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@WinterSnowblind said:

They still haven't even started taking pre-orders for the Collectors Edition in Europe yet.

It's not coming out anytime soon.

define "they"?

If you mean "Blizzard", then I guess you are correct - but neither has the US Blizzard store. Plenty of stores (quick search finds at least 10 Swedish stores,, etc...) are taking collector's edition pre-orders, though.

Doesn't seem to be on, or though :P

But yeah, you're best off just taking it easy and playing some of the other great games that have announced release dates, while waiting ;)

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With Stacking, Costume Quest and Iron Brigade recently, why worry?

They'll make some awesome kids games. They'll make some awesome adult games. Everyone wins.

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Yeah! More Saints Row! :)

Totally psyched for this! Now if I can only motivate my coop partner...

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Note that he isn't announcing a Console version being released. All he's saying, as they've said before, is that they are looking into it- and that the project has a project lead. In other words: there's at least one person working on the project.

But yeah, I'd almost be surprised if they don't actually release the game on consoles at some point.

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@Akyho: I don't know... I really struggled with that Omnibus, I don't like CS Goto much... I've seen the opinion repeated elsewhere, but that might just be me looking for confirmation of my opinion :)

I'd rather suggest a book in the setting by Dan Abnett or even Graham McNeil over CS Goto though, but whatever works for you :)

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Check out this thread and this one, there are a lot of book suggestions there.

Many of the books are standalone, but some are part of series - so avoid starting in the middle of those, otherwise just pick something that looks interesting. Anything in particular you want to read about? Good books in general? Space Marines? Imperial Guard? Chaos?

There aren't that many Xeno books...

Edit: Sorry, right, dealing with stuff related to the game. I'm not sure how relevant the Ultramarine books are, I never got a good feel how Ultramarines do things from the Ultramarines books by Graham McNeil - Uriel Ventris seems to be a lot more roguish than the average Ultramarine, which, I guess - is similar to how Captain Titus handles things. But it's probably still your best bet.

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@sate2801: there is an optional non-lethal way to do that mission. If you press the issue with the lady you get the mission from, she'll tell you about it.

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You should use code tags to preserve indentation (assuming you use indentation).

Indentation + seperate line brackets would really make it a lot easier to read! :)

But yeah, seems like you've found the issue already.

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The Missing Link is a stand-alone campaign that is branched out of the main story. It'll make more sense if you've played the main story, but there is no carry-over and no bring-backs. Entirely stand alone. (as said)

The Augmented Edition comes with the Soundtrack, an Artbook, Motion comic and some other stuff. The Steam version has digital versions of those. (Which is found under the "Tools" tab, which may be easy to miss).

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@EODTech: Odd, my first playthrough I got both of those achievements and I was far from careful - even going as far as seeing how many I could stuff into a single vent (pretty much emptied the policestation in Detroit and put them all in the same vent ducts), dragged them up and down stairs.

I had some issues with the Tranq rifle killing from headshots, but that was the only time I was even paying attention that.

Still, good tips if you are really serious about it.

Additional tip: Destroying robots and turrets is OK for Pacifist, but keep in mind that the robots explode if you EMP them - and if the Robot's explosion kills someone, it's on your head. Really good to know at a certain place in the game (no spoilers!), if you decide to take the difficult route despite being a Pacifist ;)