap app that she thinks she needs. To her does an Art Style game look more appealing than a fucking camera clock app. No.

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I would not mind seeing Fallout: New Vegas, and I really hope Sony announces Sly Cooper 4.

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I was so excited to see the game, I didn't get a chance to ask him if he had an account on Giant Bomb. Now I kind of wish I did.

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The most recent one was Sonic Unleashed, though luckily it was on clearance ($12.95, what's to lose?) at Target so I didn't have to ask the guy to get it out of the case, but still carrying it around was kind of embarrassing.

But the one that tops it all was the first time I got ID'ed at best buy. It was many years ago I was buying the Half-Life one platinum collection, and my mom was waiting in the car, I ran in and got it, went to the cashier, and he said "Do you have ID?". "No" I replied he said get you mother and come back. So I had to run out to the car and get her and she had no idea why she was there. The whole thing was embarrassing, and stupid. I'm sooooo happy those days are over, because being a gamer and under 17 is a pain in the ass. Once I actually turned 17, I thought nothing of it and totlly forgot how much of a pain it was.

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Today I went to Target after attempting to see Terminator Salvation. As we pulled up to the movie theater, I noticed a line that extended out the door. Immediately I turned around and left. Fuck that there was no way I was waiting through that memorial day mess of a crowd. So we went to the nearest Target and I casually walked up to the PS3 section and saw inFAMOUS in the glass case. I immediately call a clerk over to get it out so I could purchase it. I was so happy, I mean it was only a day early, but still a day is a day.

The man asked me if I think it will be good, I replied by saying "I've heard nothing but good things, and most of the reviews have been glowing, especially Giant Bomb's." He said "Oh cool I'm going to pick up a copy for myself, I've been looking forward to it, and Giant Bomb is a good site."

Not only was I impressed the guy knew about Giant Bomb, he was a fucking Target clerk who knew what he was talking about. In my area that's relatively rare. So he was ringing it up and said "What the hell, sorry bud I can't sell it to you until tomorrow. That sucks." I said "oh its okay thanks anyway." I left and found my girlfriend.

It's not that big of a deal, it was only a day early, but the fact that I was so close is what pissed me off. Oh well I guess I'll just swing around to Best Buy tomorrow, after graduation practice and buy it. Other than that I had a very nice Memorial Day.

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