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Ok, The "Giant Bomb Alliance" alliance has been created - and our first sister clan (Batman Buttman Batman) has been invited.

We may still need more clans in the Alliance to handle everyone who has asked for an invite, but I'm still figuring out how much space there is in BBB for new members.

(As a sidenote: unfortunately, it was discovered that it's not possible to share blueprints across an alliance - you can only buy blueprints from the clan you are in.)

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@ajamafalous: Of course we do, you were unfortunately part of the big purge earlier in the week - if only you'd spoken up sooner! :)

@shozo: Sorry no, the Developers were discussing crossplatform functionality, but it didn't work out, so all clans and accounts are platform specific :(

To everyone: We're still working on sorting things out with the overflow clan, someone will let everyone know when the floodgates are open again :)

(Feel free to keep asking for invites in the other thread, keep it in one place to make it easier when we do start inviting again! Thanks!)

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@deathtrap: Primarily, Primed items have 1-2 additional polarities on their slots to begin with, and some have slightly better stats.

For instance, the latest Primed Warframe, Nova has 100 health, 175 energy at base (with 3 V polarity slots) compared to normal Nova with 100 health, 150 energy (again, at base) - with 2 V polarity slots.

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@onarum: Yeah, sorry that wasn't very clear.

Adding a Reactor (for Warframes or a Catalyst for Weapons) will permanently double the capacity per rank of your item, so the timing/rank doesn't matter, a supercharged rank 30 item will have 60 capacity. As long as you don't sell the item, there's no way to remove a catalyst/reactor that has been used. Effectively, it's a function of the level, with no worries about when to use it to get the most out of it (which becomes sooner the better, as you'll have the benefit of it sooner)

Worth noting that reactor/catalyst blueprints are very rare, most reliable after the developers have their livestreams (usually 24 hour alerts), but can appear as random alerts as well.

Because of the rarity, most make sure they like an item before they supercharge it.

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I believe I picked Volt at the start, and didn't really like him. Wound up buying Ash... and got hooked.

These days, I'm mostly playing Nyx [Prime], Loki, Mirage and Nova [Prime] - though I try to mix it up regularly with other Warframes as well, Excalibur [Prime], Saryn and Mag get a lot of use as well - depends on what I'm doing.

Working on getting ahold of Loki Prime and Mesa - the only Warframes I don't have :)

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@dudeglove: The Wikia is considered pretty good. Eventually, teaching people to fish is the best way to go, but I try to help new players with direct answers - the wiki is even more detailed than I am, and I feel like new players may drown there :)

Affinity is your weapon/warframe/sentinel experience - you'll get a little bit of affinity for pretty much everything you do (and everyone else in your game does). Exactly where the experience goes depends a bit on each action that rewards affinity - but normally the weapon(s) you use and your Warframe will get the lion's share of affinity in a mission.

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I pretty much represent the extreme other end of the spectrum at Mastery Rank 16. Sorry, I realize this post will be a bit mechanically heavy... so feel free to let me know if you need further explanation for something. Also, it's not strictly necessary for you to understand all of this fully just yet, so don't panic! (also, I'm rank 16... so you'll get the complicated answer :s )

The others have explained "capacity" on [Warframes/Sentinels/Weapons/etc], and I feel that is pretty much spot on. Normally, every rank your [item] gains will give you 1 capacity to use on mods PER rank of that item. So at rank 1, you'd have 1 capacity, at rank 30, you'll have 30. This works the same on every Weapon, Warframe and companion in the game. (mods can also be ranked up, but that's an entirely different story).

Worth mentioning also, is that Warframes (and melee weapons) have a 9th slot that other items do not have. This is the Aura slot (Stance for melee weapons). What's interesting about these is that they actually don't COST capacity, but rather PROVIDE capacity. Unfortunately, it may be a while before you get access to Auras (as I believe they are only available from Alerts).

For completeness sake, I want to mention 2 "advanced" concepts related to capacity, though: supercharging and polarity.

  • Supercharging is the act of consuming Orokin Catalyst/Orokin Reactors into your weapons, warframes and sentinels. Doing so doubles your capacity per rank - Rank 1, you'll have 2 capacity, rank 30 you'll have 60 capacity. (veterans will often refer to an orokin reactor or orokin catalyst as a "potato")
  • Polarity is... well, some items have slots with a little icon in the top right (you may not have encountered this yet). Putting a mod with a matching polarity (icon turns green) in that slot will consume HALF the normal capacity it would (so a mod with a cost of 10 would only cost you 5 capacity) - allowing more/higher ranked mods. However, if you place a mod in that slot which does not have a matching polarity (icon turns red), you'll pay an additional capacity fee of 25% (so a mod with cost of 10 would be 13 - rounded up).
    (You will eventually be able to alter polarity on items...but let's wait with that...)

In regards to your "account rank" ("Mastery Rank"), @dudeglove was just missing a minor component from getting it all right :)

When you gain affinity (Warframe's name for experience) you will eventually level up items. Every time you level up an item you gain Mastery. Mastery is your "mastery rank" affinity - and is only awarded from each unique weapon once. So once you've earned rank 30 with your Braton, you've earned all the mastery from Braton's that you can gain. Even if you buy another Braton from the store or reset your existing Braton's rank, you will not gain more mastery for it.
However, Braton-MK1 and Braton Prime would still give you mastery until you hit rank 30 with them.

Mastery Rank is primarily Warframe's method of gating users from more powerful items ("having something to work towards").

As for the multiplayer... I feel like you need to have different mindsets going into a multiplayer game vs playing on your own. Explore on your own, but conform to the team when you are in a group.

Personally, I play a lot of solo - even some of the most difficult current content I'm challenging myself to play solo (it's possible, but difficult), but really, Warframe, like most games, is at it's best when you mix in other players - especially when something goes wrong (oh, it still goes wrong in veteran groups ;) ), but Warframe in group becomes a lot more about blitzing down corridors at breakneck pace - almost in a competative nature.

Exploring is really best left for solo-play, certain sabotage missions (earth, I believe) and void missions (though don't worry about void for now).

Hope that helps more than it confuses :)

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@zamolxes: Hey - this isn't super obvious (I realize looking at this), but you can actually hold all 4 - which is what the game is asking you to do :)

Just go around and pick up each one as you are holding the others :)

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@roughneck117: Awesome, I've directed Rapid (as I think only Warlords can do it) to contact you to set up the Alliance as soon as possible (we just need to figure out how it works...), thanks for helping out - we really want to help everyone get the best experience out of this as possible - and short term, we believe this is the best way to achieve that (giving new players easy access to asking questions of (and playing with) veterans.

@jaqen_hghar: I don't have a problem with that, as I understand it, Alliances can have 4000 members across any number of clans

@bluefoxxy: Yeah, as mentioned, we've put a significant amount of crafting resources and credits into building the Dojo and research into weapons and warframes.

On the bright side, as we understand it, we'll still be able to provide access to these researched blueprints by inviting you into our Dojo, even if we can't invite everyone into the clan at this point.

@baal_sagoth: Just join one of the clans we'll add to the alliance and reap the benefits of the community we already have in place.

Being a community linked to a video game website gives us very unique and niche problems that I don't we can really put at the door of Digital Extremes. Most other clans would either decide to grow (and recruit to get to the size they want to be) or just not invite more people.

We've decided to be a clan that's affiliated with Giant Bomb (without official sanction), which puts us in a situation where we can't really recruit (since members should have a connection to the website) and we can't really control when we get recruits.

To be clear - I'm not complaining about that, just stating the reality of the situation :)

And either way, don't feel deterred, we're trying to make sure that everyone who wants an invite, at least gets invited to a clan in the alliance, to begin with.

@spitz1000: Either works, really. Getting into the clan early can save you some time to figure out unclarities, and possibly help you get past the difficulty bump you'll run into a couple of hours in. But it's not strictly necessary to be in a clan.