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DFX is the program you are looking for.

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I cannot remember the last time I took notes for a game. It was either Ultima 7 or Eye of The Beholder.

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@thegamergeek: Ebay. There are some hot Chinese knockoffs delivered to your door for $5.

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@ulquiokani: Pickled beets are incredible, roased beets are great in a salad, and Borscht is one of my favourite soups.

  • Not to sound like I love pickled food, but I love pickled Bavarian Sausages.
  • Corned Beef in a slow cooker with SourKraut
  • Hawaiian Casserole (Its kind of like a Sweet Chlli, only with Pineapple)
  • Popcorn with hot sauce instead of butter.
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Mini Ninjas

The reason why I find this game scary is because I kind of like the game.

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I generally loathe Skype podcasts (the added lag to conversation is annoying, the quality of sound is annoying, the guests talking over another because of lag is annoying, the guest not talking because lag interrupts their ability to time conversation topics is annoying) but Vinny on a bombcast would be the exception to the rule.

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@corruptedevil said:

Mustard isn't the devil but it's fucking disgusting.

I'm with this guy. Mustard is highly overrated, overpowers the other tastes in whatever you're eating.

Only if you use too much mustard. Most people think that they can use as much mustard as they would ketchup, that is bad thinking.

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One Word: Drugs.

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Evil Zone! I had no idea what the hell it was, but it was the game I played the most on the PS1, if I had to guess. I spent hours and hours fighting my brothers and my cousin on that game until the thing had finally had enough and the disc cracked. Then I bought another copy, because man that game is a lot of fun.

I played the fuck out of that game. I feel that its attempt at making a cinematic fighting game was the prototype for the DBZ Budokai titles on PS2.

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@xyzygy said:

I am currently using the Royal Bank of Canada for my Canadian funds and Volksbank for my German funds, but I am thinking about switching to the credit union when I get back to Canada.

Whats so important about changing to a credit union in Canada? I can understand the issue in the US, but Canada has completely different banking laws. For example, banks are split up into seperate consumer and investment banks. It is illegal for the investment bank to touch anything you placed in your chequing account. This seperation, combined with GIC's (guaranteed investment certificate) is why Canadians did not have a bad time during the banking crisis in 08'.

Edit: I use CIBC, and I like it because I do not have to pay any fees for things like interac, overdraft, or private bank machines (I get $10 credit, every month, towards private bank machines).