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@zels: It's not, because, as said, first of all, a snake eating it's own tail is not unique to the Wheel of Time. It's an Ouroboros. A common mythological theme. Second, the holder of the Wheel of Time IP, Red Eagle, recently announced that they are now working with Jet Set Games, developing Mobile Games.

Also, as someone who has read the books multiple times, there's nothing in anything written so far that I feel could even be remotely related. (This is not to say it isn't, just that it doesn't have that feel).

It's a shame, as I would've liked to have seen Obsidian make a Wheel of Time game, and additionally unfortunate because Red Eagle are now working on Mobile Games? (Euuuuugh).

If anything, the names/locations in the texts have a bit of a celtic feel to me, which makes me think a bit of Dungeon Siege. Could be new IP, or something else.


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Started playing it about a year ago, but for some reason put it down.

I keep thinking about finishing it. Then I start up Dark Souls, or something, instead.

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So, here's why it's not a conspiracy:

It's information to identify you using your character's account ID, which is not the same as your account. The IP included is the IP pointing to the server the client is connected to, not yours.

This is a way for Blizzard to be able to track down those who break NDAs, play on private servers (and tracking down the servers) as well as exploiters.

And it's stupidly easy to circumvent. Either you can change the image quality of the saved screenshot (in WoW), or you use an external screenshot manager - like Steam or FRAPS. Hey, presto - no water marks.

(Disclaimer: there may be more to this than I've seen, but so far... if anything, I think it's a cool use of technology, which has gone unnoticed since Wrath of the Lich King was launched... in 2008.)

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AFAIK: as Giant Bomb is running on an old version of the same platform that is running (and Screened), it's likely that this is just a case of someone forgetting to point a link away from BermanBraun - probably something that's needed to be fixed/changed since the split, that may be using a code snippet from Andy and co.

Seems like the most plausible, and less conspirational explanation, at least.

(bring on the tin foil hats!)

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Only thing more exciting right now is Borderlands 2.

To be honest, my weeks between Borderlands 2 and XCOM are quite busy, so I'm worried that I'll have to shelf Borderlands early (or wait to get started with XCOM).

Yes, it's a terrible decision. Boohoo. :P

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@crusader8463: They aren't using Gamespy this time, so there may be some hope! :)

Oh, and PC.

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@CptBedlam: Yeah, you're right - forgot how that mechanic worked ;)

Had some pretty terrible experiences every time I recovered in Demon's Souls (including the inevitable private message-heckling from some jerk with corrosive attacks who had just set me back a deozen hours by messing up my armor and gear)

I may give it a shot again when I feel more comfortable.

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@CptBedlam: Good information, thanks!

So far, I've mostly been running around Firelink Shrine and Undead Burg, and the invasions (hostile or friendly) aren't really something that interests me, so not something I've noticed yet :)

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@mikey87144: How so? As I understand it, the PC version has full feature parity with the PS3 version, including allowing for better performance in previous areas that were a bit much for the PS3 version.

That is, of course, dependant on PC specs.

From my own (limited) experience of the PC version, the game pretty much requires you to use an Xbox gamepad (or PS3-pad using Xbox emulation), as the mouse/keyboard controls are pretty bad.

Unfortunately, it also comes with the limitations of the PS3 version - including the internal rendering being capped at low resolutions, which looks horrid. But the silver lining is that there is a fan-made "fix" to most of these problems. The game is still capped at 30 fps, but you can increase the internal rendering as much as you want. You can enable SSAO, SMAA and DoF.

The fix can be found at:

I don't know if the PC version is the superior or inferior version. I'll grant you that it's a poor PC port (which FROM has admitted struggling with), but with a workaround, it seems at least as good from a functionality point of view. There might be other things I haven't heard of which does indeed make the PS3 version superior.

If anything supporting the PC version could mean that FROM doesn't write the PC version off as a mistake which didn't pay off, and actually making sure to get it right the next time around.

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To be fair, the original game(s) had a very linear story as well. Just that it was padded with a great deal of randomly generated missions, which gave you the resources you needed to progress the story, which was very closely linked to Research progress.

... there just wasn't a whole lot of story missions.