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It's incorrect but there is no better English alternative.

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I look forward to getting to know Dan and Jason, and I'm excited to see fresh perspectives. Cheers, all!

Man, this is going to be at least another two weeks of learning to differentiate between Dan and Jason's voices on the Bombcast. Took me a month with Jeff and Ryan (yeah, laugh if you want).

But sincere congrats!

I remember that period vividly. "They're both funny, so I guess it doesn't really matter."

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@pweidman said:

Hell of a necro here but I couldn't resist. In short no, not the best game ever. However, it's one of my all time favs. I really fell deeply in love w/Oblivion when that game dropped. Anyone remember Greg K's 10 hr. or so stream when it released...great times there.

Word, son. Word. Crazy shit, this might have been one of the first live streams I ever watched on the internet.

Do you know where the full stream can be found? After Kasavin's day of Skyrim, I tried to find the original without luck.

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Sorry, Steam, GOG already drank your milkshake.

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I "like" how this thread was quickly turned into a microcosm demonstrating how well liberal Democrats get along with conservative Republicans.

EDIT: I voted "Yes," by the way. I've many friends who are all across the political spectrum. Ironically, the only former friend who demanded I never speak to her again was very liberal, although not when it came to who she would interact with, it seemed...

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I've purchased seventy-one games so far.

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Amplitude, more like Ampl-adieu!

But yeah, Drake leaving Harmonix is like Muir leaving DF: it's just not supposed to happen. Best of luck, Mr. Drake!

(I briefly considered inserting some reference, possibly a pun, to the Drake Sword, but nothing caught.)

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The idea that anyone in any position in any field can achieve tenure is absurd. Past performance must be taken into consideration, but current performance is all that matters. Does anyone recall bailout funds going to fulfill bloated pensions? No, teachers aren't paid six figures, but the principle of performance remains.