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@mikeful: Could've sworn I replied yesterday... either way, invited!

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@rapid: That's awesome - as I said ingame, I'm only at 5 Forma for mine, bit torn on what mods to put on it, though I may just go with whatever dpsframe suggests. Bit torn on what to focus on now - formaing or pushing my rank higher. I may stick on my forma-crazy path for a while, to make the most out of this affinity booster... getting the Brakk up to 5-6 Forma would also be pretty cool :)

Sixth forma for penta, bunch of forma for Brakk, another for Nekros, and then I should probably get myself a Blessing specced trinity as well, just to cover our bases. And of course, if I can get a hold of a Boar Prime, I'll go nuts with that, I think.

@spaceinsomniac: is a pretty good resource for figuring out crazy shit with modding ;) - and spot weapons on the rise, I think they stay pretty current with updates (as updated as it's possible, reverse-engineering the math of the weapons).

Large part of why I kind of want to pick up a Boar Prime - it's DPS is just insane, according to that site.

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@sweetz: Right now, you are rather free to pick a goal for yourself - it's one of the things Warframe does poorly. It does sound like focusing on completing missions is a good idea, though - you'll need to have access to all missions to progress into the mid and late game. Don't stare yourself blind on that though - or any other goal, but rather focus on doing what you feel is fun.

An alternative idea, that was recently patched in - which i feel like may appeal to some people, is to focus on filling out the codex. It's a recent addition, and it doesn't have any actual benefits yet... but it's fun? :)

In the long run, it's all about becoming more effective - upgrading your mods to be more powerful, gathering more weapons and ranking up your mastery rank. Which you do by playing the game.

While some people talk about Warframe's "endgame", in my opinion, it doesn't really exist yet. T3 Orokin Void, Survival past an hour, etc are sometimes described as endgame by some - but in my opinion, that's more a sideeffect of Warframe's inherent scaling mechanics - which is one of the things it does well (except for at the lowest end, I understand). We're likely to see 'actual' designed endgame content the coming year, as Warframe matures from a beta game to a fully fledged game.

And join in when people in the clan are playing "lategame" content - we normally don't mind dragging someone along - in fact, it's usually more fun that way :)

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I still need to do it, will probably try to get it done tomorrow. Still missing 2 moonlight jadeleafs to make a vermillion anti-toxin - so need another nightphase and a bit of luck, before I can get it sorted.

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@humanity: I don't really agree with that - especially with Damage 2.0 just having been pushed out the door, which was a massive issue previously (the fact that only a handful of weapons were worth using, I would argue, was one of, if not the biggest issues the game had) - weapons are still not entirely balanced (see Brakk, Boar Prime), but it's a lot better than it used to be where only weapons with armor ignoring damage types were worth using.

There's also the whole PS4 version, and pushing out Update 11 for the PS4, cross platform gameplay.

Seems to me that, while it's a significant oversight (that should be adressed), it's not that big a deal that you can't place waypoints.

I see what you are saying with "concentrating on the front-end" - my counter argument is that they understand that they need to maintain a balance between new content (bi-weekly Tenno reinforcements, major updates every 2 months or so) and fixing things (Damage 2.0 and everything else that was fixed in Update 11).

*shrug* My opinion, anyway.

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@opus: Oh, that's probably because the initiate rank, by default, is not allowed to host the dojo.

Promotion or not, you should probably add hosting to the permissions for everyone.

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@wolf: Don't sweat it, easy mistake to make :)


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@refactored: afaik, you're talking about the dojo key - the dojo already exists, actually. It's just that no one has accessed it. Everyone will need their own dojo key to access it.

For now, the dojo consists of a single room - a Clan Hall (if you look at the PC clan's map, that's the "Clan Hall" on the 1F floor).

A simplification of the dojo-building process is as follows: You need to balance Capacity (provided by clan halls and halls) with Energy (provided by reactors) to be able to expand your dojo. I believe you begin with 100 energy and 10 capacity to start the process of expanding your dojo. Different rooms have different energy and capacity costs - so it's a good idea to have someone have a rough plan for what to do with the dojo, and not have random people start building rooms :) (only people with the "architect role can actually do that, however).

Some more advanced tips that I've discovered as the primary "architect" of the PC clan's dojo (not saying it's very intuitively built... we're looking at remodeling) - I'm really only writing them down to help you avoid some mistakes we've made, so make with it as you will:

  • The dojo pieces are being updated currently - almost everything but elevators have been updated. For this reason it is not recommended build elevators at this moment. It will probably be a lot of work to replace the elevators later.
  • Remember to always leave yourself at least one corridor for expansion somewhere - I prefer to make cross connectors whenever possible to give us options.
  • Separate areas where people may want to visit from areas people don't care about. An example would be reactors and barracks - these rooms serve no "purpose" beyond expanding clan possibilities - Halls can be included here, but I see them as social gathering points. Group the laboratory buildings together, and stuff like the the obstacle course and dueling room.
  • The Oracle room has no actual purpose at the moment - except to enable research in the laboratory buildings. You need to build it... but it's not clear if it'll get a purpose (I've read some suggestion that it may include "Tenno research" in the future).
  • The rooms people will want to visit the most are in this order, most interesting to least: (high priority!) the 3 laboratories (+ the oracle, unfortunately), (medium/low) Obstacle course, Dueling pit
  • Not a room, but treated as a "decoration" (you make these by opening the terminal that exists in each room) - the "Trading Post" should have probably have high priority to be built as well. You'll want this in an easily accessible room from the entrance. The Clan Hall is a good idea - we've put our in our Oracle room (gives it a purpose).
  • (and don't run out of capacity or energy!) :)
  • Don't expand if you have a lot of inactive people - dojo costs increase by about 300% per tier (do check the wiki for exact details).
  • It's a good idea to make a map of the dojo. I've been using drawings on Google Drive to use basic geometric shapes to move things around. There are more graphically attractive tools around, but none of them have met my requirements of ease-of-use or ease-of-modification.

Feel free to have a look at the PC clan's map - but there are some obvious mistakes made there. The Reactor sublevel is probably the best decision we made - but ... I don't think I'd create elevators right now.

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@turboman: This thread (not very clearly) is for the PC clan, you'll want to have a holler in the other thread :)