Bye-bye Foil Gyarados

My fiancée recently found his old Pokemon Card Game decks in a closet in his parents house. Among the collection are foil Hitmonchan, Machamp and Gyarados, all pretty in their protective sleeves. I vaguely remember these from way back in jr. high more than a decade ago ago - mostly I remember thinking how much a bloody booster pack cost compared to my newspaper route income...

Now we venture on to the local hobby shop to see if we can trade it for a NES game or two... much better than collecting dust in a closet 150 km away!



Sporing Me With the Details

The release date of Spore has come and gone and yet I'm still sadly lacking, and all for one simple detail: the only version of Spore available in the city (and probably the whole province), the Galactic Edition, includes all the 'bonus' features like a 'making of' DVD - at a nominal ($25 extra) fee of course *cough* price gouging *cough*.

It seems I'll be waiting a little longer for that bundle of joy that is the next Sim game from EA...


Wii Fit - Coming to a Store Near Me?

I was supposed to pick up a copy of Wii fit this weekend. I was informed that there were 'pleanty' of copies at the local wal-mart and so took my sweet time (a.k.a. three days) in getting there... and they were all out. This was supposed to be an anniversary gift, which I was supposed to present the following day so I frantically called every single games distributer in the entire city - all fifteen or so.

Let's just say Fido's got a roomie for a few days.

Next time - I'm preordering...


Generation 1 Pokemon (Mostly) Complete

I've just finished creating all but one (Dragonair currently has no pic, and thus no entry) of the first gen pokemon (excluding the 55 or so someone else already created) as individual concepts and it only took me two weeks (off and on, of course). The images alone took me three days to modify (who wants the same old white/grey background? You can get those anywhere so I added a neat little pokeball) and because I'm working in Ubuntu Linux, my web browser won't seem to upload them; which meant I had to upload them all in Windows then spend the time until now creating actual pages for them.

Wooper is not a Blastoise screenshot... not that Blastoise's gallery knows that
Next up will be finding related images for each pokemon and linking them from the games they are in to the specific pokemon they display - already did that for the first 30 or so pokemon and I'm finding out interesting things about how this site works - like how a concept has to have a specific gallery in order to link a picture to it - annoying when I had to create a "character pics" gallery, then link screenshots to that gallery, then move the screenshots to their own gallery. I messed up on the first one (Blastoise currently has a whooper as the pic for the screenshot), not realizing I couldn't edit the pic afterwords - Iive and learn, I guess.

I'm compiling little blurbs for each of the pokemon too, posting them as they get done and I figured how long it would take if only I did this: 450 pokemon at 30 minutes per (some take longer) is about 225 hours. If I do 2 hours a day religiously every day (yeah, right) it'll take 113 days, or up to December. If I spend an average of 5 hours a week (which is more reasonable - half-hour here, 45 minutes there) it'll take until June of next year - yeah, that's what I thought too...

So, unless someone else gets the pokemon bug, I've got something to wile away the hours for a whole year!

Looks like I'll never be bored again...


Diablo III to be released Febtober 32nd...

I'm psyched about the Diablo III preview videos (brought to my attention by a friend... at work nonetheless) and I'm just a little irked that it'll be released 'eventually', even though I know 'when it's ready' is much, much better than releasing by a specific date before it's done... If it weren't for the fact that my future brother-in-law has been playing my copy of Diablo II, I'd be filling the void that way - too bad, so sad for me *cue violins and angst-ridden music*.

At least I have a couple of days with Oblivion all to myself to keep me distracted until my fiance get's back from vacation...