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@RobertFoster said:
" I don't get the hype. I've already played these games (and enjoyed them!) -- I don't think I'd want to replay them, even in HD, for fear of ruining the memories... "
How would replaying them ruin it?  It's not like they're old games that don't hold up.  These games are still totally relevant.
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@SoothsayerGB said:
" I really prefer to play with myself.  I don't like split screens.  Since the other player always watches me.  It's annoying when someone, sitting next to me is breaking my concentration.   As I try to shot off my gun.  Then if they get off before me, I feel bad.  To much added competition. Since you know they aren't going to reach over and help you.  Yeah, I definitely prefer to just close my door.  Light some candles, pour some wine and play with myself. "
Bravo, sir.
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The Joystiq Podcast - It's a lot like the bombcast.  Very personality driven, funny, and quite informative.
One Life Left Podcast - Very funny, very British, FANTASTIC presentation.  It's a actual British radio show.  Kind of lacking in actual gaming info.
Mega 64 Podcast - Just hilarious dudes talking about pop culture/ gaming culture.  Very funny.  Very offensive.
This American Life - Just perfect.  Has nothing to do with gaming but tells many interesting life stories.

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Wow guys.  I loved this game.  Sure, saying "go fix this" may be repetitive but the actual act of fixing each thing is different.  I'm going to have to agree with turtlefuzz.  It's the journey to each objective that makes thing interesting.   You've got to love the atmosphere too.  The characters too.  Stick with it.  Eventually the fixing ends.  The finale is great.

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I think I prefer online play.  I was never a huge lan party guy so the most people I ever played with in person was four.  Great fun and all but not quite the same as having a dozen or so people to play with online.