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@alex: Greg Miller acted like The Miz at WWE Battlegrounds. Even though you clearly deserve the belt, he found a way to steal it while everyone else wanted to kill you. Also like The Miz when he was Intercontinential Champ, he's probably wearing that belt like a prop and isn't wearing it with pride, so get that belt back and wear it proud!

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Michael Sam, whatever you do, don't go on the Sep. 8 show on RAW! It will only do more harm to you to make that appearance than it will do good. This is just an attempt of a stunt by Vince to get mainstream fans watching and also try to tie the WWE to the NFL. Also, ESPN will home in on Sam being on RAW because to them, its a stupid mission of theirs to track every move of Sam's and its disgusting.

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As a Dolphins fan, I want them to make the playoffs, but I just feel like it will be the same old mediocre fish winning 7-8 games. I think that might be more agonizing than being a fan of a team like the Raiders or the Jaguars where the fans know they're bad and don't have hopes up, but teams like the Dolphins and recently, the Bears, get your hopes up when they win one major game and then it all shatters when they start having a losing streak and getting themselves out of the playoffs when they were so close in getting in. Man I hope I don't get that feeling this year.

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God. Fuck off, Cena.

Another Super Cena match? Glad I missed RAW then and instead watched the archived PAX Prime Royal Rumble!

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Maybe it's the alcohol talking (after watching the awesome FSU vs. OSU and the godaful LSU Vs. Wisconsin) but I'm thinking of finding something else to do with my Saturdays this fall.

MANY (Bama, Ohio State, Florida State, South Carolina, UCLA) of the highly ranked and much hyped teams bit off more than they could chew this week.

I'm sick to death of the hype machine and ESPN: Teebow, Manziel, Clowney (whatever they come up with next) and the SEC in general. Seems like they already decided that they need AT LEAST 2 and maybe 3 SEC teams in the 4 team playoff to genera rate revenue for their new channel and are pushing their agenda.

The sad part is they (ESPN) will likely get what they want. With so many members of the committee being athletic directors (which means they are expected to show at their own school each Saturday, and have 60 hour a week jobs to begin with, there is no fucking way they are going to be able to watch 1/3 of the games they should be) they will have to rely on SECSPN "analysis" and I think we know where that is going to lead.

I can't fathom that the self fulfilling prophecy of SEC dominance is anything other than bad for the sport in general: people without a southern drawl watch college football too...... at least for now.

I can totally see ESPN riding college football into the ground like Activision did with rhythm games and plastic instruments or call of duty and wondering why in 2025 they have no ad revenue outside Alabama.

Cheer me up here guys- tell me I'm drunk and overreacting, but I see something I've enjoyed for many years going off a cliff here.

I've felt this way about ESPN for a long time too. If it helps you feel better, Paul Finebaum of the SEC Network thought the SEC will have just one team in the playoffs after South Carolina got wrecked by A&M. If you can, try to watch the games without commentary so you wouldn't have to hear about their hype or here their biased comments.

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Okay, a couple of quick thoughts on what I just saw today:

  • If Virginia had gone for a field goal, go for an onside kick and recovered it, they could of had a better chance of winning then going for it I think.
  • Auburn's defense looked rough at first against a formidable Arkansas offense, but they made great adjustments in the second half. And it seems like it doesn't matter if Marshall or Johnson start at QB, Auburn will score points.
  • FSU has a lot to work on after watching that game against Okie State. The offensive and defensive lines to me were not at their best, the running game struggled due to the inconsistent offensive line, and Jameis seemed frustrated for a good chunk of the game. But as an FSU fan, a win is a win and I'll hand Okie State all the respect in the world for giving FSU all it could handle and not giving up.
  • Todd Gurley is looking scary good, especially with that performance against a Clemson team that was poised for having the best defense in the ACC.
  • I honestly thought the Buckeyes were going to lose to Navy days before the game started, but in the end, they stepped it up to escape the scare.
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I know this is a little late since a few games have already ended, but anyways I thought I could make this thread for college football loving duders on this site to talk whatever they want about what's going on this season. All I can say that we may be heading in for an insane year looking at how certain games have ended. Go ahead and talk about who you all think will win games, whose your he-man favorites and what your favorite teams are. Mine are the FSU Seminoles and the Auburn Tigers (not a bandwagoner, I grew up loving these teams and it was rough watching the national title last year). Anyways, go ahead and talk about college ball here. Scalp em' Noles and War Eagle.

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@mocbucket62 said:

. Also, I was not expecting Shulk to sound so British.

Why does that surprise you? There were a ton of Australian (I think) VOs in Xenoblade, including him.

I never played Xenoblade Chronicles, so I was not sure what Shulk's voice sounded like before seeing the trailer.

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Oh wow - what was that at the end? Is Metal Face somehow going to make a cameo? That would be a hell of an assist trophy...

The game confirmed that there are boss fights on certain stages, such as the Yellow Devil in Dr. Wily's Castle. I assume Metal Face is going to be a stage boss as well.

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Yep, Shulk from Xenoblade Chronicles has just been confirmed to be playable in Smash. And if you look at his still character model from the website, he looks pretty similar to his portrait to that on the leak released a few days ago, so yep, the leak is real. But anyway, he looks fun to play as. Also, I was not expecting Shulk to sound so British.