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If someone thinks you're a "pussy" for refusing to follow their exercise regimen then they are utterly insane. I have permanent nerve damage on the right side of my body and fibromyalgia, my gym regimen consists of me going into the gym in a wife beater, looking swole, and then proceeding to lift with low weight and low reps because it's agonizing.

There's no way in hell everything works for everyone, the bottom line is, do what's safe for you, and do whatever is going to keep you fit and healthy. Otherwise, stick a fork up your ass. You can overtrain if you like, and if anyone tells you to do otherwise, you can tell them to go stuff themselves, but at the same time, you are likely doing something retarded.

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If you seriously need anyone to explain to you why this is an utter non-question unless you're a complete moron, then you probably shouldn't be worrying about things like this.

These results for this poll are incredibly depressing. I had no idea there were so many people who thought human beings should pay more to live healthy lives because they happen to have a vagina.

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Looks a load of horseshit.

What's funny about Anita is that her videos are bed-rock feminism 101, if that shit makes male nerds angry, imagine what she could do if she actually graduated to a sophomore level of discussion, I bet all you closet misogynists would be unable to sleep for weeks.

The joy that would bring me.

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Literature and film is quantitatively better than videogames when it comes to entertainment that's actually worth a shit beyond simplistic and shallow fun, so yes I do, when I actually feel like experiencing something of cultural worth, that is.

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@tarsier: Really? Out of the entire film the one scene you post is the overhyped fire extinguisher scene that every supposed "gore nerd" quotes for cred? What about the rape scene? I don't get it.

Just another thread where people try to one up each other with idiotic notions of "disturbing" film, nothing that is actually disturbing in the sense of what it reveals to the viewer more so than it just makes them uncomfortable in the most superficial sense.

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What you're getting confused about is that it's not open to discussion, someone can't be "right" on the subject of misogyny or racism when they're a misogynist or a racist, that's the people who say shit like "Now, I'm not racist, but..." or "I have plenty of black friends."

What you're doing is essentially saying that racism and sexism is a forum of discussion, not a societal and institutional wrong.

See? It's not a discussion, it's something that's real and exists, and it unfortunately exists in spades in videogames. I mean, you complain about people complaining about racism and a lack of black characters, but how the fuck are you going to complain about that when in a industry where you work with people that aren't real, aka videogame characters, is it so hard to make some of them black, or more of them black? Why is it that games always produce white-washed versions of ethnic characters, or their version of a decent female character is one that is either bereft of femininity or too reliant on it?

You're essentially saying that your opinion, that there is no imbalance or misogyny or racism in games, should be counted, when the fact of the matter isn't that it's an opinion, but a fact, segregation was not an opinion, it was subhuman and evil, that's a fact. The people that were of the opinion that it should be maintained, were wrong.

By the way, I know moronic nerds love dogpiling on Anita, but even though her videos are amateurish, she's not preventing people from having discussions, her goal is like any other documentary or journalistic piece on issues, it's not meant to be a discussion in and of itself, but a treatise, revelation, or observation (neutral or not, because neutrality is not necessary to making any of those things good or factual) on some sort of contentious issue. Her thesis is based on the fact that these imbalances exist, and they do, because, as I said, a racist or misogynist's opinion does not factor into the undisputed fact that these issues exist, and revealing them and how they play into the medium, in this case, videogames.

So you can't even argue against her because there is no discussion, there is no forum of discourse for you to apply your own stunted views onto someone's dissection of a childish, ignorant, and moronic industry and medium.

Also, no, these "kinds" of people are not being overly emotional, or too PC, or whatever the hell you want to call it, they're doing what they do in every other medium, drawing attention to morally reprehensible things, immoral and hostile business practices to certain races or sexes, and unrealistic, insipid, and stupid portrayals of those minorities or individuals subject to others' prejudice. This has happened in film (where it is still an issue), in literature (where it is still an issue), in music (where it is still an issue).

See what I'm getting at here? These issues, about women, about minority members, they aren't about your precious, pathetic, fucking god damned hobby.

It's like the Christians who wail "What about us?" when their views on abortion are trying to destroy the rights of women, or old rich white men who wail "What about us?" when their views on healthcare and capitalism are destroying the lives of others. It's not about you, it's not about fucking videogames, it's about those issues.

As soon as you understand that, and quit trying to make everything about you, or the precious hobby you're holding to your chest like it's a sacred cow, you can probably begin to start helping making the lives of your fellow men by being less of a self-obsessed moron who casts off the issues in society because it's making it uncomfortable for you to go to forums or read articles about videogames.

In fact, I think it's pretty fucking funny that all of a sudden when this industry is becoming more mature, its journalists actually acting like journalists and being more watchdogs and less yes-men, that all the same fucking morons that whine about this industry not being taken seriously, can't stand it when the medium is starting to get more serious.

Make up your god damned mind, and stop being a prick.

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You deserved it, and the fact that you tried to use a video that attempted to discredit the review and score they gave a game just because it didn't match up with every other braindead reviewer's out there is even more damning.

No one cares about your conspiracies, maybe people would be more sympathetic if they banned you because you pointed out how racist or homophobic their reviews are, but they obviously weren't and you obviously didn't, so the only evidence we have is that you really disliked their The Last of Us review (which coincidentally, raised some good points about gameplay having nothing to do with narrative in most titles) and threw a bitch-fit (which you have repeatedly thrown before), and this time they considered you enough of a nuisance to eliminate you.

By the way, your voice wasn't "stripped" you got banned by an internet website, and obviously you're posting here, so nerds can still see your terrible opinions. Also, just as an aside, free speech, constitutionally, only refers to government censorship, it has nothing to do with you being an ignoramus on a privately owned website.

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Yeah, that's dogshit, considering the most vogue "Citizen Kane" of videogames right now is Bioshock Infinite and compared to Orson Welles's masterpiece it's kind of more a Transformers than anything else.

Quit comparing soppy videogames to cultural history please, it's embarrassing, next you'll be telling me that Infinite's approach to race was just a nuanced as Do The Right Thing.

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No, games don't need more aimless breasts and exaggerated facsimiles of feminine sexuality.

Videogame artists seem to think women are invertebrates with a length of bungee cord as a spinal substitute, if I ever saw a woman like the ones in League of Legends or, well, nearly any videogame I can possibly mention, walking in the streets, I'd be concerned that her back was going to snap in half, either that, or she's going to be suffering unimaginable back pain by the time she turns thirty.

If you want titties and whatnot, I suggest you go buy some Barbie dolls at Toys R Us and undress them in the privacy of your own, possibly very filthy, home.

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@joetom: Actually it's incredibly important to factor in social criticism and commentary in films when you evaluate them. A Clockwork Orange wasn't Birth of a Nation, a technically revolutionary film that defined how people shoot and edit film for a century afterwards, so its message was significantly more integral to the very existence of the film itself. Ebert knew that, as does any half-way decent critic. Do you really think people are going to sit around and wax-poetic about technical aspects of film without considering how that ties into the greater themes and questions a film poses? Really? Would Apocalypse Now serve any purpose if it didn't hinge its entire existence on commentary on the Vietnam War and the descent of man in the greater scheme of things? Ebert didn't like A Clockwork Orange because he thought whatever social criticisms or morality it propped up (which was the opposite, it didn't prop up anything, it was nihilistic, an incredible movie, but a rather mean-spirited one), and obviously, as a critic, that was immensely important to him.

You seem to utterly evade any sort of thinking into what a critic's work is actually about though, since your bizarre blurb about pretentiousness when it comes to one of the most knowledgeable and incredibly gifted critics and writers in the last hundred years are pretty fucking inane and absurd. What is this about pretentiousness and "defining art?" He literally said he hadn't seen any games that have proved to him that the medium has any potential in that realm just yet, and when you think of the fact that people try to use Bioshock: Infinite as an example of why videogames are "art", you'd probably realize why he didn't take it seriously. The significant majority of examples people use fail to even fundamentally understand how the medium of interactivity itself needs to utilize its greatest asset to even try to declare itself as anything other than gameplay with "art" tacked on top.
Games are typically completely ignorant of the fact that someone is playing them, and instead assume that someone watches them, that's why you shoot shit and then watch cutscenes and have the developers prattle on about how they're trying to create art, because they don't understand that an interesting plot or a pretty bush inbetween shooting things with socio-political commentary thrown about willy-nilly in the midst, isn't exactly a very good way of using the medium to make art, in fact, it's pretty fucking stupid and utterly missing the point.

Besides that, it's 40+ years of incredible writing, books, criticism, and an endless font of wisdom and commentary about film. Ebert inspired two to three generations to care more about film, understand more about film, and appreciate it more. Even his most mean-spirited reviews always had very good, comprehensible and understandable reasons as to why he didn't like them. It's why nearly everyone is going on about how even if they didn't agree with him, they enjoyed his work. That's the nature of a critic. His criticism of games was just that, another criticism. The fact that people are taking it to the balls and crying about how evil he was or whatever, is absurd. You're fucking pissing yourself because a critic disagrees with you.

By the way, if you go out and maybe read a book, like Infinite Jest or something, and go look at Rembrant's The Night Watch in person, or go and watch Tokyo Story, then come back to me and say that gaming has produced something with equal cultural weight and relevance, and mastery to boot, you're going to get a huge "what the fuck" from me, because it simply isn't the case. This industry is less than a baby, it's a fetus, it hasn't even learned to crawl yet. It took literature and film and music significantly less time to mature than this. Why is that? It's hard to have a medium mature artistically when it's run by idiot man-babies, pretentious douche-nozzles who fundamentally misunderstand how to make videogames incorporate interactivity into their stories, and veritable knee-jerkers who prefer to vent endlessly about their own dissatisfaction with other people's stupidity, when they're just as viciously regressive to the industry as anyone else.

Oh, it probably also has something to do with the fact that games are inherently that, games, make art, or make a game, you can't do both unless it's something insane like a performance piece of people writhing around and playing the most violent game of Twister while helping us understand the twisting insecurity of the human body. Come on really, it takes more than just putting pieces into a puzzle, you don't smack the "story" puzzle piece next to the "gameplay" puzzle piece, next to the "art design" puzzle piece.

This shit still baffles me. But really, pretend you have more of a grasp on a totally nebulous concept than someone who spent his entire life pursuing the satisfaction of the concept. Fuck's sake.

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