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#1 Posted by Moleh (35 posts) -

Should start using the groups chat room to easily find others to play with.

#2 Posted by Moleh (35 posts) -

Mole#220 gonna show off my pandas!

#3 Posted by Moleh (35 posts) -

IM COMING FOR YOU !_insert_random_player_for_drama_ ! YOU ARE GOING DOWN


#4 Posted by Moleh (35 posts) -

 How I felt after playing Shibbxyz, I want my money back! (Money is time)

#5 Posted by Moleh (35 posts) -

ZzZ need to register a challonge acc

#6 Edited by Moleh (35 posts) -

WHAT?!?! Its TSL tonight guys!

I might join and just have the matches on the second monitor and loose as bad as last time :3

#7 Posted by Moleh (35 posts) -

I get a ZvP on XNC. I start off normal with no intention on doing anything other than 15hatch. Until I realize I am up against a Protoss. So I just say fuck it, drop a 6pool, don't even bother to get the drones.

I walked in his main and kill all probes. After the Nexus dies, I go to the match and he starts talking shit. "6pool is such a joke." Blah blah blah. Don't play Protoss, and then bitch when you get 6pooled. I didn't even make any super imba Broodlo-...Ultrali-...Roaches?

#8 Posted by Moleh (35 posts) -
@Ineedaname said:
" I'm always down =D!   The pictionary crown shall be mine once again. "
*Dicktionary, I might aswell show up...
#9 Posted by Moleh (35 posts) -

dicks... dicks everywhere...

#10 Posted by Moleh (35 posts) -
@Chavtheworld said:
" @Thule: Would it be a good idea sometime soon to start going through the list and adding everyone's Char # to save time latars? Also just curious, anyone streaming any of the matches or is the only spectating through being in-game? "

You will sign up on a bracketpage(challonge?) yourself and then it will randomize the brackets. Jappernaut will be streaming.

@TheJappernaut said:

"Will stream again if people want me to."

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