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That GUI looks like.... shit. 
It's looks like some sort PS2-save-files manager. So 1999. Horrible. 
As for the specs, please note that there's no mention of battery performance. I'm guessing some 1500mAh type battery like most high-end smartphones... which for a smartphone is already pretty limited. I can't imagine some decent battery life with a huge ass touchscreen (despite it being OLED), all those inputs, GPS, 3G connection, etc... all running at once. 
So hum... yeah Sony. Start working right now on how to make this playable for more than 2 hours straight or it will end up like the Game Gear.

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Yeah... MOP reference @17:32...

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m : first letter of my first name IRL 
la taupe : french for "the mole"

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that's just lame. 
screw those special editions anyway.  there's never anything special to them except for some cheap ass toys bundled in.

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It's probably already been mentioned but DO NOT SKIP your opponent's turn. 
If you do the time to beat will be abusively lower than if you don't. 
So just endure watching your opponent play his turn and then you'll find out it's easier to beat him. 
Good luck

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Hey, I'm French and live in Paris 
As for my hobbies : 
- spending time with Mrs and friends
- movies
- tech related stuff 
- I play a little B-ball and I like watching football/soccer on TV occasionally
I own a PS3, 360 and PSP.  
I'm planning on building a gaming PC in the upcoming months. 
As far as games go I like mainly action games (from open world to the likes of Uncharted and God Of War), action-RPGs, shooters or racers.
The only types of games I don't really like are sports games, jRPG with turn based combats and RTSs. 
And I listen to the Bombcast every week. It's the best gaming podcast on the web IMO. 
That's what drew me here.