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Tie between Super Smash Bros and Kingdom Hearts
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so i just got the dvd today and i already watched all of it, every single match and every single bit of it. but dont take it to mean that their isnt a lot of content cause theres 3 discs full of matches. The presentation of the disc is quite amazing. All the menus have a great look and some good pics of hardy. 
Lets begin with the matches. There are some great picks in here like triangle ladder match at WM2000, title match vs punk and triple threat match at armageddon. I have to say they could of added a bit more better matches. I mean how about the ladder match with edge at Extreme Rules or Wrestlemania 25 extreme rules match with Matt Hardy or any of his TLC matches. They do have a bit too many raw and smackdown matches but overall all of the matches are well picked. 
In the first disc their is a sort of documentary about Jeffs career and this is all made into a flashback as jeff is wrestling his final match. I have to say this documentary was quite amazing and a good look at Jeffs career and life. It looked into all aspects of his career and it all seemed real and legit. My only nitpick here is that it begins to turn fake toward the end as Punk and Hardy are talking trash on each other which that is just out of place and silly. Overall its a great look at Jeff. 
If you are a fan of Hardy or even like him a bit I would definetely reccomend this great DVD, its a great buy and i got it for 20 bucks which is a steal (Wal-Mart). 
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That Commercial always puts me in a good mood
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yea they should of just remade the whole snes game instead of the arcade
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"My father died mining those astroids"

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its completely stupid that they excluded any good legends from the smackdown game to make this dumb ass game

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u guessed most of them right, but all of the payperviews lately havent been good since maybe backlash or WM25. hopefully Night Of Champions will be good cuz im going to that payperview

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My Two Cents is that i never played a sam and max game and i definetely want to play this one.

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My two Cents is this game seems awsome