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@tbk: Nyx (prime) (chaos gives you a lot of breathing room), Brakk (corrosive build for heavy gunners), Dual Ichors (primarily for coptering). Didn't really put any special effort into anything but the Brakk build.

I forget exactly how much forma I've sunk into what (3 for Brakk, I think?)

I brought a Grinlok (rank 4) for leveling (bad idea, barely got any affinity) and a Helios for scanning (because I'm lazy).

I'm thinking I have a lot of room to optimize my build to go further. Probably a bow or status weapon to faster take down gunners at higher levels, which probably means I'm better off bringing something with more range than Brakk, though I am very familiar with that weapon. And, of course a proper sentinel.

Tempted to bring my 6x Forma Penta. But I do have a tendency to suicide with it, so... probably best to stay away from the explosive weapons. (edit: just realized that there's probably a lot of synergy between nyx/absorb and penta, hmm...)

Stopping at any point past ~15 minutes is suicide, I noticed, as I had a couple of random deaths in areas I thought were safe (hiding in nooks to use a health restore occasionally, when I'd gotten a bit bold)

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I don't know, I've been on a bit of a crusade to get myself to maxed-rank Cephalon Suda lately (just got there last night, largely thanks to a very helpful trade with @tbk, so I'll start being interested in trading for other syndicate's stuff soon-ish)

Realized I'm able to do at least 20 min T4 Survival on my own - so I'm probably going to be spending a lot of time there in the near future (so many R5 fusion cores!), and, of course, Cerberus/pluto - so crewmen is probably a good idea, from my perspective, at least.

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@mb: Like Rapid says, Rhino is a good Warframe to aim for to begin with as he is quite tanky (keep Iron Skin up). Other than that, I don't know if I'd say any warframe is "bad" - it's more a question if picking a warframe with a theme that you like and start working towards that :) If you stick with Warframe, you are likely to pick up quite a few Warframes and rotate beween them regularly - they all play a bit differently. Some Warframes; Vauban, Hydroid, Limbo, Nekros, Mirage and the Prime variants are probably outside of your reach (at least without clan support) for now.

As for "What should I be doing?", I feel there are 2 ways to go here: Either you just start unlocking every mission on all the systems (by playing through everything) - or you start a Quest and follow along with that, though I'm not entirely. If you haven't done "Vor's Prize" yet, it's a pretty decent starting point.

(You'll find quests in the codex terminal (to your right just above the ramp, facing the front of your liset (ship))

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I appreciate the mo' glows with your energy color when you channel. (sorry for posing while we were doing defense the other night, not like I was being very effective with my unranked weapons anyway ;) )

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@corruptedevil: Err, no, sorry, you've got it backwards.

They very clearly talk about ZEKE being "complete" in the briefing tapes of Ground Zeroes. About waterproofing ZEKE and the nuke, about an underwater test and about a 300 foot seabed test. Because they need to hide their nuke and Metal Gear for the IAEA inspection, should be the first couple of minutes in this video:

Loading Video...

And in Peace Walker, they show Paz falling out of ZEKE, falling into the water - there's no implication that ZEKE also ended up in the water.

Starting at 29:35, running 'till the credits start, or so.

Anyway. As I remember from Peace Walker (where Fulton recovery featured), Fulton "ammo" was limited, but capacity could be upgraded through research, up to 13, I believe. In PW there was a special item to analyze soldiers before you Fulton recovered them - something like that might appear here as well.

edit: Meh, video embedding seems to be a bit funky today. I'll settle for links.

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@yummylee: @audiobusting: Sticking with it being Peace Walker/Ground Zeroes spoilers:

While you do "defeat" ZEKE at the end of Peace Walker, the tapes in Ground Zeroes (which takes place a year later) mention and make ZEKE a fairly large plot point in Ground Zeroes - even though it does not appear directly.

Basically, ZEKE is repaired after the Peace Walker incident and continues to act as MSF's secret ace. They talk about how they have to hide ZEKE - and it's nuclear payload - during an inspection of Mother Base in Ground Zeroes.

Anyway, keep getting more and more excited for The Phantom Pain. Delayed playing Ground Zeroes because of the response it had gotten - only got around to it last week, and now I'm all a-buzz for more Metal Gear :)

Thinking I'll go back and play some more Ground Zeroes this weekend...

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I played through Watch Dogs on normal, but about 3/4ths of the game I played as a stealth game, spending a lot of time figuring out how to silently take out individual enemies one by one - mostly using the melee takedown. (this does not include the convoy missions that largely require you to use firearms). I described my playstyle as "batman-esque" at one point (the stealth bits, not the combat).

In the late part of the game, I started using guns rather liberally, and quite enjoyed the gunplay at that point.

Best single mission experience was probably the final mission of the Arms trade arc - where I kept moving around, taking out enemies and then moving on before their friends could catch up to me, using a mixture of IED's, "The Destroyer" (sniper rifle) and the silenced pistol - as well as using hacking as a distraction.

I do think it makes a lot more sense for Aiden to use guns than to be a martial artist master - and I do think they found a good gameplay balance between stealth and action - it's the player's choice (I tried both). There are some contrivances that don't make a lot of sense - like carrying all of the unlocked guns with you. But for gameplay, it was nice (as it let you swap from the silenced Goblin to the LMG without needing to visit an armory, if things went poorly).

Anyway, yeah, Aiden isn't a very nice guy - and Watch Dogs is pretty much a "Let the world burn"-style revenge story. But I still found him quite a lot more reasonable than the characters of ... say, any GTA? At least Aiden has a motivation. Those of you hating on Aiden - I wonder what your feelings on Trevor (GTA 5) are?

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