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been a long road..

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You need a lot more water; hand sanitizer is always a good idea. Also a good idea is a book on medicine, like techniques to make splints, take care of wounds, gashes, etc. I also keep on my backpack a small laminated book of different types of knots and how to tie them. Oh, and get a shotgun.

Here's the medical guide that I have


Water wise its just to get back home to where I have more, the home bag has some in it just in case I need to take it in a hurry somewhere as well.

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Since most of the GB staff was talking about this, I wanted to share some of my kit. I started a thread on another site similar to this, and hopefully pasted the info correctly.

Home Kit

My home kit overall has less packed in at as I have some stuff like water and more canned food local. I keep it a bit light just in case I need to grab it fast to get to my car, which is below.

It has the basics like a good medical kit, spare ziplock bags, rope, glow sticks, water, water tablets,pens, food and knife.

I keep pictures and information on my dogs, as well as paper with my number preprinted on it. Prepackaged dog food as well, that expires once a year, so easy to replace and carry.

Some cool items Amazon Links

Ambient Weather WR-111B Emergency Solar Hand Crank AM/FM/NOAA Digital Radio, Flashlight

Charge cellphone, is a radio, and led light. Works great, and no issues with hand crank. I want to upgrade to the larger version, and add this to my car.

Coleman Expedition First Aid Kit

Car Kit

The car kit of course has a bit more inside it. I have a knife specifically that can also break glass with part of it's handle. The medkit has stuff for humans and animals inside, along with bowls for them to drink from and extra collars.

Basics like water, food, more dog food, led flash light, spare batteries, ponchos, thermal blankets, radio.

I have a GBA as well in case I'm bored and get stuck somewhere. Won't drain my cell that way.

Cool Stuff

Mini Cree Led Flashlight

Sony ICF-S10MK2 Pocket AM/FM Radio

SOG Specialty Knives & Tools FF25-CP Escape Knife

Stuff I Need

I Have a bag with spare clothing in my car as well as spare glasses. At home I am also 'Team Bat' (not team Knife) and have a small sized in length bat so I can get a full swing inside hallways.

I also would like to get a solar panel, but the 100+ dollars each.

Since taking these pictures I also have 1 months supply of Military MREs at home. As well as two cases of bottle water at all times.

Its important to note that you should add to and check your bag at least once a year. I do mine at the start of the year to keep it simple, as the dog food expires as well as others things could go bad.

Feel free to add your own ideas as well. My kit above is about 350 dollars worth of items. I started out with about 200 worth, and add to it each year.

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If anyone would animate the Dan meets the Apocalypse bit from the end of this weeks podcast, you will be giving all of man kind the best gift in the world...

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Ya, this PC is hooked up to my TV for just GB/Tested/Verge etc site videos and light gaming. Running spybot to check anyways.

In an incognito window couldn't get the ad to pop back up, but the 'centipede+titanfall' in browser game ad is surprisingly solid!

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@rorie: Hey,

I was logged out at the time. Cookie expired I guess.

I signed in to post, and of course ads went away.

Thanks for being on top of it!

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Didn't click, and I know its not Giantbombs style.. But these ads shouldn't be here right?

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is this a test? is this spam?

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I'll also miss ryan screaming "YA!" and putting my receiver into safe mode and turning off :)

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