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so up until today I'd never heard of this.  It's a 5 day concert in Chicago this October that seems to be flaunting my teens at me.  There are a bunch of bands listed, but some of my personal standouts are Bad Religion, Less Than Jake, Snap Case, High on Fire, Bouncing Souls, and Agnostic Front.  Reliving my childhood doesn't come cheap apparently, as a 5 day pass will run @ $115.  
Has anyone ever been to this thing?  Is it worth the cost?  Stick to individual show tickets?   
+5 internets for any info

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ok it goes like this:
I'm gonna post a picture, the next person will post a picture that beats mine.  For example, let's say I post a picture of a zebra, you might choose to post a picture of a lion.  The next person posts a picture that beats the lion, perhaps a hunter or a steamroller or whatever. 

Away we go.
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oh hi,
I'm :$
I'm from Cleveland
I play games for fun 
I do science for money
I'm pretty alright for the most part
I think that's about it