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Also note that Adaptability and Endurance are tied together when it comes to the natural Poise stat change. To get that number to increase, those to need to be leveled in tandem with the lower skill value increased first. or so I've noticed.

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I've been using the Greatsword for a little bit, and i'm really liking it. I was using an upgraded bastard sword for a while, but we'll see how this thing handles.

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I'm getting weird formatting issues on the frontpage. I've deleted cookies, cache, etc.

Browser: Firefox 27.0

OS: Mac OSX Version 10.9.1

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Stop by anytime.



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For a while, my favorite book was 'Dogland' by Will Shetterly. I originally thought it was gonna be a pretty nice story about a dog-based tourist trap, but ended up being about some fairly complex racial and social issues in the rural south. It still has dogs in it, and they totally kill racist assholes. So that's cool.

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this is a pup

Sorry about all this guys. Our visitor is tenacious. We're aware of all the issues and are continuing to construct a GUI in Visual Basic to try and track an IP address. We'll have more information about this forthcoming.

Creating a GUI with VB, eh?


I hope it was a joke. :P

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Shamelessly stolen from Futurama.