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omg itz jus ninja Gaiden with a fresh coat of paint

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Gerstmann is KING!!!!!!!!!!!

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I understand why arcades are awsome but really consoles are better. Their cheaper, you can save your game, takes up less space, and you can play a lot of different games

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Well lets just agree that the PS3 Sucks and you should all be playing on 360's

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Jeff Hardy all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Best Racing Game- Burnout Paradise

Best Multiplayer Game- Gears of War 2

Best Fighting Game- Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix

Most Underated Game- Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe

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Its sad but they should of made Haze actually good. I mean any game can be good but you just need to put time and effort. Hopefully if their is ever a new timesplitters it will be better

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No, Unless Giant Bomb Hires me!!!!!!

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I Finally got Madden 09 a couple days ago. Its amazing, Finally a truly next gen madden. Almost every aspect is so fun and enjoyable. The gameplay has been vastly improved to have a more random feeling. This ads to an experience that will keep you very entertained and interested. Though Madden isnt perfect though. Online play isnt too good and is quite Laggy. Also they didnt do to much with the franchise mode. Even with these small setbacks the game is beautiful and has amazing commentary by chris colinsworth. If you skipped Madden iin years past this the madden to get.

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i dont know what a "rocket catch" is