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Pipe ( | ), my favorite Giant Bomb staff member.

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Best of luck with your witchcraft, @vinny.

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Three-plus hours, all right.

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Guess who's back. Back again. Scanlon's back. Tell a friend.

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@drockus said:


Yeah, I AM perfectly fine with killing humans in games, but not animals. I hunt boar, ducks, and geese in real life, but never like killing animals in games. It was the only thing I didn't like about Far Cry 3. A lot of people are like that. Guess they're "weird" too..."dude".

Yeah, it is a pretty common hang-up, and it is pretty weird.

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I don't appreciate that Dan nonchalantly said Kevin Spacey was the bad guy.

I don't think he was speaking from knowledge, but from assumption. The trailers sure paint him as the villain, but Activision has been reticent on that point despite that.

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Dang, that's pretty. And that's about the best lip-syncing I've seen in video games.

I think 343's CGI department may have Blizzard's beaten.

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Why does miranda look so old?

I also noticed that they added about ten years, but I think that was an intentional change. Even in wartime, a twenty-year-old wouldn't be a commander. Also, in making sure I had her rank right, Wikipedia informed me that she's the daughter of Captain Keyes and Catherine Halsey. That's some really dumb, soap opera-level writing.

EDIT: Never mind, that's Blur's work.

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Guns and gastric processes. This should be an alright podcast.

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I've not played it, so I may be too reductive, but it seems like Crackdown 2 with inFamous's grinding and Borderlands's attitude.

I couldn't play more than an hour of Crackdown 2, I need to go back and finish inFamous, and while I really liked Borderlands, it wasn't for the attitude.

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Some of you high-upload/download-endowed people had better get your YouTube accounts ready.

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This is the first I've heard of Alexis leaving. Giant Bomb has me on a biannual depression schedule.

You're the bomb, @alexisg. I'm off to watch the Extra Life Halo marathon again.