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Well, that comes with the territory of where the technology is.  Until a large scale download system on the scale of Steam can get pushed out to gaming consoles, we're gonna be stuck with one annoying thing or another. I subscribe to the notion that it's better to deal with minor annoyances than to deal with a download-only console on an infrastructure that can't handle my downloads.  Xbox Live may be robust, but I somehow doubt it has anywhere near the capability of Steam in terms of sending out games to people.
Wouldn't hurt if Microsoft would stop overcharging the everloving crap out of hard drives, too.

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@itzjayjay said:
" I don't even want a dashboard. I want a 360 where I can pop in a game and play. No 1453 things I need to take care of before even starting to play my games.  Other than that, I liked the old Dashboard. There should be an option for it.. "
You know you can set it to go straight to the disc in the drive when you turn it on/put a disc in, right? :)
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Uhh... you don't unlock weapons or perks at all.  It's just armor, which doesn't affect gameplay at all.
Unless you typed "are" and meant "aren't", in which case I'm sorry!

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@allhailthetv said:
" You cannot make the argument that this game is worse than II. "
You can't make the argument that Big Rigs is worse than Final Fantasy II.  At least Big Rigs has comedy value.
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Unfortunately, I've never seen them use their final abilities automatically.  Probably has to do with how situational their usefulness is, it'd be pretty hard to get them to reliably use those.

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@Veektarius said:
" How're y'all playing the beta?  I have ODST but it still shows the preview as my only option. "
Friends and Family codes, codes distributed through, and Microsoft ExpertZone, which apparently decided between when I signed up and this week that they no longer needed to verify that people worked for the companies they said they did before they let them into the site.
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@harris said:
" @AlanFromOhio: No problem, thanks :) 
Also, to everyone, do you think the old icon was better? A few reviews in the market have requested the old one back. Personally, I think the new one is a lot nicer, but maybe I'm wrong. What do you think? For comparison: 
     I made the new one following the official android icon style guidelines. "
The new one is a lot nicer.  The white border is kind of wonky on a dark background like what I use.
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Is it really that big of a difference, though?

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Since it's been forever since I was that low levelled, I'm guessing it just has to do with staggering it as quickly as humanly possible? 

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Most people high five with their right hands, though!