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We're at 319k. Totally pledged a wad of cash.

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Impossible. There's a lot of good games - but I don't think there's a perfect game. Besides, hopefully the game I'm playing right now is my favorite game right now.

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Well, according to this, he says:

NOTE: this game is single-player and PC only- I am looking at ways to get it onto other platforms though!

So I guess it could happen? But yeah, seems like a good match - even if it plays very well on the PC as well. Lovely chiptune beats :)

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@pornstorestiffi: That's a good question!

If you mean the white cross in a box that you sometimes see - I always assumed that was "needs healing", as it tends to disappear shortly after I drop a medkit at their feet. The simple cross I thought was just the assault icon (like engineers have a wrench, support have 3 bullets, recon a crosshair). I've not noticed any specific icons while I was "dying."

Then again, I'm far from an expert on the subject, so I could very well be wrong - just been my feeling that there was no indication who had medkits or paddles.

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Getting good 15 hours in? Sounds like Final Fantasy XIII. Does this mean Reckoning will get as much hate? Somehow... I doubt it :P

Personally, I've got serious doubts about Reckoning - the combat is the only thing that I found interesting about it. The story seemed as generic as anything I've seen in a long time.

I may still pick it up - if I find myself sufficiently bored. Though with February looking more like a November, I doubt that's going to happen.

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Probably 7-9 hours into FFXIII-2 myself, and I like it so far. The timetravel seems fine, though it seems rather simply handled. Some weird language/mechanics (like "Close Gate". I understand what it does now - but it's not intuitive, especially not as I was able to do it before the game informed me that I had unlocked the ability to Close Gates :P).

It's neither revolutionary or ground breaking, probably won't convince people who despised XIII, but I enjoyed XIII and most of it's characters.

Looking forward to digging deeper into this during the weekend. :)

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@pornstorestiffi: To be fair, he might not have paddles.

Then again, to me, playing assault without paddles would be INSANE. Love dem paddles. Even if they make me do stupid things when I see someone getting shot down :D

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This sounds a lot more positive than a lot of other things that have been said about THQ lately, but I guess that may just be the facts of earning calls (especially ones as grim as these) needing to have a positive spin.

Either way, I think THQ has been making a lot of bold moves, and several of their games have deserved to sell better than they did.

*shrug* I'll continue recommending people to pick up SR:3, Space Marine, etc. Also, pst, I don't think Red Faction: Armaggeddon was as bad as some people are making it out to be.