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fightstrife said:
"anyone know what all the changes are in 1.7, and also 1.7 is also 800 odd megs, do i need to keep both the 1.6 800 meg update and now this new 1.7 800 meg update or can i delete the old ones?

HELP!!!! ;P
I believe the oly changes in 1.7 are to show the Legendary Cars in your garage to preview, but not drive. That's it.
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Ibanezguy123456789 said:
"This will cost (in America)
Special 88: $3.99
Cavalry Bootlegger: $1.99
Manhattan Spirit: $1.99
GT Nighthawk: $1.99

Pack (discounted Price): $7.99

PS: Got this from the Burnout Network on PS3 today."
For 360 owners:

Jansen Special 88 - 320 MS Points
Cavalry Bootlegger - 160 MS Points
Manhattan Sprint - 160 MS Points
GT Nighthawk - 160 MS Points

Pack - 600 MS Points
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I bought the Party Pack since I had some leftover money. I've done a few sessions by myself to check it out and I love it! I can't imagine how fun it will be to play with friends.

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On Wiki it says The Ultimate Box will be out on PS3, 360, and PC, so you made a mistake by buying it on the PSN.

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There's also wall corners you can run up against to get this achievement, or go to the fountain Downtown.

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MAST said:
I added you, but it said your gamer tag doesn't exist. I also added grievous, but he hasn't accepted me yet. Hopefully i typed his name wrong.

What's your gamertag? I'll try adding you the next time I get on my 360.
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All of these cars look great. Hopefully Criterion doesn't put a hole in our wallet for this pack; at least not a big one!

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Congrats. I'm a few road rules away from being 101% too!

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I'm happy to see that someone other than me thinks Burnout Paradise deserves GOTY. Thank you!!!

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