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Pinser is misspelled. It should read "Pinsir"
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I've met my true love (I live with him), I've met the second graders and I don't want to meet the leader of my country... so my lover wins by a long shot...

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I've been vegetarian for years and things like this ensure my place next to the basket of wheat germ for years to come...

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We see burgers and we sigh
Desire, have not

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Between me and my Fiancé we have two silvers and a gold. One silver still works but the other has battery acid leaked all over it (from the inside) and the gold doesn't work.

DarkLegend said:

"Mine can't save anymore, I had Silver."

You could try getting the battery replaced - that should help :)
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Spot the dog is misnamed and describes the character Blue and should be merged under the appropriate character name, Blue.

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As of right now, the Covenant Destroyer Class is associated with -6 games... I wonder if it'll stay that way if someone adds a game or two or if it'll reset to the correct number... Anybody know what games this relates to?

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This character, currently named "spot the dog" should either be named "Blue" or "Blue the dog" as that is the name used in the show "Blue's Clues" and games for this character.

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ItalyCanadian9 said:
"Solid_SnakeXx said:
"ItalyCanadian9 said:
"Nope not really."
Pretty girls never get their heart broken :0"
The celebrities do"
Most celebrities plan their breakups before they even start dating...
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Clean said:
"Okay well so far I got the beat to Calm like a Bomb by Rage against the machine

:Giant bomb
Giant bomb

Verse 1
giantbomb, giantbomb, we gotz cookies but no life ( spiderman tempo)

I was going to go with a 'Gobots' motif, but that works too