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Everyone should own a copy of this album, it's super Diesel.

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Gotta pick up the 970. It is the best performance per dollar value on the market.

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@corruptedevil said:

I'm not going to pay 3 times as much as I would for an equivalent Android device and then just make it as close to Android as possible. That doesn't make any sense.

Wow, the vitriol there. Its not like the iPhone beat you as a child or anything. First off, where are you getting this 3x price from? The equivalent Android phones (HTC One E8 16gb $700, Samsung S5 16gb $720, Xperia Z2 16gb $700) are all north of $700 for an unlocked phone versus the $750 for an unlocked iPhone 6. Plus, jailbreaking is just an option, an option that unlocks an ability that is locked up because most people (nerds on a forum are not 'most people") don't even give a shit about it and would rather not deal with the hassle. Having a device that works without any hassle is a feature for most people, not an argument against it. I have to ask though, why would you view an optional feature that enhances the usability of a product as a negative? Again, its wholly optional and works without any tweaking or effort. It is as simple as going to a website and pushing a button that says install, if you know enough to care for root access to an OS, you can navigate to a website once for that access.

THe biggest difference between the two devices is their app stores and the Android app store is a wasteland by comparison. Sure Android has emulators that IOS does not, but other than that, apps come out for IOS first, if at all, and the android ports are usually just quick ports that tend to be buggy messes. Plus how is the bluetooth working on your phone? My experience, and the experience of most people I know, have frustrations with their bluetooth dropping connections at random. This is a known problem for Android.

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@rahulricky: One thing to consider is device size. Since the iPhone does not allow the use of SD cards to expand storage, what you buy is what you have for the life of your device. The iPhone comes with three storage options; the 5s offers sizes (16gb, 32gb) and the 6 offers (16gb, 64gb, and 128gb) options. I feel that 16gb of storage is nowhere near enough to use the phone for anything but casual use and that 64gb is the ideal amount of storage (games can easily go larger than 2gb and you need 2-3x the space to install it in the first place). The 32gb 5s is a less expensive entry point, at $600, but the 64gb version of the 6 is $750. Yeah, that is a difference of $150, but for $150 you get the newer product that is: faster, has a bigger battery, games consume less battery life (higher headroom on processer means it can operate at a lower wattage during strenuous activities like gaming), is more resistant to damage, has a better camera, a better screen (as far as pixel peeping is concerned), 2x the storage capacity, a better wireless receiver, voice over LTE (better SQ and lower latency phone calls), the new payment system, and the peace-of-mind that comes from knowing your product is going to be supported for a longer period of time (might be the most important point on my list).

Edit: People always mention the openness of the Android platform. Yes, the platform is more open, but the iPhone has a hacking community and the hardest part of jailbreaking is backing-up your device.

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I know the feeling. I used to be a line cook and I found that I had a certain amount of work to do and the day was not over until the job was finished. I never took breaks because every minute away from the line is a minute longer that I have to stay at work.

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Yup. Looks like the bug affected my signup as well. My card has been charged and I don't have premium access.

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@l33t_haxor: You can do that. What I use is an adapter made by Nyko that allows me to attach my phone to a PS4 controller. That way the whole thing operates similar to one of those Nvidia Shield devices and you can even use an HDMI adaptor to play your games on a TV in 1080p.

FF4 on IOS looks crisper, the frame-rate is a LOT smoother, you can play with a more comfortable controller, you can play it on a TV or computer monitor, and it is less expensive ($15 vs $45).

Screenshot from DS version (Click to See at Full Resolution)

Screenshot from IOS version

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I am not usually one for watching Patricks videos. I find that he has this weird affectation whenever he is alone in front of a camera. It is like he is trying too hard to be animated and expressive to the point where every video comes off as being disingenuous.

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Get the port on IOS. It is HD and has controller support, so that means that you can play with a PS4 controller. I have tried to go back and play games on my DS, but it is too uncomfortable in comparison to the DS4.

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As an Ultima Online player, I was never able to get into EQ. The game felt so much more limiting in comparison.