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@dahlis said:

Not a religious man, but now I sing praises to the videogame journalist-gods for sending me this gift.

Gaming for me is a religion, and Metal Gear Scanlon is the sh*t.

(Hopefully you've been listening to the Bombcast long enough for that to make sense.)

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Any video that links to Quake 3 is bound to be good.

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That's technically (in the literal sense) really well done, but Blizzard's attempts at story and graphical design still make me purse my lower lip and raise my eyebrows.

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@conciliator: @lackingsaint: @selfconfessedcynic: I think it should have been like Groundhog Day--there's a comparison I never thought I'd make--in that time should progress but it resets as soon as you recross the threshold. If they didn't want to do that, at least make the divider blink. Anything so it isn't a static texture.

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Kind of a weird thing to stick on, but I really wish the digital clock progressed. It just seems so out of place in such a gorgeously rendered house.

I really hope it turns out to be great. To me, Silent Hill is a third-person series (I haven't played anything past 2), so the perspective puts me off a little bit, but so far it looks very promising.

EDIT: I wish it had fewer jump scares. These weren't at all prevalent in the good earlier SH games.

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I needed this...

EDIT: Jeff is on fire today, and that's a good thing.

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"Hey, guys, Rare is back!"

Yeah, I'm sure that this iteration of my beloved Sierra will be exactly like the old.

@cybexx said:

Dr. Brain is coming back! As foretold in a recent Bombcast email.

I do believe I would kill to see The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain come to

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Demo disks contain some of my favorite game experiences.

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Dan, you need to learn what nonplussed means. It's been two times that you've used that word incorrectly.

Everyone at Giant Bomb needs to learn the proper definition. Ten thousand usages, not one of 'em right so far.

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@dusker said:

I recently watched Blade Runner with my girlfriend, who has never seen it. She was so fucking bored and confused the entire time. And when she asked me to explain why the film was interesting, all I could tell her is that it's about the "atmosphere", which sounded like a shitty cop out. So, as a result, I ended up being super fucking bored and we didn't even finish it.

This is all to say that I don't blame Dan for thinking the movie is boring.

At least there aren't any keys in Blade Runner.

I watched it for the first time about a year ago. A brilliant world, gorgeous cinematography and art, a great premise, and a story told mind-numbingly dully.