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I am always a fan of silly crossover items in games if they are optional. I can only hope for a set of Jaggi armor in the next Zelda game.

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I didn't know this is something I wanted.

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Jeff almost kills Brad with his razor sharp wit

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Miku hasn't made a song with Migos and Chance the Rapper so clearly Beiber is superior.

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@csl316: Lebron still lead the game in points with 25 and helped contribute to Danny Green going 0-3 from 3 until the fourth quarter when he was absent. He played like the best player on the court until he physically couldn't anymore.

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I am no Heat fan but Lebron has a history of cramping problems with or without 90 degree Heat. Trying to play through a cramp is insane and is likely to lead to torn muscles. Saying that everyone else played through it is completely ignoring the fact that people's bodies react differently.

The game itself was pretty fun to watch but insanely sloppy. I don't see the Spurs having 20+ turnovers again but I also doubt they will go 14-16 from 3 pt range again either. The Heat bench have to play better and Chalmers can't get into foul trouble so quickly.

Should be a fun series to watch. I hope for the Spurs in 7.

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Don't exercise sore muscles, that's pretty much the only rule I have.

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I play mostly support Sona, my name is TyphoonGeorge if anyone wants to play I will add you.

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Great article Patrick. These past few weeks I have felt like a crazy person seeing all of these mention of 2048, but no mention of Threes.

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I totally feel you there. Mystery Incorporated is about as good as a modern Scooby-Doo take as I can imagine. It was maybe a bit too mature for it's target audience though.