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My only worry about aligning with Sony for this generation is the prospect that Microsoft can still dominate with big 3rd party titles such as Call of Duty, Battlefield and EA Sports games

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go now if you want to get this game

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@iam3green: I recommend regular mma classes. their really fun, from striking to grappling its awesome

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@nemt: Alessio Sakara? alright thats pretty cool i mean i like Evan Dunham and Nate Diaz a lot so they are 2 lesser known fighters like Sakara

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@SpartyOn: from people who met him i heard he wuz a major asshole to his fans.

Griffin is amazing, its impossible to hate him cuz hes so funny and has amazing heart

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UFC Undisputed 3 is coming out too and that looks amazing

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Brad you have some MAD bags under your eyes
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So finally i got around to buying Ballad of Gay Tony. From the outset i was happy to see it was almost 2 Gigs, so i was excited to see how much they added in the expansion. I'm about 2 and a half hours in so right now Luis doesn't really have a motivation to do his missions cause that big GTA Setpiece moment hasnt happened yet which is fine. One aspect im happy about is the weapons. Obviously all of the old weapons are in here and the new weapons are pretty good. The P-90 and AA-12 are really satisfying and help freshen things up. Also in the mix are new explosives that are pretty good and are manually detonated.  
A weak aspect right now are the supporting characters. I think Luis and Tony are great characters but everyone new to the series just isn't really that funny or too charming. Not too say their supper bland but even Lost and Damned had some good new characters. What Im into right now, well this could just be me being an idiot but its the fact that i dont know who will turn on who or who the main villain will be. This element too me is great in keeping me waiting for something great too happen. 
Overall im happy with Ballad of Gay Tony right now. The gameplay feels identical to GTAIV besides the club stuff but it feels compitent and they did add a lot too that universe so this expanision is probably a great buy. Well See how it turns out
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I think im just gonna give up and go to bed
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I can't fall asleep without the podcast