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I don't really follow baseball at all, but I'm here to just say I hope the Cubs win it all so it can prove Back to the Future 2's prediction right about them winning the World Series in 2015.

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That picture of sad Jeff and Dan inside THPS5 is fantastic. Also glad that the VICE article got linked.

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I read this article earlier today and it was an excellent read. Though I'm with many others on this forum on how it leaves out Drew and how crucial he became after Ryan's passing. I miss Ryan to this day, but I'm happy with how Giant Bomb has grown and thankful that its still around.

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Man, Kapernick having two drives end in pick sixes is nuts. I'm not complaining though, would like to see Arizona start 3-0.

On my fish, what is the defense doing against those short Tyrod passes?

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This was an awesome prank. Well done getting all of this together to trick GBeast!

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Thanks for the mention this week!

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Good for the Giants finally winning a game and not blowing it. It will be interesting to see how well they do this year. Now its time to make some picks for Sunday and Monday cause I want to:

  • TB-HOU: Props to James Winston and the Bucs for going into the Superdome and winning a game that nobody thought they would. The train wreck that is the Houston Offense might be enough to keep TB in this game, even if their defense ain't very good. The difference will be JJ Watt going through TB's O-line and chasing Winston all day. I see the Texans winning on a JJ Watt sack on Winston for a safety, 19-14.
  • CIN-BAL: While Cincinnati is looking like the class of the AFC North (along Pittsburgh) and Baltimore had a rough tour out west, I see an upset here. The home team in these Bengals-Ravens games usually is the victor and I think Baltimore steps it up for the upset: 27-24.
  • SD-MIN: Vikings looked much better against the Lions after their week 1 debacle. However, I feel confident that Philip Rivers and the Bolts will out gun Minnesota and rebound after losing close to Cincy. Chargers 28-24.
  • JAC-NE: This is a strange start to the season, but if anything is for sure, the Patriots are still really good, pains me to say it. I tip my hat to the Jaguars for beating my Dolphins last week, but they have no shot here. I wouldn't be shocked if Tom Brady becomes the Undertaker of the NFL where he's +50 years old and is still winning games. Pats 41-20
  • PIT-STL: The Rams have become the Dolphins of the NFC in becoming the most consistent inconsistent team. I do think STL will play better Defense than they did week 2, but I think the Steelers are on a mission after destroying the 49ers, and they should win. Steelers 31-21.
  • NO-CAR: If Drew Brees was healthy, I can see the Saints upsetting the Panthers. But with Brees either being benched or playing not at 100%, I think Carolina will end up winning with good defense and Cam stepping up when he needs to. Panthers 24-13.
  • IND-TEN: If the Colts lose to the Titans, even if Mariota looks goods doing so, the season may end up being over of Indy. They still play in a lousy division, so they can still come back, but I don't know. I do expect the Colts to finally get going and win. Colts 24-17.
  • PHI-NYJ: I...I like the Jets in this game. Todd Bowles is doing a great job with the Jets' defense and I think that might be a recipe for disaster for the sloppy Eagles offense. Jets 20-7.
  • OAK-CLE: Man i don't know about this game. Both showed major signs of improvement after a terrible week 1. I'm not sure if I agree with Coach Pettite's decision to start McCown, but we'll see how that works out for him. This will be close, but I think I see the Browns squeaking by this one once Manziel comes in, or if he does and Cleveland's defense will play motivated. Browns 24-20.
  • DAl-ATL: The only battle of the unbeatens this week. I do think that even without Romo, this game will be close, since the Falcons have already won close games against 2 AFC East teams this year. I see that happening once again. Falcons 21-16.
  • SF-ARI: Both were in the same position week 3 of the 2014 season where the 2-0 Cards hosted the 1-1 49ers. Weird thing about last year is that the Niners never faced Carson Palmer. I don't know how good the Cardinals are since they've beaten two winless teams, but they beat them by double digits and I think the Cards keep winning until they head to Pittsburgh in week 6. Cards 38-24.
  • BUF-MIA: Freaking fish...Again, props to the jags, but how did they let those penalties give them the golden opportunity to win? Buffalo kind of got exposed from that game against the Patriots, but I still think they are a better team. Hope I'm wrong, but the Bills win 16-13.
  • CHI-SEA: Besides JAC-NE, this is probably the lock of the week. You think Jimmy Clausen can upset the Seahawks in their first home game of year, with Kam Chancellor back? Nah man. Hawks 38-14.
  • DEN-DET: Kind of want to pick the Lions for the upset here, but they've proven to be not clutch in their first 2 games and say what you want about Manning in Denver's first 2, the Broncos are still 2-0, and they'll go 3-0. Broncos 27-17.
  • KC-GB: I feel bad for the Chiefs. If it really weren't for Jamaal Charles' fumble that led to a scoop and score, maybe the Chiefs could of won in overtime. But against Rodgers at Lambeau, this will be a frustrating night for the Chiefs. Packers 35-16.
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Man, can't believe this comes out in 6 days. I remember enjoying my time renting THPS3 and 4 for my Gamecube. Really hope this game ends up being alright, even though all signs are pointing the other way based on what's been shown off.

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@i_stay_puft said:

I'm surprised you skipped through the whole entire LA move, but hey man it was still a fun read. Most of the Raiders problems right now is mismangement and image by Mark Davis. Along with that, Al Davis had been running the show for years and he tended to draft a player on more of the name and potential rather than the need.

To tie that to the sonic franchise, the raiders and sonic draft / release game to make the quick buck and draw interest into a dying franchise.

Thanks. About the LA move, I understand that it was a big deal for the Raiders. It was where they won their 3rd Super Bowl, where the team's culture and identity was becoming a heavy influence on rap groups like N.W.A. and LA was one of two cities where Bo Jackson dominated the sports world and Nike created the "Bo Knows" marketing campaign. I know that AL Davis even demanded for billboard and signs all over LA that said "Committed to Excellence" w/ the Raiders logo and their 3 Super Bowl Trophies.

I just didn't know how I could draw parallels between the LA move to Sonic's history in in the video game industry.

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I'm betting they're gonna save this for December when Jeff and Vinny will be in the same office during GOTY discussions.