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Drew should be on the show regularly for sure. One just has to look at the trip to Norway to see that he brings a lot to the crew.

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Bombcast was better before it got bought by EA and annualized with always-on DRM.

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I think it all depends on how it plays out. If the guy's a big gamer and wants to talk games, and doesn't insert lots of Geico-related discussion into his posts, it seems fine to me. Honest, actually, since it clearly calls out his allegiance.

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Nice writeup, thanks!

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Patrick, great interview and read. Honestly, you're one of the best reporters I read regularly in the gaming media right now, keep up the good work!

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Great news work as always, Patrick. You are a real asset to Giant Bomb, and I hope you continue to do this kind of effort. It can't be easy to try to do "hard news" in the games industry, as there's not a ton of it being done like this, but keep it up!

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I would recommend the following:

Yar's Revenge (still fun after all these years!)

Warlords, if you have paddles and three friends. Still one of the best multiplayers out there, hard to believe but a fun party night game.



Demon Attack - probably the best shooter for the 2600

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Heck yeah! Sounds awesome. I love the Persona series, in large part because I think the characters are great.

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I'm really looking forward to seeing the Mobile option for Giant Bomb!  I hope it's not iPhone only, though, as my smartphone is a Palm Pixi (which I love and don't care if it's not considered cool.)  Also, with Android seeming to be quite popular now I hope the mobile site is more across-the-board.

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The best F2P game out there is Dungeons and Dragons Online.  The MMO rules.

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