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@opus: Oh, that's probably because the initiate rank, by default, is not allowed to host the dojo.

Promotion or not, you should probably add hosting to the permissions for everyone.

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@wolf: Don't sweat it, easy mistake to make :)


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@refactored: afaik, you're talking about the dojo key - the dojo already exists, actually. It's just that no one has accessed it. Everyone will need their own dojo key to access it.

For now, the dojo consists of a single room - a Clan Hall (if you look at the PC clan's map, that's the "Clan Hall" on the 1F floor).

A simplification of the dojo-building process is as follows: You need to balance Capacity (provided by clan halls and halls) with Energy (provided by reactors) to be able to expand your dojo. I believe you begin with 100 energy and 10 capacity to start the process of expanding your dojo. Different rooms have different energy and capacity costs - so it's a good idea to have someone have a rough plan for what to do with the dojo, and not have random people start building rooms :) (only people with the "architect role can actually do that, however).

Some more advanced tips that I've discovered as the primary "architect" of the PC clan's dojo (not saying it's very intuitively built... we're looking at remodeling) - I'm really only writing them down to help you avoid some mistakes we've made, so make with it as you will:

  • The dojo pieces are being updated currently - almost everything but elevators have been updated. For this reason it is not recommended build elevators at this moment. It will probably be a lot of work to replace the elevators later.
  • Remember to always leave yourself at least one corridor for expansion somewhere - I prefer to make cross connectors whenever possible to give us options.
  • Separate areas where people may want to visit from areas people don't care about. An example would be reactors and barracks - these rooms serve no "purpose" beyond expanding clan possibilities - Halls can be included here, but I see them as social gathering points. Group the laboratory buildings together, and stuff like the the obstacle course and dueling room.
  • The Oracle room has no actual purpose at the moment - except to enable research in the laboratory buildings. You need to build it... but it's not clear if it'll get a purpose (I've read some suggestion that it may include "Tenno research" in the future).
  • The rooms people will want to visit the most are in this order, most interesting to least: (high priority!) the 3 laboratories (+ the oracle, unfortunately), (medium/low) Obstacle course, Dueling pit
  • Not a room, but treated as a "decoration" (you make these by opening the terminal that exists in each room) - the "Trading Post" should have probably have high priority to be built as well. You'll want this in an easily accessible room from the entrance. The Clan Hall is a good idea - we've put our in our Oracle room (gives it a purpose).
  • (and don't run out of capacity or energy!) :)
  • Don't expand if you have a lot of inactive people - dojo costs increase by about 300% per tier (do check the wiki for exact details).
  • It's a good idea to make a map of the dojo. I've been using drawings on Google Drive to use basic geometric shapes to move things around. There are more graphically attractive tools around, but none of them have met my requirements of ease-of-use or ease-of-modification.

Feel free to have a look at the PC clan's map - but there are some obvious mistakes made there. The Reactor sublevel is probably the best decision we made - but ... I don't think I'd create elevators right now.

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@turboman: This thread (not very clearly) is for the PC clan, you'll want to have a holler in the other thread :)

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As a PC player, I can't help you directly, but I can offer information and advice.

First, you'll probably find the Warframe wikia on Clans helpful.

Of particular interest is that as a new clan, you'll be a "Ghost clan", which means that you are able to have 10 members in the clan at any one time. To expand this, you need to expand your dojo to the point where it includes a "Shadow Barracks" (which'll allow you up to 30 members at a time). Important to understand is that the cost for building dojo rooms increase with clan size - so building the dojo will be very cheap as a Ghost Clan - and significantly more expensive as a Shadow Clan - so don't expand your clan without intending to. The PC clan (currently a Storm Clan with ~60 members, afaik) have solved the problem with overflow, in the past, by rotating out people who have been inactive for the most time.

(You access your clan by buying the dojo key blueprint and then building it in your foundry. Don't worry, the key is not consumed on use).

Good to know: everyone in the clan can contribute resources to the dojo - so it is certainly not a one-man job.

As for clan roles, have a look at the Clan wikia I linked above - scroll down to "Ranks and Roles" - by default, no one will be able to invite one another, as everyone is placed at the initiate rank (except for the person who create the clan, who will be the Warlord). It's a good idea to promote everyone to "Soldier" for the recruiter role. Also, you can have multiple Warlords (top rank) - the PC clan has 2, as an example. But keep the clan size in mind.

Let me know if you have any questions! (or need a clarification), I know it's a confusing system in places.

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Ack, not had any internet connection at home for a week. Sorry about the delays, but @codeacious @nev @arkkazeal @monkeyman04 have been invited now.

@wolf: you are already in a clan, you'll have to leave it and make another post before we can invite you. (Having a pending invite to another clan will also block us from inviting you).

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@monkeyman04: You need to leave your current clan before you can be invited to this one. (even if you have a pending invite to another clan, that will block us from inviting you). Please make another post when you've fixed that! :)

@kronk: @lkennedyl: invited!

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@spaceinsomniac: not tried the PS4 version, and been a long time since I used the gamepad for PC - but I'm seeing some references to R3 being the default waypoint button?

Then again, looking at the PC quickstart guide (not really helpful for you...), seems to suggest that pushing in the sticks is sprint(L3) and crouch (R3), so I don't know. I guess not? And I guess there's no keybind option on the PS4 either... but worth giving a whirl?

There's nothing on the touchscreen or something?

Failing all else, try posting on the warframe PS4 forums about it? :)

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