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In case you were still deluded that the Star Wars Franchise could be salvaged.



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I think that BF3's choice of color saturation looks better. I do like the big blue sky - but I think the darker, grey sky is a lot more suitable for a war game.

And as others have said, they aren't banning for this, specifically. They are banning because people are modifying their clients in a competative game. Competative games need to hava zero tolerance on modifications to stay the least bit relevant.

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Speculating about an unannounced game from a developer infamous for taking their time with development and scrapping games that doesn't live up to their expectations seems... silly?

That said,

@GunslingerPanda said:

Considering nothing is known about Titan officially, this is a stupid question. However...

Blizzard Franchise Spoiler:

It's a StarCraft MMO; the leaked Heart of the Swarm ending pretty much confirms it. And yes it should have a monthly fee to keep the kids out.

They have mentioned at several times that Titan is a new IP. Most of said statements have been on their forums (which have since been purged), so... allow me to quote the Earnings call for Q2 2010, where Bobby Kotick said:

We've talked a lot about the seven different pillars of success that we expect over the course of the next few years. And remember, we have two enormous investments: one in Bungie and the other in another project at Blizzard that we haven't given a lot of visibility to. Those are going to be entirely new intellectual properties.

Maybe it's become something else, that we don't know - they really haven't talked about Titan for years at this point.

There has also been speculations that Titan will not compete with exisiting Blizzard products, mentioning things like MMOFPS and other such wild ideas. Who knows? We're unlikely to find out this years, as we aren't getting a BlizzCon, which is the natural place for them to announce such a product. Also, keep in mind that Rob Pardo stated at BlizzCon last year that the game was entering "full production soon".

@WinterSnowblind: That is assuming that Guild Wars 2 has more impact on the rest of the industry than Guild Wars 1 did. Maybe it will? Also depends a lot on what Titan actually is.

Speculation on my part: next year's BlizzCon, or the one after that, is going to be very interesting. (if there is one, and why wouldn't there be?)

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Wait. Hang on.

You're saying there is music on MTV? Like the TV channel-MTV?

What is this, the 90's?

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This may be slightly tinted from being european (so TNT is forever a "watch afterwards" thing for me), but the "play with the crew" has never really been that much of a pull for me. (edit: meaning that I'd rather have them pick the format week-to-week depending on the game.)

That said, watching, the Borderlands 2/Tokyo Jungle thing was terrible, just felt extremely disjointed. I'd much rather have seen a feature of Tokyo Jungle and a 4-player co-op game with the crew.

Then again, considering how they managed to mess that up with Borderlands (1) and Diablo 3 both, having one out of the four playing a high-level character with three entirely newly created characters... yeah, I don't know. At least the 4-player co-op thing kind of worked with Dead Island? :s

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Favorite trailer... has to be the Bayonetta TGS 2008 reveal. It's a bit gratuitous (which probably makes it NSFW? :P), and it's atleast 50/50 not-ingame footage... but it conveys exactly what the game is. The speed, the insanity, the humor, the music.

If you don't like this trailer, Bayonetta probably isn't interesting to you?

Loading Video...

Really shows off the character, how she's fully in control at all times. Not so much a fan of the gratuitous parts, but I don't mind them that much.

Can't think of any other reveal trailer that has taken me from not knowinig what a game is to deciding I had to check it out as quickly. (though there are many good ones in this thread).

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The bottom version of the statue doesn't look very Batman-y to me. In fact, he looks pretty screwed :P

Not my kind of game, not my kind of statue, either way.

@AckbarTheGreat: Apparently, yes. Kind of a jerk thing to be doing, too - friends don't go hitting other people with their friend's escape ships, you know? :)

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@golguin: Probably had their Xboxes on, most likely playing the game? 1000 is nothing, especially considering that he's got 38k+ followers, and a lot of people (like this thread) are sharing the keys on further.

@Messier: It's random, you are as likely to get super-awesome stuff you can use as getting relics for classes you aren't playing.

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@Riboflavin: Have you tinkered with the Steam voice settings? It's accessed in the options/settings. You can set the playback device (it might be using another "mic device" that you don't even know you have) and test if Steam is reading your mic there.

Beyond the ingame voice chat, you can also start voice chat sessions with individual people or groups through Steam's chat interface. Which you could test to see if the problem is in-game or with steam itself. (I kind of assume that Borderlands 2 is pulling voice chat settings from steam, but I could be wrong.)

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@Capum15: Ah, that's a shame - depending on his definition of "evening"; that might make Europeans miss both! (working for morning, sleeping for second).

Ah well, I'm sure there'll be more keys down the line :)