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Ya, this PC is hooked up to my TV for just GB/Tested/Verge etc site videos and light gaming. Running spybot to check anyways.

In an incognito window couldn't get the ad to pop back up, but the 'centipede+titanfall' in browser game ad is surprisingly solid!

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@rorie: Hey,

I was logged out at the time. Cookie expired I guess.

I signed in to post, and of course ads went away.

Thanks for being on top of it!

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Didn't click, and I know its not Giantbombs style.. But these ads shouldn't be here right?

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is this a test? is this spam?

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I'll also miss ryan screaming "YA!" and putting my receiver into safe mode and turning off :)

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I meet Ryan outside of Olly Moss 's Papercuts Show. I wondered who that guy was cutting in the front of the line (as we had to move back from the door because the nail salon was mad we blocked their door) then it hit me and i said "Ryan Davis GANTBOMB!"

He turned around and looked around then raised his fist in the air.

After that once we were all inside I chatted him up for about 10 min about the show, and the site. Its sad to lose someone who came into our homes almost once a day if you watched everything on the site. RIP

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played last night for 3 hours. disconnected from the server a lot. But my game saved at the one time i went to the main menu at that time.

So Maybe I have a city on Europe West 1 --- o_0

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