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I can't really say I care any more. I donated, and I got a pretty good documentary out of it. The actual game was not my cup of tea, and the rate at which it's coming out has soured me on Kickstarter.

The documentary really is the best thing about the Kickstarter. 2PP are great.

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It will be three years from me backing the Kickstarter till I see the end of the game. It's ridiculous. Their KS said "Estimated delivery: Oct 2012".

Just insane and one of the reasons I don't want to back anything anymore.

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Nothing good lasts forever unfortunately. Hopefully some new twitch-like service will come from out of nowhere and people will just migrate to that. I have the feeling that these changes are just the first of many that will happen to twitch in the relatively near future.

I suspect Ustream will have a great next few quarters until some new big thing starts up. is what I hear people talk about.

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What the heck happened to Crytek? It seems like they're just falling apart at the seams.

what i'm really curious about is how deep silver got all huge all of a sudden and can afford all these IPs.

They bought THQs biggest franchises for super cheap and made a ton of money off them, that's it.

No, they made a lot of money from Dead Island which sold well and wasn't very expensive to make. That conviced parent company Koch Media to invest more in AAA games.

I doubt they've made that much money with Saints Row 4 or Metro Last Light, but maybe I'm wrong.

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I like Rogue Legacy a lot, but I didn't find the controls to be as tight as they should be; far too often I will push the jump button and nothing happens, as if I waited too long once I hit the edge of a platform. I hate that shit.

It has that oldschool thing were you lose one jump (if you have double jump) as soon as you start falling.

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I don't know how I feel about Patrick continually writing Palsson (without å), considering he could just do a search and replace for the entire last name after he was done writing the story.

Seems lazy.

Yea, a huge research article means nothing. He was just a big lazy asshole and should be fired immediately by Giantbomb. You, in turn, should also get hired to be the official proofreader of all things foreign.

How are comments like this not considered spam? It completely lacks any and all conversation/discussion purposes.

It's a matter of respect. It takes less than a minute to write his name correctly, why not do it?

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I don't know why this is a news story, regardless of whether it's true or not. For one, is PvZ2 such a huge blockbuster game that people care about it that much? I mean, the Bombcast was pretty sour on it after the whole micro-transaction deal.

Secondly, the practice of "buying" exclusivity is nothing new. Microsoft has done it by the dozens with various XBLA titles and full games such as Braid, BioShock, Lost Planet, etc. and Sony has been starting to secure console exclusivity for various PS4 titles as well.

1. Well, yes.

2. For Apple it is. It says alot about how they think about games now. They completely ignored them before.

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It's simple really, we're all slaves. We're Valve's bitches.

As a PC gamer, I would be happy to exchange my Microsoft leash for a Valve one.

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