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@onarum: Normal enemies only drop mods (don't underestimate mods though, you'll end up wishing you got more of these). For weapons and Warframes, you'll want to find bosses.

The first boss you'll come across is likely to be Captain Vor on Mercury, he drops the blueprints for the Chronus sword and Seer pistol. Typically, each planet has a boss, which drops a number of blueprints and/or components. The second boss you'll come drops the components to a very tanky Warframe (Rhino, which a lot of players favor).

Worth noting is also that there's a concept known as "Supercharging", which doubles the amount of "power" per level that is available for you to power mods with (so you'd have 2 power at Rank 1, 10 power at Rank 5, 60 power at rank 30). The Orokin Catalysts (for weapons) and Orokin Reactors (for Warframes) are very rare however.

@ajamafalous: Fair enough. But that +3 damage vs -4 spread is part of the mod system. In many ways, one could draw similarities between Warframe's mod system how World of Warcraft's reforging system used to work, letting you decide which statistics to focus on. But maybe I'm misreading you on how Destiny handles loot, so never mind :)

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@refactored: Fwiw, the clan sizes are Ghost (10), Shadow (30), Storm (100), Mountain (300), Moon (1000) - and research/building costs are a function of the maximum members of each tier.

So Shadow to Storm is not quite 10x increase - but rather 3.3x :)

But I do agree that it's not a decision that you should make lightly unless you think you can get enough people to stick around for the next tier to make sense.

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@onarum said:
First I read in many places people saying that this was no p2win, that everything you could get with real money was mostly cosmetic etc, but this is absolutely not true at all, basically you can buy anything you want with the paid currency, namely ridiculously powerful weapons (which are all better in many ways in comparison with the stuff you can get with in game currency), so yeah this game is the definition of pay 2 win pretty much.

I think you're a bit confused about what people mean when they talk about Warframe not being pay to win - Cosmetic items and inventory slotsare the only things that are ONLY available for platinum ("real money"). That's not to say that you could not go into the shop and buy yourself a shortcut to a specific weapon. However, those weapons can all be obtained by playing the game. Adding to that, a large portion of the most powerful weapons and Warframes in the game are not available for real world currency at all (some are for limited periods).

Feel free to mention specific weapons or Warframes if you think I'm wrong, and I'll let you know where you can find them. (Fair warning: most will probably be out of your reach as a new player.)

Most who stick with Warframe agree that this is a pretty good business model, as grinding for weapons and warframes are a very large part of the game, and if you don't enjoy that, Warframe probably isn't the game for you. Having most items available for purchase in this manner gives you an alternative method of obtaining specific items that may be elusive. But if that's not your thing, you do not need to spend platinum on weapons in the marketplace. (There are a handful of weapons sold for credits (in-game currency) in the marketplace as well, though, as well as blueprints (again, for credits) for most of the platinum-sold items to be used with the forge to craft said items.)

In regards to movement - there are certainly inconsistencies (which the developers acknowledge and are planning on improving), but largely it's about getting a feel for the movement system. Playing with veterans, you'll notice that the movement system works quite well once you get used to it.

Difficulty is a difficult matter in Warframe, and I can understand that the developers are struggling to get it quite right. New players struggle and Veterans who have figured out mechanics destroy everything (don't get me wrong, there is challenging content for us...). You may need to replay earlier missions a few times to rank up your items and find some mods to put in your items before you move on. You'll want some damage mods in your weapons and probably Redirection (shield strength) in your warframe at the least. (preferably after Fusing the mod to a higher rank)

Err... Yeah, details. Feel free to ask if you have any specific questions ;)

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Destiny is an MMO because literally every system in the game is ripped from either one or multiple MMOs (static non-randomized world, instanced dungeons, rep grinds, weekly mark cap, daily/weekly lockouts, non-randomized loot (with a few exceptions), etc. I'm sure I'm forgetting a few).

It's worth noting that Warframe is increasingly encroaching on those things - and loot is not entirely "random" in Warframe - every enemy has a specific loot table (mods and blueprints). And Factions were recently added to the game with the associated reputation grinds (with a daily cap, to top it off!) :)

Haven't played Destiny, so I won't compare them, but from what I've seen of it, I can imagine a lot of people feeling that the games scratch the same/similar itch.

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@rave: @mormonwarrior: please use the appropriate platform clan threads to ask for invites, to keep things from getting confusing for everyone :)



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@dudeglove: It's not strictly necessary to join a clan. You do get some nice benefits to being a part of a clan like access to blueprints of a lot of weapons and warframes, and of course having an active clan chat is very nice.

If you're asking if you need to be in a clan to get anywhere - not at all, it gives you relatively easy access to a lot of things, but it's certainly not necessary. For a new-ish player, I'd say that the greatest benefit a clan can offer is other people to ask questions of, and play with.

Eventually, you'll want to have access to the research to rank up your account mastery level, but that's not really something that's all that important when you are still figuring things out :)

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As mentioned, please be patient as we make room and invite everyone!

I feel like this is a good time to highlight this part of the top post in this thread:

@rapid said:

Clan Size & Tier

The clan is currently a tiered as Storm Clan this essentially means that we can have a 100 clan members limit and our resource requirements for the clan's dojo are scaled for a clans with up to 100 members . The short of it is, so that our dojo resource requirements do not overburden the active members of clan we decided to remain a Storm clan during this time. Basically, the Clan Warlord reserves the right to remove any members that become inactive for more than 30 days. This is also to accommodate and ensure room in the Clan for new members.

Keep in mind

If you found out you have been removed from the clan: We are always open to re-invites, just because your being deleted this time, you can still re-join the clan in the future. THIS IS NOT A BAN. If you are reading this after you have been removed, just post another invite request to this thread. So if you were just taking a break from the game, feel free to ask to be re invited.

Though we may need to look at other options as well considering the sheer amount of new people :)

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@rapid: Pobaxi, Taelupo, Cutesy and myself just set a new clan record - 40m 8s T4 survival :)

Putting us at personal rank ~1150 and the clan at 160th.

Next time, we'll get into the Storm clan top list :)

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@tbk: I forgot about Vor when I started thinking about doing it (and it wasn't very planned - I just looked up where I could get a Frost Prime helmet from and decided to give it a spin), luckily, he showed up during a moment when I had a lot of control over the situation and was able to dispatch him pretty easily (hit and run)

Marelok might be better suited, but I'm not very comfortable with it yet, and I haven't applied any forma to it yet. That said, I've already had some ammo issues with Marelok (Another of Brakk's strengths is it's extreme ammo efficiency). I might just try to get a Marelok Vaykor before I optimize Marelok, especially as I want to get in on the Gammacor Synoid action - though the Gammacor probably isn't suited for void.