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I suffer from severe depression, and by severe I mean extreme severe depression. It's so bad that during my sad phases I cry every day for weeks at a time, with a few days every so often where i'm doing a bit okay. It's awful, a simple thought triggers another, then another, which ends up me trembling down a hill of negative thinking until i'm breaking down in my room for 2 hours straight. I think I have bipolar II.

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Owning property in The Elder Scrolls has always been a bitch. Why can't I just murder someone in their house and make it my own? I'll settle with the risk of losing my stolen house if caught going in and out.

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36. You can set bear traps in caverns. Shoot an arrow next to it - hide - bandit comes running to sound - steps on bear trap - winning

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This game sort of annoys me how there's only 3 main ways to play, which is Magic, warrior, and rogue.

Where's the business man option? I want to be a Skooma dealer who eventually becomes the Scar Face of the Skooma trade.

I wanna buy up entire towns, adjust the profits so high that the people revolt against me. I wanna buy up property in the wilderness, have it landscaped to be flattened. Then build a trading post near a road. Over time it gains money, which then can be turned into a small village, then a town.

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All of Tamriel is falling apart, the Imperial Legion is trying to claim order again by forcing their ways down other provinces throats. It's hard to say if what the legion is doing is worth it, in Valenwood they're going back to their old traditional ways before the 1st Era. Maybe it's best Skyrim retreats to their old traditions, hopefully that'll turn things around. This is why I chose the Stormcloaks, Skyrim is filled with so much pride that the Legion should just stay out of it. Skyrim is a tough province, they can handle themselves, if not then let them destroy themselves.

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Has anyone heard about the low texture glitch when the game is installed to the HDD? Not sure it true, someone should test it out right now. Compare the visuals from playing off the disc versus playing it off the hardrive. Then take pics and make a thread about it.

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Does the 3rd person view work the same as Fallout 3? As in, are you able to zoom in and out within 3rd person? Or am I fixated on one camera distance from the character in 3rd person?

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Call of Duty isn't designed to be fun , it's designed to have the player repeat the same task over and over, they reward the player by spamming flashing points across the screen. How many people do you know actually *ENJOY* the game? Ever notice how everyone is constantly screaming at their television because they were killed?

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Does anyone know if you're able to zoom in and out from your character in 3rd person? Or am I stuck with one camera distance from my character?