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It's probably not the first but I have two early memories of internet use. One was downloading the Monkey Island 2 demo and thinking the download screwed up because instead of a game all I got was this useless "zip" file.

The other is going to a webpage that had all the item IDs for Baldur's Gate console and hitting print and ending up with like 20 pages.

That "ZIP file" comment reminds me of the early 2000s when I tried to find cheat codes for Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed and found a ton of symbols I couldn't reproduce on my keyboard. "You're crazy, there's no square or triangle key, who's writing this stuff?!"

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Game of Thrones by FROM and Telltale.

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At my first job they let me take a half-hour lunch, skip the breaks, and leave an hour early. At my current job, there isn't enough time to do everything required even without breaks.

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Important Note: I tried linking this to "Netscape Navigator," "AOL," "Juno," "Internet," "World Wide Web," and finally "Internet Explorer," and not one of those pages exists. This should be fixed.

I'm watching Metal Gear Scanlon: Part 8, in which Dan mentions that his first use of the Internet was to look up Earthworm Jim codes.

If you can remember, what prompted your first attempt at using the Web?

Mine was an Ask Jeeves search to learn whether Commodore Amiga games could be played (or pirated) on DOS machines. (I wasn't the most tech-savvy kid.)

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Rock Band 2. I played it at a Best Buy (a store I've been in... twice?) on a whim, played for half an hour, never had friends over to play it, and suffered the clutter for a few years before giving it away.

Crackdown 2. It has my worst dollar-to-time-spent ratio, at a full $60 against about two hours of disappointment. At least Rock Band 2 wasn't stomping on good memories.

I also bought a PS3 Move bundle, along with a navigation controller. But all told, I didn't overpay for the PS3 by itself so it was fine, even though I never played anything other than the bundled game for an hour.

And if I can lump things together, I sometimes wish I'd never bought the, oh, 1,050 (literally) games I purchased through GOG and Steam that I've never installed. (I have more, I've just installed those.) I now realize that I can never even try the majority of them.

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Strange isn't it? You'd think having invented a game like Minecraft would seriously boast happiness and confidence, yet it feels like he's really only happy to get rid of it. I think in game development you cannot have too much idealism and get happy. It's a huge business and exploits people in every imaginable way. And the cute projects we see take incredible amounts of dedication and perseverance to get completed.

It's just a lot of stress and strain to produce an original game and in the end what do you get? A lot of complaints and 2,5 Billions. Doesn't seem so bad to me, but honestly, unimaginable amounts of money seem to be more of a letdown to an idealist than a triumph.

A lot of programmers (like Notch, Carmack, and others) just want to write good, clean code and produce something cool with it. Markus never expected Minecraft would become this enormous thing it is, and I'm sure (judging from his Tweets, blogs, and comments) that he has never wanted to have to handle the burden of fame, flying across the world, needing to engage with strangers on social media, and everything that came with its success. Being a celebrity is really enjoyable for a while, but every well-adjusted celebrity wants to be a regular old human being most of the time. With $2.5 billion, he can be a very, very regular old human being. If I ever make anything extremely successful, I'd offload it as soon as I knew I could.

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@evermoore: I've played a little Fate, but MTM2 was my JAM!

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It's not the fluoride. The vast majority of studies that suggest that fluoride impairs mental faculties were conducted on Chinese students, who are exposed to higher levels of lead and much higher levels of fluoride than people in most other nations.

And, hey, worse comes to worst, they've been fluoridating water since the fifties: at worst you'll end up average.

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No. I think of games as interactive movies. Some (a wide minority) of my favorite movies are unenjoyable. Games haven't reached that point yet. Sure, some great unenjoyable games exist, just like Freaks existed while Hollywood was making enjoyable stuff.

I think engaging is a better requirement for media. I don't usually enjoy the daily news, but I try to keep up on it, and I find the important pieces engaging. (Or maybe I find the engaging pieces important.)