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It kind of has to be Tetris, even though I don't enjoy it that much. It's basically the perfect game.

For me, personally, System Shock 2.

I knew I liked you for some reason! (Actually, I think I already knew you had a thing for SS2.)

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I think the trick is using a proper controller. I played on an Amiga 500, so I went out and bought the same joystick I used as a kid

and bought an adapter for it and it was glorious.

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"Tactical vests incoming. Those are some fine-ass threads."

EDIT: Man, now he's talking about getting Snoop into the game session. "Hey, Snoop, do the voice thing!"

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"We couldn't write a decent female superhero- wait, superheroine, so we took it upon ourselves to rewrite some thousand-year-old mythology."

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There was Spider Woman, Bat Woman, Bat Girl, Super Woman, She Hulk.. heck even Wolverine got a sort-of female version in the form of a daughter.

It's more surprising that it took this long.

Those are all really lazy, too, though I'm not sure which is worse. I guess I'm glad I don't follow comics?

What's-his-face is going to be ticked when he doesn't get a call for Avengers 2... or 3... Like I said, I don't follow comics.

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Well I learned a new word today.

Gotta read Song of Ice and Fire.

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All of my friends had Xboxes, while I was a PC guy. By the time I really heard about these "consoles" it was all Xbox talk. I didn't find out about the PS2's market domination until later.

When I did finally buy an Xbox, just before the 360 launched, I though that Halo (a game I had already finished several times on PC), Halo 2, Fable, Need for Speed Underground 2, Doom 3, and the Splinter Cell series made it a worthy investment. I liked the controller, too, since I had only S's. In fact, shorty after buying it--ignorant of the design of the 360's controller--I thought that the only real issue was that they should have put the black and white buttons as secondary triggers.

If you would have asked me a few years ago, I would have said that the Xbox 360 was vastly superior to the PS3. Now that last generation is closed I've been using my PS3 a ton more, and I have to say that it's a great system. Most of the weaknesses (slow interface, slow network, etc.) are still very obvious, but its strengths are more apparent to me. I think if most people returned to the Xbox, they'd have the same eye-opening experience.

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Oh, good, those giant mosquitoes were my favorite in Dark Souls.

I just started playing again, trying again to keep that stupid NPC alive. She collapses like a cheap suit...

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I think violence or menace toward children can be a facet of the most powerful storytelling possible. In Fallout 3's Little Lamplight, the ethical and personal reflection the player made would have been much more visceral, more tangible, if they were actually allowed to make a choice about how to treat the children. Children live in the real world. Children often have to deal with the same things that adults do, and, since most of it is fresh and new to them, they experience it shockingly vibrantly. Two kids hashing it out on a school playground is little removed from two adults hashing it out in a boardroom.

It's avoided for the same reason that violence toward women is avoided: it strikes a nerve with the audience, and ratings boards are very strict about it. GOG's versions of Fallout and Fallout 2 were the EU versions, so children could not be harmed. It was just easier and less provoking.

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That's an incredibly subjective question. One person's overrated game can be another person's all-time favorite. This feels more or less like a thread for hating on games that other people like.

I think the use of "disappointing" keeps it from being that, though. For example, my answer would probably be FEZ. I played about four hours of it and thought it was a mediocre puzzle platformer, and that was with foreknowledge of the hidden puzzles and depth. But I don't think that it's a bad game or that the people who love it overrate it. It just didn't strike a chord with me.

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Skyrim, Halo, Dota, Smash Bros, Civ, Borderlands, Hitman, Limbo, the N64, everquest, Kingdom Hearts, god of war.....

Zelda, and coming from me, I'm glad I sold my copy of A Link to the Past for SFAlpha 2 on the PS1 back in the day.

You can't have twelve games/series and an entire system as your most disappointing game.

EDIT: Was the original title changed? 'Cause everyone has mentioned "overrated." If the intent was to get a list of overrated games, then I'm out.

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@nictel said:

As for explanation: "You should see the other guy."

Perfect. I'll use that one. Straight up lie but thanks :)

Tell them that the first rule is you can't talk about it.

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I picked up a 960 GB Crucial SSD for around $350 USD on Amazon. Keep an eye out.

I'll echo what others have said: an SSD for your OS and the games you're currently playing; one or two 3 TB HDDs to store the rest; and Steam Mover to swap the files.