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Burnout Paradise brings some well made changes to the series. 0

Burnout Paradise is the fifth game in the highly acclaimed Burnout series by Criterion Games and Electronic Arts. The game was released on January 22, 2008, and is in my opinion the best Burnout game to date! Burnout Paradise makes many changes from the past series titles, with free roam being the most noticeable change. The same down and dirty racing style that we've all come to know and love is back and better than before as well!Burnout Paradise's single player mode takes place in the fiction...

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NASCAR 08 is a decent game plagued by many glitches. 0

NASCAR 08 is decent. If EA had taken more time into making it, it could be a lot better though. The trailers for the game left me with great impressions for what was to come, but when I actually played the game I was hugely disappointed. Although the graphics are outstanding, the AI is fartoo easy and rarely gives you room to pass them by, and there's many other noticeable glitches in every aspect of the game that'll leave you pounding your controller on the floor. NASCAR 08's gameplay is decent...

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RR6 is a decent launch game for the 360, but could be better 0

Ridge Racer 6 is a highly addictive game, and in my opinion the best game in the Ridge Racer series, once you get deep into the World Xplorer mode, which is the core of the game.Ridge Racer 6's gameplay is decent, but with a little more effort by Namco it could be much better. One of the problems with RR6's in game play is that when you overdrive, or "mess up" entering a turn, your car goes straight into the wall, bouncing off of it at a 90 degree angle the entire way around, rather than it rim ...

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NFS Carbon is a turn in the right direction for the NFS series 0

Need for Speed Carbon is a great follow to NFS Most Wanted on the 360, becuase it gives you hours of fun and enlass possibilities, but it's also a very easy game. The gameplay is decent, with the only flaws being with the cars and driving style. Sometimes, when going through shortcuts or pursuit breakers, your car gets slowed down by a gate you knocked you, garbage an, etc. when usually it should keep on going at the same speed, or in some instances slow down one or two mph. Also, I don't like h...

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