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" @Vodun said:
" @Branthog:  Starting your reply by calling his statement nuts isn't a very good way of starting a "discussion". "
I approve of this burn. "
Haha, gotta love forum burns. 
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Not necessarily a Rockstar fanboy but I loved GTA IV, mostly because the story just completely blew me away. Loved how they were able to create Niko as an actual, honest-to-god human character, not to mention that fantastic Rockstar writing and voice acting is still in tact. As a video game, it is lacking and doesn't particularly hold up to well, even now, but as an experience, in it own way, it's kinda phenomenal.  
 I think that The Ballad of Gay Tony is probably closest you'll get to the "best" version of GTA IV. The story's light but fun and well-written and the gameplay isn't just 40 hours of drive here, kill this, drop off that, etc. It harkens back to the GTA III era more than anything. "
I wish I could agree with you, but I found the plot and writing really stupid. There are only like 2 good memorable and deep characters (Brucie, Packie). The rest are predictable mobster wannabees that have been ripped off from gangster films. Niko is on revenge bent, but throughout the game, he's just another errand boy. And by the time he's about to get his revenge, Niko as a character is redundant as to his point in revenge. The story is dragged way too far with the filler quest people that I stopped caring after 20 hours and just wanted to finish the game to get rid of the taste once and for all.  The very ending is anti-climatic, but I liked that Niko's revenge story ends with a whimper. Niko becomes a psycho, and most people saw that, and couldn't empathise with this character who they liked before because of his humanity that was new to such games. I wasn't Aeris-level surprised that Roman was killed, it was coming to him eventually after all those times being in trouble and being kidnapped. 
I'll give you one thing, the voice acting with the facial performances was top-notch, and not many Western games can do that with so many characters. 
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Thanks for reviving my 9 month old blog post, guys...

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GTA 4 was only loved by critics, not most gamers. Awful framerate, laggy Niko movement, 50 hours of filler quests, and repetitive as hell missions equals a sucky experience for me. I really wish I met people who love GTA 4, because they must have no taste in games, or are Rockstar fanboys.

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NORTHIE AWARDS! Haha, I never noticed that in the demo! 

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" I wasn't really interested in this album. I REALLY enjoyed Funeral and only modestly liked Neon Bible. But for some reason was not excited for The Suburbs. What I'm looking forward to is Interpol's album in September. BIG Interpol fan.   Cheers "
Interpol are my favourite band, but I'm really worried about the new album. My expectations are so high, I just hope if it can rival TOTBL, then it's for sure the best album of this year. 
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"   One really great cult show is called Misfits which aired on channel 4 and was missed by about 99% of everybody but is so blindingly funny that I got instantly hooked. It's about a group of young criminal offenders doing community service as part of their probation when lightning strikes and gives them super powers. It's fucking funny and very unorthadox - for example one girl has the power that any man who touches her instantly falls uncontrollably in love with her and tries to rape her. Nice, eh?  
It's also available entirely on youtube. Get in!  
Watch this trailer, see if you like it. "

Just came here to say, THANK YOU THIS IS FUCKING AMAZING! Have you seen "No Heroics", that's a superhero comedy which is very funny. 

I'd also recommend BRITZ, excellent controversial mini-series about a Muslim brother and sister on separate sides: the brother works for MI5, and the sister wants to be in a terrorist group. The ending blew me away, and it's possibly the strongest piece of British drama I've ever seen. 

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I just take the "What to Download" to mean what the best songs are, and the rest are skippable. But in this iTunes culture, maybe people want to know what are the shit tracks or not worth paying that extra dollar for. 

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British TV is best for comedies, if you want great drama you have to check into all the detective crime stuff. 

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Ooh, The Drums album? I've been meaning to pick that up, because I made my whole family listen to "Let's Go Surfing" while they were watching TV :P