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Corrosive is pretty terrible against shields, while Lightning damage pretty much shorts the shields immediately. So... it sounds like you are doing it backwards. Snipe the eye, then swap to the SMG.

And as far as I can remember; the W4R D3N is a constructor? So... yeah, it pretty much creates additional enemies infinitely.

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After about 30 hours in a 3-player game (around level 28 now), we've been having pretty terrible luck - a single e-tech weapon, no oranges/yellows and only 3(4?) purple items, some of them not good enough to use.

A few interesting weapons, like the shotgun shooting rockets, which I may post in the gun-thread later. But it's been a bit underwhelming and has caused a bit of lootdrama surrounding the few interesting items.

Still loving the game though!

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@MrOldboy: Yes, you got one key from pre-ordering (through premier club), and you get another for each platform you link to SHiFT (through Borderlands 2! Just linking from website rewards you nothing). SHiFT in itself appears to be a customer loyalty reward system in it's infancy.

I am personally torn on the overuse (?) of twitter recently - SOE uses a lot of Twitter in it's Planetside 2 information sharing as well (server status, offers, etc). On the one hand, using Twitter is positive, as it's a seperate system - it's a good way o inform customers of your service being unreachable (unlike posting a notice, on your unreachable webserver, stating that your service is down).

Also, forums are bad at being a communication-channel between users and developers - there's a lot of noise and a lot of misinformation (both intentional and unintentional).

So, yeah... torn. But Twitter is a better method of contacting customers than Facebook, at least.

Maybe we can at least agree on hoping that they find a good way for distributing those keys over longer time? (Also, I doubt they would've built this elaborate system for golden keys, a chest with scaling loot, etc... if it was just for a throwaway pre-order bonus).

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@Shirogane: Look at the video posted in this thread, at 4:19 he says he lied about "being stood up by the crazy bitch".

There are even subtitles.

It's crazy how misquoted that line has gotten, trying to figure out if the Claptrap Revolution was canon/if Marcus died, I've probably seen 2 dozen variations on the quote. He says nothing about shooting.

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@LosDub: got a link to that interview?

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@SethPhotopoulos said:

Marcus dies though.

I'm not so sure about that, seeing how Borderlands is a story told by Marcus, and he "appears" (voice) in the credits for Claptrap Revolution (see video above), after apparently being shot.

Maybe he can use the New-U stations? :P

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@MrOldboy: Because this rewards a different group. And It doesn't make much sense to add more rewards to pre-order rewards post-launch? Shift codes with 10 000 redeems (per platform) give quite a lot of people access to further keys.

And the keys are fully optional. It's a fun extra thing, not something you need to beat the game or get cool loot.

And from what Randy Pitchford's been saying on Twitter, they are still working on getting this system to work properly, so this is most likely a kind of "beta test".

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Yeah, like has been stated - your first order of business should be to identify which fan is actually making the sound - guessing is not good enough. If you can manually set the speed of your fans, then that's a great way of testing it out. Otherwise, I'd suggest taking the side off and carefully listening to where the sound is coming from (making sure not to headbutt anything, or get hair in any fans).

A whirring sound sounds like it'd either be the bearings of the fan (in which case it's not good anymore), or there's something obstructing it, like a cable - which you should, obviously, move out of the way (and secure so it doesn't happen again).

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@Pieman51: It's a term used to describe a game with an "open world" which in which additional areas are unlocked by the player gaining access to key items, be they actual keys or... rockets to blast through special breakable walls. Typical examples include Metroid, Castlevania, Shadow Complex.

In other words, it's the opposite to the Grand Theft Autos and that kind of Open World game, in which there is often a magical story-telling reason why you can't explore outside the area you are currently in ("This island of <name> City is currently on lockdown - all bridges are closed!").

See Metroidvania for more info. (though it puts a lot of emphasis on the Metroidvania games needing to be 2D, sidescrolling games - which I disagree with.)

Hope that helps.