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@rorie Thanks, get well duder!

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Thanks for so eloquently putting into words what I've been struggling to write since yesterday.

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I was gonna re-up my sub early but looks like billing is having a bit of trouble.

GB duders are awesome, looking forward to more E3 coverage and GB lunacy in whatever form it takes.

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I've been playing for the past few days and decided to sub hoping to make some actual progress in the game. I'd like to join the corp if I can, name's Sarif Comstock in game. Not sure how to apply in game.

Join the chat channel "giantbombing" and someone can help. There should be a link to the corp's page in the MOTD text you can click.

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Was in the giantbombing chat last night, gonna join the corp with my main and alt later.

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My browser is ready.

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reminded me I had this game and never did much with it. Started playing again while listening to the Bombcast and the difficulty definitely ramps up. I'm on the penultimate level based on Brad's map in the QL. Been working/grinding on the heroic and iron challenges for the early levels to get some more stars/upgrades. Haven't spent any gems or real money yet, keeping it real!

For the skeletons, it sounds like you need some upgraded artillery for the area of effect damage. Barracks and reinforcements are okay but once they're outnumbered, units will start slipping through.

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@DaemonBlack said:

Cool that a dude did that. Sad that he needed to.

This should have been the first reply.