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A combo of the comic character and the company behind him. The guys name was taken somewhere so I picked this.

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@avidwriter said:

You'd think the electric car would be making a huge stand here. However gas and oil companies really don't want that to happen so you know they are spending whatever they can to keep that technology down. I hate fucking greed.

Those cars are terrible, the volt only has about maybe 40 miles to a charge and they take hours to recharge. The tech does need to advance a lot to become reliable. There aren't even many recharging stations and electric grids can't handle the increase in usage. Gas is over $4.30 here and insane.

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I am having the problem too. My facebook is linked and I even liked something here and it posted on my wall, no quest completion.

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Yes. However not always for the better. Our views on the world and how we act in general are forged by our experiences and influences. We all change, I do however wonder if people change after they have been one way for so long. Can a racist change? Or is it always there? I have seen them change, but sometimes the old hate always comes out.