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@sate2801: there is an optional non-lethal way to do that mission. If you press the issue with the lady you get the mission from, she'll tell you about it.

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You should use code tags to preserve indentation (assuming you use indentation).

Indentation + seperate line brackets would really make it a lot easier to read! :)

But yeah, seems like you've found the issue already.

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The Missing Link is a stand-alone campaign that is branched out of the main story. It'll make more sense if you've played the main story, but there is no carry-over and no bring-backs. Entirely stand alone. (as said)

The Augmented Edition comes with the Soundtrack, an Artbook, Motion comic and some other stuff. The Steam version has digital versions of those. (Which is found under the "Tools" tab, which may be easy to miss).

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@EODTech: Odd, my first playthrough I got both of those achievements and I was far from careful - even going as far as seeing how many I could stuff into a single vent (pretty much emptied the policestation in Detroit and put them all in the same vent ducts), dragged them up and down stairs.

I had some issues with the Tranq rifle killing from headshots, but that was the only time I was even paying attention that.

Still, good tips if you are really serious about it.

Additional tip: Destroying robots and turrets is OK for Pacifist, but keep in mind that the robots explode if you EMP them - and if the Robot's explosion kills someone, it's on your head. Really good to know at a certain place in the game (no spoilers!), if you decide to take the difficult route despite being a Pacifist ;)

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A bit late... but I believe it says somewhere (related to the DLC) that you won't get the benefit unless you start a new game. Or did at least when it was included in the Augmented Edition (or was it pre-order... I forget...)

Unfortunately, you probably need to start a new game to benefit from the DLC.

edit: and here's some infothat you get the items during Sarif's briefing during the flight to the Manufacturing plant (early game), so if you haven't done that/have a save before it, you may not need to restart.

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Yeah, they've liked to run Game of the year... you know, at the end of the year. When all games are out, and you can really start thinking about how the year in retrospective, with most of the games you are going to play during the year already finished.

I don't remember exactly which day they started last year, but I found Giant Bomb's Game of the Year 2010: Day One, from last year - December 27th, finishing with the Best Multiplatform & Overall game of the year on January 1st.

Don't worry, I'm sure they haven't forgotten. :P

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Really, the best thing you can do is very simple:

  • Don't be an asshole.
  • Communicate.
  • Listen and learn.

The rest? Eh, you'll pick it up.

You'll probably want to be prepared to run into very rude people... but that's the way things are. You don't have to like everyone you meet, but if you do, either try to make the best of the situation or find another group.

Don't bother with min/maxing unless you are struggling or you reach the "endgame" (and really, don't worry about that at this point). Just play around, figure out what works for you. I've not read up on SW:TOR, but these games tend to be light on permanent choices - so don't worry about it.

If you find yourself struggling/being a burden on groups, you should probably find out what you are doing wrong, but that usually isn't a big problem while leveling.

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Yeah! Been a very good year for game music - good picks!

However, don't forget the Bastion soundtrack - I think that's my favorite for the year,

... and a few others.

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I'd just chill for a bit, Steam servers appear to be getting hammered at the moment. Will probably(?) get better if you are patient.

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I've not tested the stand-alone character creator, nor did I play a whole lot of SR2.

However, I can confirm there are only 7 voices (3 female, 3 male, 1 zombie) - but the main protagonist does a lot of talking, and doesn't repeat themselves terribly.

However, character customization I never had an issue with, playing through the game in coop as Doctor Manhattan (regularly testing out whatever was the silliest clothes I could think of trying at any moment), with a coop-partner who kept changing his appearance very regularly.

There are certainly some things that I felt was missing (like a tattoo with a small circle on the forehead), but nothing that detracted from how much stupid fun it was.