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played last night for 3 hours. disconnected from the server a lot. But my game saved at the one time i went to the main menu at that time.

So Maybe I have a city on Europe West 1 --- o_0

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Guess ill just have to hold my heavy ipad 3 while in bed :(

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Glad there is a thread for this as I was just about to make on..

To start with, Please read these articles from TheVerge who broke the story from CES


Cnet was forced to recast their votes at CES for ‘Best of CES’ after senior management at CBS got wind that a Dish Network product had won. A company that CBS (parent company of CNET and GB/Gamespot) was currently in litigation with.

As someone with growing fears of ‘The Big Six”, when a news story like this breaks it worries me.

I don’t want to go into the issue of CNET and CBS, since this isn’t the place. What I want to do is instead focus on how awesome GiantBomb is.

Giantbombs unique way of covering news, reviews, and gaming culture has created a site where this doesn’t need to be questioned. They currently run the most honest, open, and in-depth gaming site in my opinion.

If anything along these lines happened at Giantbomb, I trust I would read or hear about it first from them before reading it on another site.

As Premium member from day one I would like to thank the hard working staff at Giantbomb for creating a site like this.

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Mines in the box.. Probably taking it back ... Figured Mario would work. Guess I was wrong

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I got it up and working, as well as all the games. 5.1 Sound is my only issue. Im not sure if the receiver will take the 240 signal at all. But I'll mess with that tomorrow.

For those channel issues i think that would only be an issue if I was using an RF switch, witch I'm not. As for CRTs I don't currently own one in my apartment. Does that make me a bad person? :)

In the end I need to sit down and clean everything later today as Wong_Fei_Hung

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After multiple games, TVs, cords. simply blowing into the system got one game to work... Some slight cleaning of connectors with q-tips are leading to more working... 
Guess this was a bit of a lie ...
If it wasn't for those articles. 'blowing' into the cart would have been the first thing I tried. 4 hours later.... 
Now to get my 5.1 system to work with it...

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I wanted to play Tetris Battle Gaiden. Is that a crime? Must be, since I am having a ton of issues.

Ordered a copy that is on its way. However my shinny 'new' Japanese Super Famicom is having none of it. I can't seem to get it to work on any of my LCD tvs. I have tried a known working set of cables as well from my US N64.

Am I missing something on why it simply will not work? Resolution issue? Should I just find a RF adapted and try that?

The Super Famicom was purchased by a well rated ebay seller in Japan so I don't think the system is the issue.


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Put a CBS logo on top of the building and then you'll be done :)

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