Here is what I want/expect at E3 2010

Nintendo: Zelda, Zelda, Zelda, Zelda!   I don’t care about no 3DS and Mario is out and Metroid is already a known quantity.   I am excited about the new Legend of Zelda because there have had four years to work on it and it has been built for the Wii from the ground up.   (Oh yeah, and it will not be M)

Microsoft: Fable, Halo, Gears…boring. (Actually very exciting, but old news)   What I want is Todd Howard to come out and announce Elder Scrolls V.   It makes sense, it has been two years since his last game and Obsidian is making the next Fallout game.   The only lame part is that there will probably be some  “exclusive” DLC.

Sony:   The new games for the big franchises are already out there, same as Microsoft.    Will anyone be surprised when they show the title card for Uncharted 3: Flynn's Revenge?   I want two surprise announcements out of this press conference: Atlus announces  Persona 5  on the PS3 and PSP emulation comes to PS3 (I’d pay money for a lot of those games, just not for the system)


Video Game Confessions

Someone on the forums asked for video game confessions. I liked mine so much I decided to preserve them in my blog 

Ten things I am confessing
  1. I don’t like Mario games because I am not good at them.
  2. I never owned a handheld and have no desire to
  3. I have no idea why the Dreamcast excites people 10 years after the fact
  4. I never played a Half-Life game even though I own them all
  5. I pre-order all the time
  6. I really like the Ludacris rap at the beginning of Madden 2000
  7. I think turn based strategy is the best genre even though I have played few tbs games
  8. I once kept a journal of the events in a game I played for no good reason
  9. I only played Call of Duty: World at War because it was an easy gold trophy
  10. I have listened to Evan Brass’s song too many times

(bonus confession: I deleted an old post because I thought of more things to confess)


4 Must own games and 4 I’m considering

4 Must Own Games

1. The Beatles: Rock Band

This might not count since I already bought it. The game has great music, a great presentation, and it is a lot of fun to play. Other than a few song choices (there is room for “I, Me, Mine,” and “I Want You,” but not “Penny Lane,” or “Help!”?) It is exactly the product a fan (of Rock Band as well as The Beatles) would ask for.

2. Modern Warfare 2

What can I say about this game other than we need to form a Giant Bomb clan?

3. Dragon Age: Origins

(Mass Effect- space) +Fantasy setting+ gambit system combat= I’m psyched! 
Though I wish it sells millions of copies I hope this does not encourage others to use Marilyn Manson in their marketing

4. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

A few months ago I could not care less about this game…then I saw a few trailers…then I played the first Uncharted…then I played some of the multiplayer…and then I heard some ridiculous reviews…and now I am going to buy it day one. I might even try for my first Platinum.

4 I am considering

1. Tropico 3

The first one was good and the demo showed a lot of promise. But I know this is just a city management sim with some Cold War trappings

2. Alpha Protocol

Mass Effect with spies, which should be enough. Much of this game’s quality will come down to the writing and I don’t know if the developer has the pedigree to get me excited about their script. Another concern: Is it just me or does this game look off? I feel it resembles a current generation launch title, things are certainly current gen but it does not seem to have the same polish and detail that I have grown accustom to.

3. Borderlands

Everyone is excited about this game’s art style and its billion guns but I feel that I won’t be able to find the time to play an epic FPS-RPG with all the other stuff that is out

4. Brütal Legend

I really want this game to succeed but I have no motivation to buy it. Maybe I will wait for the reviews.


Absolutely, the best way to buy PC games



I have to fight myself every time they have one of those sales on Steam.   For example, this weekend Braid is $5.   How do I turn it down?   

It is the best way to buy PC, hard drives are so cheap and there are no disks or CD keys to lose.

Console games are another story.   Hard drives are limited in size and when upgrading one risks losing all of his data.    Too scary for me when I can get a disk and sell it off when I am sick of it.