New Blog.

Well, unfortunately the mods came in and froze my blog before I could post a reply.  I admit that the original post was a little rushed and not as thought out as I would have liked. Unfortunately I lost the progress on this post so i am not going to rewrite. I will just say this though. My intention was to create a blog not about insulting the people that died nine years ago, but for people to vent their opinions on the effects that came out of the incident.  

The mod said that people are sad and this isn't the time nor the place to do it in. Well, I don't understand? This is the perfect time and place to talk about things of this nature. It's nine-f'n-eleven, and a topic about someones opinion about the ramifications of 9-11 and the americans reaction to it is a relevant topic. Plus, It's not like I immediately jumped into a thread and started blasting people like a troll.  I knew that would be wrong, so I decided to form some opinions and present them in a blog post and when I was asked where it wanted to go, I chose "off-topic," because it isn't about games. If you had a differing opinion to me, then great. I would have loved to have discussed it in length... and I tried to do that until the blog was locked.   

On another post MattyFTM said that, " What I am moderating is content that is liable to cause offence, and/or start unnecessary bashing and flame wars." Well, you know what? That is every differing opinion on the internet. For example, if I was to write a blog post about how I thought that Half Life 2 was crap would that be removed as well? That would offend some people, and start unnecessary bashing and flame wars, yet if you remove that then what is the point of even having a space on the internet where you can post your opinions on things.  Sure, there was an anti-american sentiment to my blog, but it wasn't directed at an individual user. I was stating opinion and one that had value to be discussed and since it was my blog post it isn't like I was derailing a topic.  I've read the Forum Rules and maybe I am just a bad person for having opinions that aren't sympathetic to the masses, but I am not going to hide my opinions because of other peoples feelings. 
If anybody wants to challenge my opinions on anything that I have said. I say, go for it! I'm ready willing and able, and please mods, this isn't meant as a flame bait topic. I will close this blog with a quote from the Giantbomb user @ChristOnIce because he is a much better writer than me:

That's precisely my point.  You don't want to moderate what's inappropriate, so you just declare everything you don't like as inherently inappropriate.  This is lazy at best.  That you or others are overly sensitive to some opinions does nothing to de-value those opinions.  You didn't merely recommend that people phrase their positions appropriately; you listed specific opinions as being disallowed in discussion and threatened punishment.  Balls to that, I say.  Topics can be considered appropriate or inappropriate for the site, certainly.  But within those topics, opinions should be given equal treatment.  Your little warning was exactly as idiotic as a warning in a political thread that only praise for Obama, Cameron, what have you shall be allowed and that any dissent from this arbitrarily correct position will be punished.  Fucking lunacy.  Again, moderate how ideas are expressed, not what ideas are expressed.  Sanctimonious declaration of one opinion being acceptable and all others being offensive is goddamned ridiculous and fosters only a community of unintelligent prats.  Is that your aim, or is it possible that you're overreacting and throwing the baby out with the bathwater? "


My Reasoning for Why PC's are Better Than Mac's

 Wow, Mac Defense Force comes out in full swing. I received a hateful PM in response to a comment I made about Mac's being more expensive than PC's and OS X sucking.  I wrote out a response but it ballooned to such a degree I decided to just put it into a blog post.
 My Reasoning for Why PC's are Better Than Mac's

 In the end it all comes down to preferences. Mac may be easier to use, but I would compare it to Photoshop Essentials. Yeah, it's easier to use and looks prettier, but in the end you are sacrificing usability and options. They are all style and no substance. You say that Mac's don't have viruses, but my dad had to take his Mac in for that very reason. My PC also since I built my last computer (something you can't do with a Mac) two years ago there hasn't been a single infection. On top of that, the only reason that viruses are more prevalent in PC's than Mac's isn't because of the OS, it is because OS X has around 5% of the market share. Now, before you start shouting, "but Mac's internet browser isn't connected to the registry, like a windows PC, you aren't able to receive a virus from no fault of your own." The problem with that reasoning is that hackers, crackers, and malware programmers do it for the challenge (or to get a job), so if the popularity roles were reversed you bet that Mac's would be just as plagued. Hell, I read on CNET a while back that at a hacking contest it was actually proven that Mac's were easier to hack than Vista, which is easier to hack than Windows 7.
On to cost. You say that if cost wasn't an issue Mac's would be more popular. In theory that might be true, but the reality is that Mac's aren't cheaper. They are significantly more expensive than a PC. A similar Mac to a PC is over double (and in some cases triple) the cost of a PC. Plus the design is to make things so complicated that you want to purchase a new Mac instead of upgrading when things get old. Even if you did want to just install a new video card (because you new $2000 computer has an ATI 4670 256mb video card that was worth $70 when it was released almost two years ago), like my dad did a month ago, is a hassle compared to it's PC counterpart.
Then there is the whole software component. Sure OS X has a better suite of free media tools that come packaged with the OS, I'll give you that one. Then again, they are all like Photoshop Elements. Dumbed down software that is all convenience and flash to the point where it becomes a hindrance if you are someone who actually knows what you are doing. In that case you are forced to purchase expensive software that is available on the PC as well, and it always runs just as well on a PC. Now before the defense force comes out again, I use Photoshop all the time, on both my Dad's mac and my own PC. The mac version looks nicer, but it has been proven time and again that the windows version just runs a lot faster than a Mac with the same spec'd hardware. That is because OS X has a lot more overhead, or essential programs running in the background. I have heard people say that the windows version crashes and is buggy, but I have been using the program since Photoshop 4 and I have never had the program crash on me (my own personal experience, but I look at it like my Xbox 360 - just because mine has never red ringed doesn't mean that others hasn't). 
Finally we come to the whole "Windows doesn't come with Microsoft word, PowerPoint and all that jazz," problem. Yeah, it's not on the disk right now, but Microsoft Office 2010 is free. You need to download it, but it is still free, and if you don't want to use it I can think of over two dozen free alternatives. Sure there are free alternatives on Mac as well, but it pales in comparison to the amount of free quality software on the PC. Plus, if you want to spend the money on software, you have the option.
I lied, there is a couple more things I want to point out. If you really think that Mac's are better try this for me. Open up Finder and try to cut and paste files or open a two-pane tree view of your folders. After that try to do a complete customization of your desktop theme (wallpaper, task-bar, wallpapers, fonts). Plus c'mon, the Apple Dock sucks, especially when compared to the convenience of files on a desktop.