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It can be anything of any scale. I have 2

Dark souls style MMO

The fast paced combat and multi player of a unreal tourny game mixed with a open world and RPG elements as deep as Fallout. The multiplayer could be a thunder dome type deal to make it fit in the world. Crazy weapons, Talents/perks and dialog trees. Along with choices that effect the outcome of the game (Yes this sounds similar to borderlands but in my mind it is pretty different and has alot more ambition)

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@CooVee: OMG yes. Not a huge Bond fan but if they made that game it would be a day 1 buy.

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When played like a stealth game, Alpha Protocol is a good game.

Skyrim is boring

Flower is an awful game.

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@HellBound: 22 with a knife, Imagine how many more would of been killed with a far more effective weapon. Cant make that comparison because in the end it would of been far worse with a gun

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Am i the only one who liked Tomb of the Giants? A pitch black level and all you see is the eye's until you get your lantern. I thought it was awesome!

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It is close but i think Dishonored is a better game. Just make sure you play on hard as it is easy. Get both if you can though!

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@ExplodeMode: The Souls games are two of my fave games of all time. Do you think i would like King's Field and Eternal Ring? This is the first time i have heard of these games.

Also, is it confirmed we are getting another Souls game?!?!

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The game is built with the current disguise system in mind. Changing it would not really work. It is a shame, for example I am a chef and a chef from a different vendor spots me and calls me out.... are all the chefs in china town in some sort of union? Still a fun game and i cant get mad that this is what the designers wanted to make but after playing blood money for the first time recently and loving it, it is a shame

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Castlevania SOTN. Oldest game that i can think of that i actively want to play.

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Knife party



I dont know if it is any good, but i spent 2 hours trying to pull it off with all the conditions I wanted on purist, and it is a 3 min hit XD. It is in the first level

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