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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays y'all!

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Alex freaking rocks and I admire much of what he's done at GB! I enjoy watching him discuss with Patrick about the game industry on Bombin' the AM and him and Vinny are a great QL/Encyclopedia duo. Plus, his wrestling Encyclopedia Bombasticas are awesome. He's also had some great QL's back when he was a dual member of both GB and Screened, such as the Kirby's Epic Yarn quick look.

Good for Alex that he seems to be handling these anxiety issues better than what he's had in the past. I wish him the best of luck!

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Sad news. Thank you Ralph Baer for your contributions for video games and Rest in peace.

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@slowhanded: Brock was a pretty solid fighter. He won the UFC Heavyweight belt fair and square against MMA legend Randy Couture and successfully defended the title twice, TKO'ing a prime Frank Mir and performed a come from behind arm triangle choke on Shawn Carwin. He did lose two straight after that and then decided to retire.

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I look forward to seeing Punk in the UFC. Granted, I did not see this coming after hearing that he got that Marvel job. However, knowing that he's had Jiu Jitsu training with Renan Gracie, I'm curious as to how he would fare against some of these fighters. I bet it won't last very long considering his age and knowing how stout the Middleweight division is in the UFC.

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The show certainly had its flaws, but its definitely better than what we saw out of the Spike VGA's. Sure we did not get too many real big game announcements, but the World Premieres of game footage for already announced games looked really solid. Mario Maker, The new Legend of Zelda, King's Quest and Witcher 3 come to mind. The speech from Ken and Roberta Williams was a great and genuine, its awesome to see them be honored for their contributions to PC gaming. I did not have any problems with the winners of each the categories, but boy did Nintendo bring home some awards, and good on them! And the music was hit or miss: the No Man's Sky performance was cool, but that Hardline song sucked.

It terms of those flaws, the show seemed to of gone too long and they could of cut off some time. Also, the way they handed some of the awards seemed kind of nonchalant, if not awkward. After having that conversation with the Valiant Hearts guys, Geoff just hands them the award for best narrative, right on the spot. It just seemed weird to me, but I guess that was how they wanted to handle time management. Also when Miyamoto and Aonuma teased Star Fox coming out before Zelda, I was expecting Nintendo to show a teaser, but it never showed up. Guess Star Fox is not ready.

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So Nintendo won developer of the year, Smash Bros Wii U won best fighter and MK8 won best sports/racing game. Nintendo is killing it!

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@personandstuff: Huh, so John Morrison has been working in dog wrestling movies and Lucha Underground since he departed from the WWE? Anyways, as a human being, this movie looks like a waste of time. This movie, however, might be the one wrestling related thing Rorie will ever get into to. It at least looks better than that Flintstones WWE movie (Fred sounded way off), but just slightly.

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I'm cautiously optimistic about this film. The Jurassic Park remix at the end sounded nice and added a really haunting feel to the trailer. It has Chris Pratt in it, and he's been on fire with films lately, but it doesn't really feel right seeing him play a serious dude based on the trailer. Maybe we see a sense of humor out of his character in another trailer? And the plot seems pretty dumb, but we'll see how it plays out in the film itself. Nevertheless, I'll still see this film and hope for the best because I love the first Jurassic Park so much!

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@starvinggamer: Wow, looks like we might have a quick look of the year candidate waiting to happen. Jeez this looks broken!