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That's because they weren't a titan for the last few years.

They were way too late to the party for Digital Distribution, and relied upon the 2nd-hand market too much for probably too long after developers started implementing incentives against it. Their rejection of stocking Mass Effect 3 was indicative of their failure to accept the value of stock in this day and age, not EA's, and their new game prices were a joke compared to online shops, £10-15 more expensive. They were doing business as though it was still 2001.

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@zoner said:

I just think it's too linear. It'll probably be okay for cheap, but by that point Torchlight 2 will be out and no one will care

Yeahh it's the linear thing for me, played a few hours and just felt like I was working through it, not really 'playing' anything as such, and I'm totally not inspired to carry on.
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@Sinful said:
Nice Article Pat, but this belongs in a Blog not a Video Game News Section.
It's a story about gamers and games, so it's news. It's also about one of us, so it's far more important than some stale Ubi press conference.
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the drums are adequate, imo.

back on topic however, i'd say anything off bedlam, all nice and loud and mostly guitar-based, and not too long whatever they chose.

i reckon they should have had the full cassandra gemini as the 'epic' track, i mean, who likes dream theatre anyway?

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it's better than no mars volta...

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naughty nightwear for me...

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Pompadour, full beard, glasses.


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looks like 40 now, what a rip :(

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systech said:
I cannot forgive.
Keanu Reeves was born for that role - he's never emoted more in a movie since.
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Cribba said:
There's a Gamespot and IGN listing for it, has been since it was announced, was announced at the Spring Gamers' Day in '07, according to them.
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