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@Zabant said:

" @Monkeygb21: Being a host and being an audio level manager and mixer are totally different things "

True enough.

However, since the podcast host is the one who also mixes the audio (on the Bombcast, I know there are other podcasts that have separate hosts and producers) I count it as one job.   The way Jeff mixes (or rather doesn’t bother to mix) is a pet peeve of mine.

That being said I still prefer Ryan as a host.   He does a nice job of keeping things on task and away from Nintendo downloads (hey look, another pet peeve).   

Jeff is a fine backup, but Ryan is the better host.  

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Ryan is way better.

Jeff seems apathetic about sound mixing.   If you listen with headphones, like I do, you notice this.  The sound will go from eardrum splitting when someone yells into the mic (usually Jeff) to inaudible when someone else speaks softly (usually Brad).

Ryan, by contrast, always keeps a nice steady level.   Just look at the great work he did on the GOTY podcast in 2009.   Vinny and Brad lost their mics and you could still hear them.  If Jeff did that it would have been unlistenable.

Also Ryan keeps the Nintendo download talk to a minimum.

Thank you Mr. Davis.  

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Man, I was really hoping Corinth Crossing would be the map (Don't tell them but I would pay for that).  These are ok though.

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Yeah, #1558.   The hardest one was the location, got the one that is a real place but the second (and totally obvious) one eluded me. 

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According to joystiq you will be able to fight multiple enemies at once (I assume this means it will feature Arkham Asylum type combat) .
I am spyched about this game, but am I the only one that thinks "Drake's Deception" is a lame subtitle.

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You did not have to pay an online fee to play MAG

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Three of my top four games of 2009 return with sequels: Uncharted 3 (this is gonna happen), Dragon Age II, and Killzone 3.  
Dead Space 2,  L.A. Noire, and LittleBigPlanet 2 (Sackboy plushy edition that is)  are also high on the list.   

Can't say I am excited about Metal Gear Rising, I really wish Kojima would take his talents to another franchise. 

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Yo, check this out!

It seems to me that all the DLC is here.   The only trouble is you have to use “Bioware points.”   I would like to just pay for it on Steam and be done with it.  

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I chose the last one.  the Wii has  a weak library but I can't stand people's hyperbole when it comes to the "console wars."

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