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That's pretty funny! I wonder if judging by the voice, Norm later found out that was Stephen Colbert in that Hawkcat outfit.

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This feels less like a rumor and something we knew would eventually come

  • The reason the Mark Henry/Rusev segment was chosen to close out Raw this week could have something to do with Rusev being planned to work a feud with John Cena in the near future.

Well, can't say I'm surprised. Had a feeling they would feed Rusev to Cena. But honestly, the whole Rusev thing has been pretty boring. Lana's mike work is great with what she's given and knows how to be a real ice queen, but a lot of what she says is repetitive and again, is a USA vs Russia storyline really necessary these days? Knowing what Cena is capable of with his limited move set and monotone promos, this is going to be a really boring feud that the WWE will attempt to get us excited for.

And two other things I want to get off my back. One, is anyone else concerned that they keep making black wrestlers like R Truth and possibly Mark Henry job to guys like Rusev? And two, the way I would do this Rusev story is probably have someone like Swagger or Henry beat Rusev and later on, Rusev realizes that he is actually Bulgarian and Lana had brainwashed him to wrestle for Russia, causing him to turn on her and wrestle for his real native land!

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Either Mount Your Friends or TMNT Training Lair.

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I'd probably say that the Uncharted trilogy overall has very solid storytelling and maybe the best stories I've seen in a game. I do need to play more TLOS though.

I do want to make a special mention for Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. The story in that game is pretty funny and well told and I'd say it could go head to head with the other great Mario RPGs (Thousand Year Door and the original RPG). Also, Fawful is the most under-rated Mario character.

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Yeah, glad I missed RAW again! Sounds like it was pretty awkward and hard to watch. I've never got the USA vs. Russia feud going on with Rusev vs. (insert American wrestler here) and that we're supposed to treat Russia as the USSR during the Cold War. However, I got to realize that Vince is almost 70 and to him, a USA vs Russia storyline is still relevant.

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@i_stay_puft: Well after seeing what just transpired, might as well add the Bills in for divisional contention. Or the Dolphins will continue to be the most inconsistent team in the NFL...

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If we're talking about early contenders for game of the year, I think the three favorites now are Dark Souls 2, South Park: Stick of Truth and Shovel Knight. All three got universal love from everyone on the site (or from what I've heard).

For most disappointing, there might be a good amount of games on there depending on how the rest of the game releases fair with how the gang likes them. Watch Dogs and Destiny seem likely to be on the list. I was gonna bring up Thief being in that category, but Patrick thought Thief wasn't good since last year's E3 so Patrick may convince the crew to not nominate it. I thought the crew liked Titanfall, did I miss out on something?

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All I just want to say is go Fish! Please don't let down on the Bills today, go out there and earn that second win!

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Here's a list of what I came up with and a few thoughts on them

  • Custom Robo (GC)-The concept is pretty cool customizing your own mini robot, but the game felt flat back when I played it. Also, the voice acting is nothing but Peanuts cartoon adult muttering.
  • Nickelodeon Party Blast-Its actually not a complete Mario Party knockoff, but its still terrible by having horrid mini games.
  • Shrek Extra Large- A lousy platformer starring Shrek.
  • Dig Dug Deeper- My introduction to Dig Dug. I actually remember really liking this game because it was Dig Dug, but you had open worlds where you could choose which holes to clean out.
  • Spongebob Operation Krabby Patty- Another boring mini game collection using one of Nickelodeon's mascots, but this game honestly has one of the ugliest and hard to watch cutscenes ever produced. Not lying)
  • Age of Empires: Age of Kings For the DS to clarify. Yes, a Microsoft IP had a game on a Nintendo platform, and it was pretty awesome. IT just mixes elements from Age of Empires with the battle formula of Advance Wars and makes for a fun DS game.
  • Pong The Next Level-A cool take on Pong and I remember liking the atheistic of it.
  • Zoo Keeper A DS version of Bejeweled, so its pretty sweet.
  • Pac Man World 2- A fun platformer that borrows elements from Mario and Sonic, but is an enjoyable platformer on its own.
  • Armed and Dangerous- A wacky third person shooter made by Lucas Arts that had weapons that would make Insomniac jealous, like a Shark gun where a shark eats enemies from the ground when they least expect it.