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For me its Toejam and Earl Back to the Groove and Freedom Planet 2. I'm bummed now that the T&E quick look will have a 99.9% chance of not having Drew on there since we know Drew will leave GB after the 3rd of March. However, the game interests me for essentially bringing back the old gameplay of the original to a new generation. I never played the Genesis game but this title is a great chance for someone like me to see what made the original a cult classic.

Freedom Planet 2 has me excited because I got the first game on Steam and while I've played a little bit of it, I've really enjoyed what I've played. It really is like 2D Sonic with more of a combat focus like Gunstar Heroes and the sequel seems to capitalize more on what made the first game solid.

I want Cuphead to be good and hopefully the delays are there to adjust the game's bosses and 2D levels.

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I was working and couldn't watch the live podcast, but Drew is gonna be missed big time. Drew has definitely been a big part of some of my favorite content on this site. Perhaps my favorite content was seeing him make that comeback to beat Dan at Mario Party 5. Best of luck on your future endeavors Drew!

Just thought of this though, Demo Derby is gonna become a Jeff/Brad feature when DD was invented by Drew and Dan.

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F Zero GX is impressive to this day mainly for the sense of speed. Its brutal in difficulty (particularly the story mode), but man I can't think of another racing game that provides the pure, speedy joy that GX provides.

I'm also with the guy who said Age of Empires II, its a great RTS and revolutionized the genre.

Plus, while future Total War games have improved on the current 3D battle engine, its still impressive with what both Rome and Medieval II were able to do by providing full scale 3D battles even for their time. Rome TW's tech was so impressive its gameplay footage was used to depict ancient battles in the show Decisive Battles and its the only Total War game to have that distinction. Heck it might be the only video game to have the title of using its gameplay footage to reenact historical battles unless I'm forgetting about some other game that was incorporated into a TV show.

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Just finished watching the latest Demo Derby and one of my favorite parts was the dudes talking over the Harry Potter Behind the Scenes video and the game's stupidly short demo. I also remember reading some of the comments, mine included, that defended Harry Potter Quidditch World Cup for being alright. It made me want to ask the community if there are any licensed video games based off of movies, tv shows, books/comic books or toy brands that they feel are underrated. A bit of a difficult question to ask since normally, licensed video games aren't very good, but at the same time, games like Goldeneye 007, Star Wars: KOTOR and The Walking Dead Season 1 turned out to be great and revolutionized the game genres they were in.

I'll start by saying The Simpsons Hit and Run is possibly the best Simpsons game ever made (sorry to the Konami arcade beat 'em up). It was a GTA like game set in the Simpsons universe where the characters perform different vehicle based missions, such as races, chasing missions, item collecting missions and demolition missions where you have to destroy other cars. Its also the Simpsons Video Game that best lays out the City of Springfield in 3 different sections, from Evergreen Terrace to Downtown where Moe's Tavern and Jedediah's Statue are located. There's also Itchy and Scratchy Cards that you collect that show an image of an item/symbol that references past episodes of the show. There's a lot of good fan service to the fans of the Simpsons and while some aspects of the game don't hold up, its a fun enough experience for me to say its an underrated gem.

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For games, Bethesda RPGs just never clicked with me. I understand the appeal for those games, but I don't think First person RPG's are for me.

For other media, I know this animation studio has gotten hate online but the kids and parents seem to adore the movies this studio makes, and that's Illumination. AKA they're the Minions people and made movies like Secret Life of Pets and Sing last year. Saw Despicable Me 2 and I was bored with it. To me Illumination seems perfectly fine making movies with light stories and plenty of cutesy characters involved with slapstick humor. They're not willing to go the distance that studios like Pixar, Disney and even WAG (Lego Movie people) have done making a funny yet insightful movies for the whole family.

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Have no interest in this, but 28 mini games is way more than expected, so it helps justify the price. Can we all agree that the one thing we can look forward to for this game's release is the game's quick look? Should be reminiscent of the very best of those Kinect QL's.

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After Suicide Squad I'm like fuck it, give it Sandler.

He can cast himself as Batman, Schneider as Robin, Spade as Gordon and Kevin James as the Penguin.

...if he could convince Norm MacDonald to play the driest Joker you've ever seen I'd probably flush my 15 bucks down the toilet to see it.

Dude, I never thought about Norm McDonald ever playing the Joker, but it might work.

As far as I would pick to direct Batman, I was gonna jokingly say Chris McKay because already it looks like he nailed it with the Lego Batman Movie with all the high praise its getting. Plus I adore the original Lego Movie and would love to see this one day. If I had to pick, you could get Gareth Edwards in. Bryan Singer actually had his crack for DC films with Superman Returns and while that has a decent score for rotten tomatoes at 76%, it seems to have a mixed reception in the public. I'd be down for either Sandler or Affleck.

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The N64. I had a couple of classics that I loved playing like Super Mario 64, Smash Bros and Mario Kart 64. Got the system late so I never got to build up a big library. I also had some obscure games just because I was a kid and loved the properties tied to these games like Rugrats in Paris and Star Wars Episode 1 Racer which is in fact the only good thing tied to Star Wars Episode 1. The PC version was the best though.

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Man I really need to see the 1st John Wick with the overwhelming praise its getting here and with how high both movies scored on Rotten Tomatoes. Then I could probably go see the second chapter at some point.

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I enjoy watching the portions where they review the latest games and maybe watch their Kinda Funny account for fast food, but that's about it. I like Tim Gettys the best of the bunch mainly because he can act like the most positive person in the group when Colin or even Greg act like downers, even if he has his moments of negativity too. I do question their "bias" for Sony since they have a podcast called "PS I Love You" while the other big 2 hardware companies don't get that treatment.