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I want to see them endure 24-hours of mario party for charity. That is a ChildsPlay stream that could pry money from my hands.

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So there is a quick look on the site now.

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Its about eighteen-hundred hours,

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My Setup:

  • Sound Blaster X-FI Titanium HD
  • Sennheisser HD650's
  • A Blue Snowball microphone

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I tried playing some old 386 games in my browser and was getting around 4fps. Maybe it was just the games I have been playing aren't representative of the whole group, but I was not able to play anything I tried properly.

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I use a merkur safety razor and I cannot go back. I feel that I get a marginally closer shave with a gilette (i notice it most when shaving every day, if I shave every other day there is zero difference between the safety razor and a gilette), but I cannot go back to spending more than $.10 a blade for my shave. Also, I see zero difference between the expensive soaps that you need to lather up then apply with a brush and the standard shaving gel that has been massaged in with my hands. As far as I am concerned those brush applied shaving creams / soaps are nothing more than ritual for those hipsters that find that sort of thing important for some reason.

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So the most annoying personalities at IGN just left. Maybe its time I started going to IGN again. Also, good luck to them.

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I have to link to the band, "Wolves In The Throne Room." They are a pagan black metal band that sings songs about the wilderness and connecting with nature. They actually describe their music as trying to represent the pacific northwest in music form.

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Visual Novels / adventure games that are 99% text.

I just finished Daganropa and feel that if I wanted to read shitty genre fiction I am now just going to pick up a book. Maybe the fault lies in the fact that I can speed-read at over 1200 wpm, but this was the most painfully slow way of reading a book I have ever experienced... and the generic anime art didn't add to the experience.