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@dudeglove: Thanks for the write up - I was in a bit of a hurry when I posted!

re:combat rolling, it actually removes attached enemies (leeches in this case - hard to see, but occured pretty regularly) and certain debuffs, and I'm experimenting with if it helps to counter status effects (bleed, toxic).

By Grineer interior tileset - are you talking about Grineer ships or the Grineer asteroid/base tileset? But sure, I should be able to do that in the coming days :)

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So, I think part of the problem here is the playstyle you develop overtime, playing the game. Guides, FAQs and such are great, but I'm thinking maybe just seeing how someone with more experience approaches the game would help?

It just so happens that I'm "re-leveling" Banshee (playing with Resonance! :D) and Braton at the moment - so, as an experiment, I recorded a video last night of me dealing with an Exterminate mission on Pluto (I was thinking this would be analogous to Jupiter, but challenging to me - but I forgot to take the Jupiter tileset into consideration. doh). I do appreciate that despite "raising the difficulty", that it's still, probably, much easier for me here - even if I only have 3 mods in my rank 15 (1 forma) Braton, they are Rank 9 Serration (damage), Rank 5 Split chamber (multishot) and Rank 1 Cryo Rounds (cold damage, rank 1 because I ran out of capacity! D: ), and while Banshee is squishy, I'm running a rank 10 Redirection (shields) - and of course, Banshee's second ability, Sonar (the yellow glowy spots), is picking up Braton's slack.

(Then again, I do cheat, bringing out my extremely overpowered Synoid Gammacor on the last handful of enemies - because I realized I didn't have ammo to finish them off :P)

Let me know if this helps? I could consider doing more of this if it's useful at all.

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Also, I appreciate that Exterminate is a bit of a cop out - spawns are a lot easier to handle when you know that they are pretty much always in front of you :)

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@blacklagoon: it's a 25% increase, we missed that in review :)

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@kawiji: Yeah, it really makes Warframe one of those games where different Warframes really shine during different "phases" of the game. Loki becomes very strong in the current "late game", because as long as the enemy can't see you - they won't shoot you. Same with Radial Disarm - very good for teamplay - especially if you add in the Syndicate Mod "Irradiated Disarm" which causes enemies to fight (similar to Nyx).

The remaining 2 abilitites are a bit more lackluster - It's been possible to do some funky things with Decoy - though I'm not sure how possible those are anymore, now that Infested have ranged attacks. And Switch Teleport has extremely situational use. Like moving trolling team members to the exit - or getting revenge on a Grineer Commander :)

Meanwhile, Ember is super-strong early, but doesn't scale quite as well into the "end game", but a lot of fun to play :)

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@wingedbeaux: Please use the stickied post ("PC - Giant Bomb Alliance (Update 01/12/2015)")! :)

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Looks like the second clan has also filled up to 100 members (wow!), stay tuned while we look for further solutions!

(see opening post for full statement!)

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@humanity: Agreed, Nyx has a couple of really interesting tricks between Chaos and Absorb. Mind Control and Psychic Bolts are pretty lackluster, though. One of the reasons I like her for T4 void play is her balanced stats (on top strong 3/4 abilities).

@zeik: Agreed, but I know a lot of new players struggle with the difficulty, and Rhino can be a way to surpass that, getting to figure out a lot of the game. Stomp is also a rather satisfying ability to use.

Though... I think that since Molecular Prime (Nova) was changed, Saryn's Miasma is probably the single most satisfying ability to use. It's just so utterly brutal.

Overall, most frames have something going for them - none of them are really weak, outside of some of the more difficult current content. But the game isn't really balanced around that content anyway.

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@dezztroy said:

If you're new and want a frame to build, absolutely go for Rhino. Rhino's been one of the very best warframes in the game since his introduction. He's basically invulnerable which can be real handy while you're still learning. Nova is also good to the point where she's broken, mostly due to her ability to kill entire rooms of enemies instantly.

A couple other great ones are Nyx and Saryn.

As true as this is, in regards to Rhino, it's worth mentioning that Iron Skin is a crutch, and if you go into "endgame content", you are likely to find that Iron Skin just isn't cutting it anymore. That can be a rude awakening if you've not picked up the necessary skills to survive without Iron Skin. :)

But yeah, it's a great frame to get started (probably still my most played).

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@onarum: Not directly. I don't know exactly what's involved in creating a clan these days, it used to be just entering into a menu and picking a name for the clan.

That puts you into a ghost clan, allowing up to 10 members. You'll need to develop your Dojo to make the clan larger than that (building reactors for dojo energy, halls for dojo capacity and then building barracks to extend the size of the clan) - but that costs resources, some which may be rare for new players (unless you go to the market) (and each clan-size upgrade approximately triples the amount of resources needed to build the next tier). But starting with a Ghost Clan and seeing how it feels is not an unreasonable idea.

Once invited into the alliance, everyone in the clan gets access to an Alliance chat with everyone else in the alliance, so we can answer questions and run missions. :)

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@handlas: Captain Vor? Oh... you might run into him a couple of times. ;)