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@crusader8463: They aren't using Gamespy this time, so there may be some hope! :)

Oh, and PC.

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@CptBedlam: Yeah, you're right - forgot how that mechanic worked ;)

Had some pretty terrible experiences every time I recovered in Demon's Souls (including the inevitable private message-heckling from some jerk with corrosive attacks who had just set me back a deozen hours by messing up my armor and gear)

I may give it a shot again when I feel more comfortable.

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@CptBedlam: Good information, thanks!

So far, I've mostly been running around Firelink Shrine and Undead Burg, and the invasions (hostile or friendly) aren't really something that interests me, so not something I've noticed yet :)

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@mikey87144: How so? As I understand it, the PC version has full feature parity with the PS3 version, including allowing for better performance in previous areas that were a bit much for the PS3 version.

That is, of course, dependant on PC specs.

From my own (limited) experience of the PC version, the game pretty much requires you to use an Xbox gamepad (or PS3-pad using Xbox emulation), as the mouse/keyboard controls are pretty bad.

Unfortunately, it also comes with the limitations of the PS3 version - including the internal rendering being capped at low resolutions, which looks horrid. But the silver lining is that there is a fan-made "fix" to most of these problems. The game is still capped at 30 fps, but you can increase the internal rendering as much as you want. You can enable SSAO, SMAA and DoF.

The fix can be found at:

I don't know if the PC version is the superior or inferior version. I'll grant you that it's a poor PC port (which FROM has admitted struggling with), but with a workaround, it seems at least as good from a functionality point of view. There might be other things I haven't heard of which does indeed make the PS3 version superior.

If anything supporting the PC version could mean that FROM doesn't write the PC version off as a mistake which didn't pay off, and actually making sure to get it right the next time around.

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To be fair, the original game(s) had a very linear story as well. Just that it was padded with a great deal of randomly generated missions, which gave you the resources you needed to progress the story, which was very closely linked to Research progress.

... there just wasn't a whole lot of story missions.

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The package also contains "4000 Station Cash": their free to play cash (which I think works in multiple SOE games?) - which supposedly is $40 on it's own.

+ Unlocks, camo, title... and beta access.

Considering that pretty much anyone who ever payed for Planetside has already gotten beta access in the first waves (assuming they filled out their beta profile, I guess?), most of the "loyal fans" should be in already, and there are apparently a lot of Beta keys floating around twitter, PCGamer and IGN.

Sounds like a situation of the beta being the least interesting thing, really.

I might get it... but I'm a bit concerned about the whole ProSieben.1.Games bit for EU. (more the concept than the company).

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Even putting the sexual harassment charges to a side, he shows his colors as someone no one should ever have to put up with in some of those mails and various forum posts.


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Almost 45 games into the year (nearing end of Transformers: Fall of Cybertron)...

Mass Effect 3 has probably had the greatest emotional resonance with me, for good and bad. It's effectively satisfied me on everything Mass Effect for the forseeable future, but the bad parts were bad.

Other than that, Syndicate's multiplayer was really, really, great. Asura's Wrath is really cool. Journey did some very interesting things... Sleeping Dogs was my favorite open world game since... uh... GTA(1)?

Spec Ops was powerful, but I still don't know if I actually liked it. Fall of Cybertron is doing some GREAT things with the Transformers license, but I'm not at the end yet, and I don't think I can put it on top of any lists. Resonance resonated (yeaaah!) with me... Future Soldier has been about the best coop...

Fez, especially during the first weekend, was pretttttyy good.

... I don't know :|

Somehow, I both feel really down about this year, but I also think that we've gotten a lot of really cool games. And I have high hopes for the rest of the year, and I wish the remaining 2 weeks 'till Borderlands 2 would just go away.

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@Tennmuerti: Not sure what you mean by "no mass fabrication"? The Mechanicus is pretty much dedicated to mass fabricaction, on their Forge Planets... and as far as I can remember, there is limited non-mechanicus production also going on.

Of course, WH40k is effectively a post-post-apocalyptic (recovering, kind of) setting, where Science has become so advanced that it became magic. No longer understood by the common man, technology is something to be feared and has been turned into a religion by the tech priests of Mars.

... and yes, I voted 40k. Because of Tech Priests, Titans, Blood Angels and all the other crazy shit that is way more expanded than it has any business being :)

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@huntad said:

@believer258 said:

Eh. I got one of the DLC for the game on the 360 and couldn't make myself play it, and got the whole game and all the DLC for dirt cheap on Steam and only beat the Zombie DLC (and hated that one) but I still liked the main game.

For this one, I'll probably get the main game at some point but I'll wait for the DLC to drop to near nothing on a Steam sale (which is where I'll be getting it, if I get it).

Yeah, I was the dumbfuck that got three of the DLCs before I realized I wouldn't want to play any of it. To this day, I haven't finished any of them. I probably never will.

It's a shame that the DLC-quality for Borderlands started out really poorly and skyrocketed with the Secret Armory and Robot Revolution... so I'd guess that a lot of people are in your situation.