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Wow, that's quite the coincidence. That Karla just might also be a fellow Endurance Run watcher, Zach!  
That "Life is Beautiful" song is so catchy, I do actually whistle it when there's downtime at work. No one has picked up on it.

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Yeah, I love York. I mean, who else goes on about 80's movies and their lack of bonus features when they get released on DVD? His monologues are amazing. Oh, you think he's gonna stop talking about Jaws? Hell no, he's gonna talk about it some more. York has a lot of character.

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I was half-expecting Vinny to be there and do the Silent Hill: Shattered Memories... Silent Hill: Shattered Memories... intro again, lol.  This seems like a game in which you really need to play yourself. Definitely getting this when it comes out on the PS2!

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This. I know Jeff does hate a lot of things, but I doubt he even remotely hates P3 or its cast, especially without even playing the game.
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This isn't the one with the giant tank, right?
What levels are your squad members? You may just be a bit under leveled.

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Will the Slim really not be BC?

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"Epic fail."
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Yeah. I never liked director's cuts much. Good thing there isn't gonna be a P4 FES... the game was packed with everything it should have had.

They should start with a new state like they always do in the next Persona. I'd like to have a protagonist that isn't a highschooler, though. Yeah, Persona is all about highschool kids saving the world, but they could pull another Maya character (an adult working with high schoolers) like they did with P2. Something like that needs to be done right though, otherwise it'd just be kinda creepy.

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It's near the perfect length. This week's was great.