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Sorry Dan about having your items stolen. That really sucks immensely. Hoepfully you and the authorities can find the dirtbag who stole all your stuff!

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I'm not sure if anyone noticed in one of the collage from the DLC packs, but there is also a picture of a Mute City inspired course. Looks like Mute City will be a playable track in Mario Kart! Now I'm looking forward to that track's song since the MK8 soundtrack is pretty dope!

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Great read! Dave Lang is the best and now I might be fully behind D-Leazy for the Royal Rumble on Sunday!

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Need for Speed starring Aaron Paul- What a waste of talent to have Paul play such an uninteresting main character. The movie's plot is also pretty boring and takes itself too seriously, though the jokes crammed in here are hit and miss at best. And some of the races are exciting to watch, but honestly I felt this was a wanna be movie to the Fast and Furious films. 1.5/5

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I like the premise of the Cena/Wyatt battle, showing how Cena is angry and willing to get revenge on Brock Lesnar, but what I don't like is that it only makes Bray Wyatt look weaker and ruins the potential of a young superstar. If Cena wins on Night of Champions, the only reason I see why is because they want him one step closer to beating Ric Flair's belt number and the WWE will still try to force their fans to like Cena and call him the greatest. Please have Brock hold onto that belt and let a new star take him down!

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Sweet! Pokken Fighters exists under a different name! Once I get my Wii U, I would like to give this a try!

Edit: Looked at the trailer again, and am I the only one who found it weird that a wrestler looking pokemon like Machamp acts like a striker but not a grappler?

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@boom_goes_the_dynamite said:

So due to getting tonsils out today and being either asleep, or watching episodes of Parks and Rec all day after surgery, I missed Raw. Did I miss much?

I watched Parks and Rec too, but for the first two hours on when Raw was on. I just tuned in and John Cena looked pissed and was beating up Wyatt pretty convincingly until Rowan and Harper came in to save Wyatt. Also, Bo Dallas beat Kofi Kingston and dissed Swagger for losing to Rusev and then got body slammed by Swagger.

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@hailinel said:

Someone committed career suicide to leak a video game roster on the internet.

What a wonderful world.


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@rastopher said:

So yeah....there's Shulk. Was he actually announced yet? I don't seem to recall seeing anything about him before.

No. Everyone thought he'd be the next character announced for the Lucina/Robin reveal only because there were tweets from Monolith Studios about a voice actor of their's being in Smash, but he wasn't. Now I guess this is the unofficial unveiling of him.

Edit: Also, I assume that Duck Hunt Dog and Duck act like strategic fighters like Rosalina and Olimar where the dog has some control of the ducks for the fight, which would be pretty rad.

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Well, looks like the leaks could be real after all (Hoping this is an elaborate hoax, but the footage looks pretty convincing). Aside from Duck Hunt Dog, kind of bummed with some of the choices for the unlockable new characters, like Bowser Jr, really? Though in general, I actually really like the roster of Smash thus far.